Thank Ape Prop House Updates

GM! Sending over the updates of my Prop House proposals!

Virtual Art Gallery
Status: :white_check_mark:

Activ Ape Stories
Status: Launched :white_check_mark:
Have several posts lined up, but did launch already. Check out #ActivApe on X.

Apecoin print design
Status: DONE & Shared! :white_check_mark:

Apecoin on Wikipedia
Status: :orange_circle: In the Works.
I’ve written up pages 2x but it got taken down and deleted by the Wikipedia reviewing team. The issues here include the following…
:arrow_right: Information needs to be based on reliable secondary sources so using as a data source gets rejected as this is a ‘primary’ source
:arrow_right: Content I write keeps getting flagged as ‘plagiarism’ since its resembles the way we discuss ApeCoin on different sites. I’ve written something that didn’t get flagged but…
:arrow_right: WikiPedia marked ApeCoin as a topic not YET qualified/relevant enough to be on WikiPedia. This will get resolved by having more content by legit sources, pages and publications, discussing ApeCoin. I believe this is possible and will come, but current media is not sufficient just yet.

I’m staying posted on this topic and the media surrounding ApeCoin and will submit a draft to WikiPedia again. Currently a page has been made but its still on draft mode.

That’s all for now I believe!