Seeking help from ApeCoin community to write an analysis article about ApeCoin DAO

Hey! Nice to see this initiative.
Most of the questions can be answered from ApeCoin DAO Governance

Some questions can have a mixed emotions, hopefully more community members will jump in and their express their views on them. I would like to personally answer
" * How do you communicate and collaborate with other members of ApeCoin DAO * ?"
It’s easy, almost everyone in NFT has twitter and are active there, if anyone wanna collab and discuss one can always drop in DMs or simply interact with the person’s tweet to get attention. Many people have also come together to build a team via hanging out on DAO’s discord channel itself. Communication is the key for sure!
Good luck


I think it could be interesting for you to contact the Working Group Zero Team :slight_smile:
Don’t hesitate to contact leaders alias “Stewards”, maybe directly on ApeCoin WG0 Discord server :


I hope you will check my proposal “To reveal what is hidden in the DAO management system”. It was under review for 7 months, my PMs were ignored and then they just withdrew my proposal with a very vague explanation.

Am I supposed to resend the proposal and wait another 7 or 8 months for an unclear response?

And this happens with many proposals!


Is it a common issue in the DAO?

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Can make the article very short:

“The best DAO to ape into.”

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When the rare person steps up with calls for accountability and transparency they’re told to submit an AIP… and when someone does so the AIP goes ignored just like calls for proper accountability are ignored.


So far, we have received only negative reports about this DAO and not a single positive one.

Great, use my response as the first positive one! ApeCoin DAO is a slow burn, but I don’t have a doubt that it will be a goodie.

These 3 you should research on your own, easily available info via links:

  • What are the main goals and vision of ApeCoin DAO?
  • How decentralized the DAO
  • How do you participate in the governance process of ApeCoin DAO?

This one seems to have same answer as any DAO:

  • What are the main benefits and challenges of being a member of ApeCoin DAO?

The rest I can answer:

  • How do you evaluate the performance and quality of the proposals and the fund distribution of ApeCoin DAO?
    20% good proposals, 80% trash due to low bar of entry (only 1 $APE or circa $4-$5). The DAO properly votes down almost all bad ones so it’s doing its job. Such low entry bar will understandably attract a lot of grifters and fraudsters to the big pile of money that the DAO holds. Right now the DAO is leaning conservative as far as approvals and I think that’s good until more elaborate governance structures are in place that can support better due diligence.

  • How do you communicate and collaborate with other members of ApeCoin DAO?
    Through this forum. There’s also a temporary, optional discord, but all final discussions about any proposal have to go through this forum. I personally haven’t used the discord yet.

  • How do you deal with conflicts or disagreements within ApeCoin DAO?
    Professionally. Every opinion is valid and in the end you state yours but don’t beat the dead horse. A person may come around. They may not. It’s their right either way.

  • How do you feel about the role and influence of the APE Foundation in ApeCoin DAO?
    The proper amount. The governance structures are the hottest topics / most active debate right now with multiple proposals in progress to build those out. I’d say the DAO is still in its very, very early stages.

I think (assuming here) the negative feedback roots in frustration around how slow the DAO had been moving. Or from members whose proposals were shut down, which is biased feedback and isn’t indicative of issues necessarily. (For ex, one recent multi-million proposal was voted down simply b/c DAO doesn’t currently have a framework to do proper due diligence - it wasn’t even about the idea itself. Others were shut down b/c the DAO hasn’t bootstrapped a VC spin-off and itself cannot take equity in any company. Etc.)

Hope this helps, cheers!


Thank you for adding value

Is that sarcasm? Did I say something wrong by saying that I believe APE Foundation’s role and influence is where it needs to be? I actually think they’re doing great so I’m not following, sorry.

No sarcasm at all, your feedback is helpful.

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Happy to contribute. Was recently interviewed by the Portugal News about our recently passed proposal, which is scheduled to be run this Friday. DMs always open :+1:


After a few months of waiting my proposal was rejected with a fake reason.

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what do you mean by “rejected”? by whom? and define/specify “fake reason”? I’m definitely intrigued!


The administrators “Returned for Reconstruction” my proposal with the reason, “The Ape Foundation cannot be a client of a PR firm.” However, I never suggested The Ape Foundation should become a client of a PR firm.

I suspect they rejected my proposal to favor competing proposals from their friends.

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I don’t see a need for such negative conclusion. Seems there was simply a misunderstanding of the proposal.

Check out marketing and comms working group; if it passes and the stewards are elected, proposing a budget for PR and marketing is part of their mandate.

Could be people to work with or you can even run for election to be one of the stewards of the group.

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How about this one?

Check the dates and the “reason” at the end. Super ironic, particularly in light of recent proposals and discussions. (Search the forum for: oversight, ethics, or audit).

Whatever motivations anyone suspects, or whether choosing to see the questions / reasons at bottom of the thread as legit or disingenuous and self-serving, why not allow an answer instead of shutting the whole thing down?

Why did this even need an AIP instead of it already being implemented on Day 1, or at least before the recent deluge of Working Groups?

Not at all a good look for the DAO.


I had to withdraw my proposal because it was under administrative review for more than half a year. It seems like there is some behind-the-scenes coordination to give the green light only to specific individuals who are probably in cooperation with the administrators.

For example, a proposal with a clear money grab from @maariab got from submission to voting results just in one month. This DAO is a joke.

You asked for hundreds of thousands USD just to create an nft collection that $ape holders would get for “free” when voting? So basically well over $300k to create some POAPs. You used made-up, perfectly-round numbers for expenses… $100k for social media managers for a collection that needs zero promotion since it will just be used for the DAO. Bruh… :melting_face: