Tempcheck: Grant Cap + Commercial Agreements for ApeCoin DAO

I like the sustainable approach that Banana Bill will be rolling out for ApeChain regarding commercial agreements versus non-repayable grants. I’m curious about what the community thinks about taking a similar approach at ApeCoin DAO for our AIP process.

Certainly not opposed to continuing grant opportunities, but perhaps with a cap and limited to projects focused entirely on ecosystem development and co-branded public goods. Would love to get this convo started…



I would love to see that DAO expand on the financial instruments it uses to disperse funds.

Grants, loans, revenue shares, equity stakes, etc

I would want people with expertise to help ensure the DAO makes solid financial decisions in this regard, but there is no reason IMO we can’t do these things and establish some structure around it to continue to fund builders while sustaining the treasury long term.

Happy to be part of any discussions in setting this up.


Bumping to hear your thoughts…

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So hold on:

F1 takes €5.1m; Bananas bill 100m $ape and now it’s about time we tighten our belts.:rofl:

(BTW I highlighted this was coming with Trippy’s ideas with similar intent - but nobody listens.)


I just want to congratulate every single person who voted the bananas bill through - this is your reward now. :man_facepalming:

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I feel so sorry for the community right now. I’ve never been here for money or to join the cabal. I only ever wanted to make the DAO a batter place, that offered opportunity to the many and not the few - a different place from what we see repeated daily in the real world. I tried to warn you all, but nobody really listened.

Now, unfortunately, you will all suffer the repercussions of inaction and blind devotion to those who care for no one else but themselves.

They’ll sell this all to you under different guises - each and every one with ulterior motives.

I feel sad on this day but you were all complicit in this I’m afraid. :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:

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Can I ask - when you say that ApeCoin is a grants DAO, do you mean that during its legal formation this was codified somewhere, or that this was the intent of the founders, or is this more of a general sentiment?

Is it possible to expand on this a little? I read the Banana Bill carefully, but the part I have not seen discussed (in my admittedly short time here) is the legal structure of the Ape Foundation. I’m guessing it’s an LLC. I’m not sure where it’s incorporated, though AIP #1 was proposed by a Cayman islands-based consulting group called Cartan Group. The reason I ask is that the formation and legal structure may impact to what extent this organization can create commercial agreements with binding legal obligations.

Nothing is set in stone I don’t think. DAO was allocated 470m $ape as an “ecosystem fund”; arguments can be made either way I guess; genuinely tho it all depends on how they spin it imo.


The DAO was initially formed by Yuga’s founders to be a grants DAO. I could be a skeptic and say the real reason I think the DAO was formed, but several of the original founders dipping out and buying small countries to live in lets you know where I land on that. :joy:


Deploys money to people via insider knowledge, extravaganza stays and flight tickets etc. Paid position to other friend.
No wonder people stepping away from the DAO and barely any new people jumping in. Grants was one thing people came here to build but everything is being taken away… UMA grants wont be able to do a thing either, nor educating new AIP authors coz people can see the D in DAO is no more.

We are currently waiting on the administrative review of AIP-442: Grant Ships: Accelerating ApeCoin’s Ecosystem Evolution - Active Proposals / AIP Drafts - ApeCoin DAO

If this program were to go through it would allow the DAO to allocate a budget for Grant funding/ grant funding season. It certainly wouldn’t stop anyone from continuing to make AIP proposals however there are cases where a grant make more sense than an entire AIP. The way Grant Ships is designed is to surface the people or groups that are best able to find projects to get grants.