Vote Now: ApeChain Proposal - Shaping the Future of ApeCoin Ecosystem

Hi ApeCoiners :apekincomfy:

We’re diving into 2024 with a major brand decision – one of the most significant since our launch. This decision revolves around building ApeChain and selecting the external company to be our provider, aligning seamlessly with our target market, IMO.

There are two crucial proposals on the table:

One ends in 1 week, asking the community if we want ApeChain, and another ends in 2 weeks from now, to select the external provider.

Before casting your vote, I encourage you to take a moment to dive into the proposals. If you’re new to the conversation, I recommend not rushing into a vote. Given the complexity of the proposals involving additional 4 different proposals, I’ve created a compare thread to help you understand Layer 2 and what I see about Polygon vs. Optimism. However, this is not a final verdict – use the thread to weigh both options and make an informed decision about the 4 as well if you even think we need ApeChain.

Thank you for your active participation and dedication to the ApeCoin community.

2024 is the year of $APE

-Mr. Hype :fire:


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