Register APE DAO Global Service to serve ApeCoin DAO

Create a legal, nonprofit, registered DAO entity in the USA to serve the ApeCoin DAO just like Cartan. We can call it Ape DAO Global Service, as a DAO service provider!

No, no, no! :rofl:

The DAO stays outside of US jurisdiction and funds entities to work within it!

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I don’t think this is a good idea.

Hey Mantis,

I mean…create a separate independent legal, nonprofit, registered corporation entity in the USA to serve the ApeCoin DAO just like Cartan. I do understand that ApeCoin DAO stay outside the US jurisdiction.

Apeancestor does mention that the Parent Company is registered in Cayman Islands.

In the future this many be the way to go to further decentralize the ApeCoin DAO.

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This way, the registered company is serving the ApeCoin DAO, as nonprofit corporations, pays employees, pay federal and state taxes. I think this the most transparent way and a good way to protect the ApeCoin DAO.

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Nonprofit makes sense to me. Seeing as the goal is governance, company profit should be taken out of the equation so that the registered company stays aligned with serving the ApeCoin DAO and not their own financial growth.

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Yes, nonprofit so it will be transparent in term of spending and expenses pay to all working groups.

That will be a quick solution to do the transition from Cartan with 3 months parallel run. I believe the ApeCoin DAO has the capability and resources (Human Resources) to accomplish the smooth transition. It is feasible and can be implemented in will. I am lending my hands to execute the task if the community members in favor of such solution.

I did that just recently for our parent registered Cayman Islands company.

  1. Register a nonprofit corporation (with the ApeCoin community members, as directors)

  2. Open a nonprofit bank account for nonprofit corporation

  3. Open ADP payroll service account for the registered nonprofit corporation

Transitioning will start after the above. Finally, have the CPA putting all the working groups employees into the ADP payroll system, and take over all the accounting and admin functions.

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Consider submitting this as an AIP

Why are you compromising with nothing? The DAO doesn’t have to do this. There’s no reason for this compromise.

I am not sure about this statement “why are you compromising with nothing?”

I just wanted to bring up the idea how things could be done.

Can you elaborate on compromise with nothing?

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