PhilWatkins - Metaverse WG Nomination 07/2024

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @PhilWatkins


Country of Residence: Australia

Educational Background:

Diploma in Business, Information Studies and Media, six sigma blackbelt

Professional Background and Relevant Experience:

Civil Construction Operations Manager - Scaling a business from 4 employees to 25 becoming a principle government contractor fulfilling multi million dollar contracts with zero harm and health and safety incidents.
Senior Leader Business Improvement Specialist for a global mining corporation focusing on supply chain optimization. Remodeling and building data centers and underlying infrastructure to drive 1B sustainable revenue across multi domestic and international locations. Managing effective change and leadership to 100’s of employees.

Transitioned into full time Web3 as a founder and advisor - transferring my skillset of underlying technologies to drive products and value at the retail level.
Currently focusing my efforts building a next generation streaming and tournament platform, 3D Unreal 5 avatars with interchangeable traits which uniquely positions myself as a candidate for the Metaverse Steward position.

Nomination Statement:

Technically I understand in depth the constraints faced in being able to scale 3D assets and other tech stack applications into the metaverse. This provides a lot of opportunity and scope not just to the current asset base, but to the future utility, infrastructure and products which can be applied having a direct effect on metaverse success and the underlying demand of Ape Coin itself.

My businesses facilitate my desire to constantly stay on top of current and more importantly future market trends, focusing on defi, infrastructure and asset integrations - all desirable for an effective metaverse ecosystem. Working with the other stewards, putting forward AIP’s for community approval and then being able to manage and execute accordingly to a professional efficient standard is critical in fulfilling this role.
As a community member, although not the most vocal, I have a very good understanding of community sentiment, attending regular IRL events globally and meeting in person whilst speaking at events.

Working on a global level with developers, teams and other stakeholders in all continents in an efficient manner to achieve desired outcomes is a crucial skillset to being effective within this role.

I believe, to be an effective Metaverse steward, is to be able to listen to the community, know their desires and match those ‘wants and needs’ with realistic and executable goals that suit the short and long term development pipeline of the metaverse and Ape Chain. Executing quietly and effectively in the shadows whilst being able to speak publicly when required. It requires a variety of skillsets which I believe I possess and want to provide to the DAO as an effect member.

Motivation, Vision & Goals:

I have a huge desire and belief system for the effective use of decentralized technologies to enrich and empower gaming experiences.

I know we have it within our ability to make Ape Chain the premium global gaming ecosystem. We can provide the paradigm shift for gamers which is required to create that enriched, immersive experience within the metaverse.

My goal in joining as a Metaverse Steward is to ensure the utility and value proposition is executed not just for the short term, but too also ensure that a product pipeline is established for scalable utility and value long into the future.

Some key goals I see for the long term success of the metaverse is user adoption, key infrastructure partnerships, use case and future product feature identification, and utility build out. With out an effective plan and roadmap with community involvement, how can we bring people on the journey and maintain a proactive voice within the market.

‘The change we effect now, must ripple through the ages’.

Values & Commitment:

Being web3 full time and already focusing on product, community and sustainable value aligns myself to the core necessary principles of the Ape Coin DAO community. I believe listening to the community is crucial, regular space attendance and proactively participating in forum discussions is also important.

I have the capacity to balance my existing responsibilities and provide significant commitment to ApeCoin DAO without compromising the objectives and initiatives set forth by AIP’s and the community.

As a gamer myself and someone who is passionate about the success of the metaverse, my professional experience and technical application is complementary to the requirements of the being a productive and successful Steward.

Concluding Statement:

Proven track record in business improvement and management for government and global corporations.

Sound knowledge in underlying tech stacks, community engagement and product delivery.

Full time web3 - available across all time zones as required and passionate about working with people on a global basis.

Excellent communication and business literacy skills, with high EQ makes for a more core value and principle driven approach.


Another solid candidate, good luck for the election Phil!

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Do you mind to share more about these companies? Also how do these relate to the two links on your X account?

How did you get to know and decide to apply for a role in ApeCoin Dao?

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Loved your intro video on Twitter/X. Good luck on the elections Phil!

For anyone interested in checking out a quick breakdown of each Metaverse WG execution plan, simply click on the image below!

Metaverse WG nominees


Gday @bigbull,

Great questions and thank you for reaching out.

OVI Esports is the gaming ecosystem which has been in development for the past 10months; streaming and gaming league platform - think web3 version of twitch combined with battlefy, but more scalable and cost effective, allowing us to drive more incentives and rewards back to gamers.

Gmgames is the publication and marketing arm of the ecosystem which concentrates on fusing web2 and web3 gaming news from around the globe. Covering a wide variety of subjects, anything from esports team news, tournaments, hardware and industry developments, to being a media partner at NFC Lisbon recently and future upcoming gaming events.

The digital assets that have been built as apart of this ecosystem have provided a unique insight into the technical challenges of 3D asset creation. It has also been a fantastic opportunity to highlight what is needed to scale these assets and business models, not only driving significant value back to holders, but also provide sustainable use cases to attract external brands and users into the gaming sphere - this is no different to what is required for the metaverse.

The skill sets and experience required to bring this too fruition, I believe have set myself up nicely to proactively contribute as an effective metaverse steward. The ability to execute on a global scale, have a deep understanding of underlying tech stacks whilst being able to drive product deliverables and user acquisition is critical to being successful in this role.

After being apart of the Bored Ape and Ape Coin community for some time, I was aware of the up coming election and felt NOW is the right time for myself to apply and go for election.

Looking forward to any and all feedback - wishing you well.

Thank you

What is the last thing you build in 3d if any yourself or VR and can you show any examples?