RFC : Riding The Wings Of Change

1 user = 1 vote doesn’t work because that cannot be verified on a mass scale unless we use KYC. Sybil attacks are trivial with the current system.

Your whole defense of what is considered a “person” is the discourse trust system and connecting to a bunch of hooks (which is a onetime process). This is so easy to abuse. Heck, if this was being implemented I am willing to place a large open bet that we will see drastic increase in the number of signups (which will all be 2nd/3rd/4th/… accounts) getting ready to improve the trust level. If every wallet vote mattered that much it would be so incredibly cheap to generate 1000s of verified wallets. Certainly less than the few million it’ll cost to buy tokens. To make it clearer here would be the plan to completely own a 1 wallet = 1 vote system.

  1. Buy a VPN subscription. Create an account in each region. Note the VPN region ↔ account connection,
  2. Use GPT to write variations of replies and like each others post to increase trust level.
  3. Keep tabs open and click through all posts to fulfil reading time and other misc requirements.
  4. Hire $10/hour labour in Asia to do the above en masse

This will not only be a nightmare for the mods to manage but voting will also become a joke. The owner of the largest “bot net” will decide where millions will be deployed. All that for what would probably cost a few thousand dollars.

it is trivial for people to create 2nd accounts. So how are you going to solve this without KYC? Honestly if you solve this without KYC (i.e. verifying an account is one person, and that same person cannot trick the system again), you would have solved one of the hardest problem there is to solve right now. Literally. Even Sam Altman created an entire product (iris scanner) to solve this problem and you would have solved it with just software.

While I understand you sentiment about the current voting system, implementing your suggestion will make everything a joke. Much worse than it is now. Quadratic voting achieves some of the goals you want to achieve but it too is susceptible to sybil attacks. That’s why its not a universally used weighting system.

Also the 24 hours makes no sense to me. Not everyone’s life revolves around the DAO. Everyone has other things to do, and it’s already hard to be on top of everything. Having one busy day and then missing a vote sounds like a terrible idea to me. The DAO should be flexible to be inclusive, people shouldn’t have to contort to be in the DAO.