25th June BAYCJapan IRL event---will we make something special souvenir?

we organize BAYC holder meet up at 25th June at Tokyo.
It’s our 1 year anniversary event of BAYC Japan.

we are wandering Is there anything we can do to activate APEcoinDAO in Japan?
idea is making something special souvenir related with APEcoin— BUTTON BADGES, ACRYLIC KEYCHAIN,stickers… and something more special?

we are estimating around 40-80 ppl will visit this event.


Love the initiative, but feel like this probably should’ve been brought to the DAO sooner for official approval of logo usage if the event is less than a month out. Best of luck regardless though!


Apecoin DAO is already pretty global. If japan is not under any restrictions like Rasha, then you can put proposal for free usage of the logo for the specific non personal use right now.


Thx! I’ll put proposal for usage.

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I’m sorry, but I would like to clarify. Rasha is a country? It’s just the first time I’ve heard of this.

Hey, YuAyato, welcome to the community. I can see it’s the first time you’ve posted here and I hope you like it here.

Don’t forget to hop in the discord and say Hi.

I can’t help you with this

but I might be able to help in the Event coordination aspect of it like we do for Ape comms and Thank ape spaces. Check this out as well : Tracking Events within the ApeVerse with A.C.T. (ApeCoin Tracker)

Both of these are fully functional rn and I’d love to onboard the Japanese apes. This’ll enable you guys to coordinate events and make changes on the fly.

I would be pleased to work together with the Japanese community at any opportunity.
Japan (Sapporo) is second home.


Love to see your community wanting to create some Apecoin branded items for your upcoming event! Are you inquiring for just logo usage or is it also wanting to raise funding to create the items?

I agree with a previous comment that you probably needed to submit this proposal awhile ago to make sure you have enough timing to go through the process. (which can take a few months, maybe even faster if you require no funding).

Hopefully if it’s only logo usage the process can be expedited :eyes:

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@SeraStargirl’s comment made me think…

NFA, but personal use (not for commercial purposes) is okay afaik as long as you do not pretend to represent ApeCoin Foundation or DAO.

What I would do in your situation:

  • download the press kit from https://apecoin.com/ (link at the bottom)
  • use the logo for small quantities of merch you specified
  • include a QR code that’s your invite link to this forum (go to your profile on the forums, then click Invites tab) AND separately, invite link to ThankApe rewards website (Profile → Copy Referral URL).
  • take pics and claim your reward from ThankApe for organizing a meetup attended by ApeCoin holders to help cover some of merch costs. If you have 45+ people, claim both reward for small meetup (15 $ape) and larger meetup (30 $ape)
  • somewhere during your event indicate that it’s not officiall sponsored by ApeCoin DAO or Foundation and that this is fan merch/initiative

If people sign up for the forum, and especially if they sign up for ThankApe and earn enough $ape through there, you’ll get more $ape that should hopefully cover full cost of small merch items.

If ApeCoin police comes for you, send them my way :handshake:


Love this. Hopefully this idea can be expanded upon and normalized in our press kit for DAO members :raised_hands:

adds it to the list of ape assembly things to brainstorm


I found that stickers, merch, and signs are pretty activating and give people a sense of belonging. Please refer below:


Thx a lot for many comments.
we decided not to fund raise for this time. We will focus on just for logo usage!

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I have question.
Is it possible to submit the logo usage for event related special Instagram AR filter?
For example, Something like an AR filter that recognizes face and converts only eyes into APE coins.


@amplify.admin @Lost @Gerry @BoredApeG @veratheape is there a way to expedite the logo request above since there’s no time to go through full AIP process? Does it need to go through AIP process?

Yes ser. It is possible to do that for AR. As far as uses for your club, you may be able to do quite a bit of things non-commercially. If you use the logo on a storefront or to sell products, that may require going through the process, but derivs and memes use the logo all the time, so do clubs really. I’m not sure if you should have to ask permission or write a proposal if not for profit. Brand stuff isnt very clear now.

I’ve seen fun ideas for pokerchips! Um shot glasses too. Beer pong cups. I’m not a legal scholar but we do see clubs doing things like this already. No guidelines are really laid out at the moment however.



AIP-126 approved “…a package of generic assets & promotional materials that can be used by members of the ApeCoin DAO for in-person and online events, provided that these materials are used for promotional purposes only. This marketing and promotional package can only be used for non-profitable causes.”

So as long as there is no monetary exchange happening, I believe you can use the logo as promotional material at your event!



We need to make a clear point here and make sure that people understand that BAYC events have nothing to do with Apecoin events that never happened yet. You do not need top own the ape or any Yuga asset to be a part of this DAO. Separations is pretty clear. we need to think about giving to Apecoin holders the value and giving back to them.

Great innitiative of organize this event ! I sadly don’t own a BAYC :roll_eyes: :joy:

Thats a thing, I also not quite understand why ape owners confusing apecoin DAO with BAYC grants platform.
I think what you should post here is the Apecoin owners events invitations.


Didn’t even see your first message before I posted mine, and I pointed the same thing. 100% agree

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