Omnichain Fund for Apecoin Ecosystem


Omnichain Fund for ApeCoin Ecosystem Expansion


Ecosystem Fund Allocation


We are a group of blockchain and finance experts with extensive experience in DeFi, cross-chain technologies, and DAO governance. Our team includes:

  • Ian, a blockchain architect with over 5 years of experience in developing cross-chain solutions.
  • Jordan, a finance specialist focused on DAO treasury management and decentralized fund allocation.
  • Sam, a community manager with a deep understanding of the ApeCoin and broader NFT community dynamics.

Each team member set to receive funds will sign a separate grant agreement and undergo KYC verification before funds are released.


This proposal seeks to establish an Omnichain Fund within the ApeCoin ecosystem to promote growth, innovation, and interoperability across multiple blockchains. The fund will finance projects that develop omnichain applications, services, and infrastructure benefiting ApeCoin users and holders, fostering a more integrated, accessible, and versatile blockchain ecosystem.


Implementing an Omnichain Fund will:

  • Enhance ApeCoin’s utility across multiple blockchains, increasing its adoption and value.
  • Support innovative projects that align with APE Community’s core missions, such as decentralization, inclusivity, and interoperability.
  • Attract new members and developers to the ApeCoin ecosystem, enriching the community with fresh ideas and initiatives.


  • Omnichain: Referring to technologies or protocols that operate across multiple blockchains.
  • Interoperability: The ability of different blockchain networks to share information and value seamlessly.


The fund will leverage existing cross-chain technologies such as:

  • Cosmos SDK for building interconnected blockchain applications.
  • Polkadot for enabling scalable cross-chain transfers.
  • Chainlink for secure and reliable off-chain data feeds.
  • LayerZero and other omnichain protocols for seamless asset transfers.


  1. Formation of the Omnichain Fund Committee: Select a diverse group of community members and experts to oversee the fund (Month 1).
  2. Open Call for Proposals: Announce and solicit project proposals from the community (Month 2).
  3. Proposal Evaluation & Selection: The committee reviews submissions and selects projects for funding (Month 3).
  4. Funding & Development Phase: Allocate funds to chosen projects and monitor development progress (Months 4-12).
  5. Review & Reporting: Evaluate completed projects and report back to the community on outcomes and learnings (Month 12 onwards).


The proposed initial allocation for the Omnichain Fund is $2,000,000. This budget covers project funding, operational expenses, and contingency reserves. The allocation will be reviewed annually based on fund performance and community feedback.

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