@popil - Metaverse WG Nomination 1/2024

Discourse ID: @popil

Twitter: https://twitter.com/popilart

Country of Residence: United States of America

Educational Background: Risd CE- Animation

Professional Background:

Hi, I’m Popil. An XR Artist created BoredTea. Maby Ape and I’m proud to be the Top 1 winner of Ape SE3. I’m also the founder of several creative ventures including “BoredTea,” “BoredArt LLC,” and the “Magic Forest No Sleep” NFT collection. Additionally, I’m actively involved in the production of the NoSleep podcast.

In my journey, I’ve had the privilege of hosting over 20 side events for popular NFT projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and ApeCoins. One of the most recent events I organized was the ThankApe x ApeCoin IR meetup. I’ve also coordinated ApeCoin creators’ meetups in August and participated in the HK ApeFest Side event in November.

My experience extends beyond the NFT space. I previously served as a Community & Content Manager at OpenSea and held the position of Strategy Lead and marketing at ArtCrush Gallery. Additionally, I’ve been recognized as a Featured Artist in the World of Warcraft and have established a partnership with Cool Cats.

Furthermore, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with prestigious brands like Nike and MoMA, and I’m honored to be a Today at Apple teacher. Besides my visual artistry, I’m a talented writer and have authored seven books that have been published in Asia. Moreover, I’ve been part of Arctic Global Adventurers, embracing the spirit of exploration and discovery.

Nomination Statement

Concise statement on why you are running for the Metaverse WG Steward

Furthermore, my background in art and cross-cultural and Made by Apes experience, allows me to appreciate the importance of decentralized transactions. I aim to use ApeCoin to unlock greater economic benefits for the Web3 community and IP

Over the past year, I’ve gained valuable insights through learning and hands-on experience, emphasizing the profound significance of the ApeCoin ecosystem. I’ve actively organized various events in both real-life and metaverse settings, achieving success in numerous ThankApe competitions. My leadership in the MBA initiative has nurtured the ecosystem’s culture.

In addition to my roles as an artist and influencer, I possess a deep understanding of marketing and architecture, which I believe will enhance the user experience and promote ApeCoin effectively.

Drawing from my previous work experience at OpenSea. This experience has honed my skills in web community development, onboarding, and whitepaper creation. I am confident that these skills will contribute to an improved user experience and a more extensive promotion of ApeCoin DAO.


Details on your motivation for becoming an ApeCoin DAO Metaverse WG Steward

Leveraging my cross-cultural background and artistic expertise, I offer comprehensive strategies for sustainable development and seamless onboarding, encompassing the following initiatives:

Elevating tutorials and refining translations in Asian languages to empower Asian users with a deeper understanding of ApeCoin DAO.

Actively and efficiently tending to the demands of metaverse-related projects via AIPs, conducting thorough research, and delivering vital onboarding assistance.

Perpetually nurturing the expansion of the metaverse ecosystem, with a primary focus on ensuring the accessibility of completed AIP selections for users, enabling them to explore at their convenience.

Seamlessly embedding the MBA brand within the metaverse ecosystem, bridging the divide between Web2 and Web3 product architectures, and forging expansive partnerships to enhance the MBA brand. This encompasses the facilitation of APECOIN as the primary virtual currency for transactions within the MBA brand.

Expanding metaverse gatherings, particularly in spatial environments, to facilitate ApeCoin VR meetups and foster cross-cultural exchanges that transcend geographical constraints.


Share relevant experience and skills that will bring value to the ApeCoin community

  1. Expertise in metaverse design, 2D and 3D design, content creation, and product design, including video editing. (I have created content and tutorials in the past. One notable achievement is a tutorial I authored for OpenSea, which garnered 330k views)

  2. Experience as a Discord Moderator and host of Twitter Spaces. and Podcasts. I have been host 20+ podcast. (NoSleep Podcast https://www.youtube.com/@MFNS_Art)

  3. Proficiency in using web3 tools and platforms.

  4. Previous roles in project management, strategy, and launching for multiple NFT projects, showcasing your ability to handle high-pressure situations.

  5. Skillful at onboarding diverse communities, including blue-chip communities, art communities, and female audiences.

  6. Proficiency in creating content and articles in three languages (English, Cantonese, Mandarin).

  7. Strong budgeting and project planning skills, including whitepaper creation.

  8. Familiarity with MBA brand products, from suppliers to processes, making you valuable for brand development within ApeCoin DAO.

  9. Proficiency in organizing both IRL and online ApeCoin events, including experience hosting ApeCoin Creators and Bored IP meetups.

  10. I have several years of curation experience. have been Global curation in different countries. Especially in Web3 exhibitions and events, starting from NFT NYC, I have organized over 20 related activities. These include the recent ApeCoin Creators and Bored IP meetup in August, as well as the Thank Ape HK ApeFest side event in November.


Further describe relevant experience, including crypto and governance participation, and/or ideas for DAO improvement

  1. I have curated a virtual reality exhibition for ApeCoin creators and the MBA brand within a metaverse. The exhibition showcases the works of over 40 brands and creators and was recognized as a winning proposal by ThankApe. You can find more details here(https://x.com/popilart/status/1705996253006365067?s=46&t=YXfJoK-XU6nef6Se3oKJ5w)

2.I have several years of curation experience. have been Global curation in different countries. Especially in Web3 exhibitions and events, starting from NFT NYC, I have organized over 20 related activities. These include the recent ApeCoin Creators and Bored IP meetup in August, as well as the Thank Ape HK ApeFest side event in November.

Example my Winning Thank Ape X Ape Coin prop. and IRL meetup;
ApeCoin Creators & Bored IP meetup. 70+ PPL and 40+ MBA Brands IRL meetup Event.: (https://x.com/popilart/status/1715546041435451566?s=46&t=YXfJoK-XU6nef6Se3oKJ5w)

Metaverse curation- VR Creatores Metaverse VR gallery. Invited 40+ ApeCoin creators
& MBA Brands.(https://x.com/popilart/status/1715546047445897460?s=46&t=YXfJoK-XU6nef6Se3oKJ5w)

ApeCoin AR game; Catch ApeCoin Game - Face interactive AR game. (https://x.com/popilart/status/1715546044862218671?s=46&t=YXfJoK-XU6nef6Se3oKJ5w

Two of ApeFest global side event . Sponsored by Thank Ape. and BAYC Council (https://x.com/popilart/status/1721145725789044896?s=46&t=YXfJoK-XU6nef6Se3oKJ5w)

Concluding Statement

Summarize your statement as to why you are the best choice for Metaverse WG Steward

I approach this from multiple perspectives:

  1. As a creator who has designed and curated within the metaverse, I have an intuitive understanding of what constitutes the best user experience in this space.

  2. Being the founder of BoredTea and MBA, I possess an in-depth comprehension of the product’s requirements and its integration within the ApeCoin ecosystem. My deep involvement in the MBA community enables me to pinpoint areas requiring further development and connectivity.

  3. As a female user, I recognize that within the ApeCoin and BAYC communities, a substantial portion of female users may need extended communication and onboarding to fully grasp the value and utility of ApeCoin. Addressing these needs from a female perspective often garners increased support from female users.

  4. My experience in organizing ApeCoin events in both the metaverse and real life (IRL) has yielded multiple successful proposals within Thank Ape. As an artist, I can bridge the gap between product, art, and the economic impact of ApeCoin through my creative work. This provides a tangible way to give back to the BAYC community through hands-on engagement. Additionally, I believe that by consistently offering engaging activities, we can attract more users.

  5. I have strong connections and affiliations with several prominent blue-chip communities, coupled with practical experience as a Web3 builder. This will infuse ApeCoin with a unique culture and foster unity.

  6. My proficiency lies in creating tutorials, content, and curation, all of which are vital skills for shaping the future architecture of ApeCoin.

  7. I am deeply interested in developing the international ApeCoin ecosystem. I genuinely love this community. Building by love.


:face_holding_back_tears: I am honored to be nominated in the 2024 election. I can’t wait to work together with everyone to build the ApeCoin ecosystem! My DMs open 7/ 24 hours. Thank you for your support! I’m not just here for running; I’m here to support each of us as well! :raised_hands::tada::orangutan: LFG!

:star:Would love to share what I have been building in Metaverse. This is one of my ThankApe x ApeCoin winning proposals. ApeCoin Creators & Bored IP Spatial VR gallery.

:star:This is a little bit more about me, and why I believe I’m a good fit :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::raised_hands::gorilla:

:star:And I have been building on Oncyber. Also for
featured Artists in Venuce Biennale exhibition. You can learn more and visiting here.

:star:In 2021. I built with the Dream team with Unreal engine, This is my curation at the Venice Biennale. I invited approximately 20 NFT artists to participate. It’s the first exhibition built in the metaverse, and if you hold my NFT, you can TokenGate to select your favorite 3D character.

I also love AR mini games! This is what i built in TikTok Catch ApeCoin Game!


Hey popil!
What would be your main objectives that you would focus on in the Metaverse working group?

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Hi @Frostyz hope you have great weekend. Few thing would love improved :raised_hands:

  1. With my curatorial experience, I can expand ApeCoin’s metaverse exhibitions, fostering a cultural ecosystem.

  2. Collaborate with metaverse platforms to introduce ApeCoin culture and attract users.

  3. Showcase “Made By Ape” in metaverse exhibitions, eliminating geographical limits for economic growth.

  4. Improve Metaverse AIP with tutorials and onboarding to align with metaverse trends.

  5. Leverage my Asian background for AIP proposals in Asia.


Great to see you participating Popil :heart: Good Luck :star2:

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Thank you. I’m here to learning and building together :raised_hands:

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Thank you for all you do!

Looking forward to continuing to build and diversify the metaverse together.

I want to express my heartfelt support for your candidacy as a Metaverse Working Group Steward.

Wishing you the best of luck in this endeavor!

Best regards, G


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Popil is definitely the best of the best. Any group would greatly benefit from her talent and enthusiasm.

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:face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:I’m thrilled to see you having a blast in my Metaverse AR gallery​:heart:, and I appreciate your excellent choice of direction! I’m always ready to collaborate and excited about the upcoming opportunities we can explore together. It’s fantastic to have crossed paths in this space! I’m fully committed to supporting everyone too. Wishing you the best of luck (although I have no doubt you’ll be an amazing trailblazer)

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Really appreciate the comment, try my best to build a big dream and support everyone in Web3!:heart:

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Thank you @justzb , so kind of you❤️

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