AaronHaber - Special Council Nomination 07/2024

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @AaronHaber

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AaronHaber

Country of Residence: United States

Educational Background:

CumLaude Graduate of University of Albany
Graduate of The Second City Training Center (Chicago)
Princeton University - Visiting Lecturer teaching comedy master classes

Professional Background and Relevant Experience:

Full-time Tech Entrepreneur in Web3 since 2020.
Founder of Laughing Ape (MBA License 00185)
Approved Author of AIP-346
I’ve spent the last 30 years making my living as a comedian/tech entrepreneur having produced thousands of live comedy events, founded the world’s first online-comedy club and the first Comedy Club Metaverse: Below Bored.

Nomination Statement:


  1. My name is Aaron Haber and I’m an OG BAYC Minters and a proud member of Mocaverse, JRNY Club, Bulls on the Block, Surreal Guild and many more communities here in NFT land.

  2. I’ve been full-time in Web3 since late 2020.

  3. I’m an MBA License Holder as well as an Approved AIP Author who deeply understands the workings of the DAO.

  4. Give me the chance to cook and put that big brain to work for the DAO, fixing problems, calling out bull**** and helping to support our DAO’s builders and attract even more (so the DAO can get some ROI on it’s grants).

Still too long, maybe read?
The $APE Coin DAO has a problem of imagination and I’m just the MFing Imagineer to fix it!

There are too many trying to stop our grants DAO from, well, giving grants.

“Ponzis, thieves, ponzi-thiefs!” This is the junk you see on the timeline and snapshot comments. “If the DAO spends money, the DAO will lose all its money!” they cry!

This shows a great misunderstanding of what the DAO is and what it needs.

  1. “The DAO is here to fund your ambition & the sky’s the limit :rocket:” - The Pinned Post of $APE Coin DAO
    It’s the pinned post, people! The DAO was set up to give builders in the space the support they needed to fund their ambitions, that means giving out grants and funding! It’s literally right there in the founding post.

  2. “If we spend money, we’ll go insolvent!”
    It’s the opposite! We have a monthly burn including salaries, a huge 50K $APE/month spend just FOR HOLDING $APE IN CUSTODIAL ACCOUNTS! Plus massive legal fees.

If we don’t start giving out grants to builders who can give us back a return we’ll go insolvent just staring at our dwindling supply of $APE.

AIPs account for a relatively small percentage of the DAO’s spend (especially when you consider just the loss of fiat power we’ve seen from just holding the coin and not diversifying!)

  1. The DAO should be doing more to attract builders big and small, not scaring them away with fringe rantings dragging authors’ reputations through the mud.

We can disagree without being disagreeable or are you just screaming for the likes, Anon?

  1. Not everything deserves to be passed and funded but we should start with a “yes” until we see evidence of the AIP not being good for the DAO.

Motivation, Vision & Goals:

As a builder and approved AIP Author I have a passion for seeing other builders in the space succeed.

The DAO is an amazing opportunity to support creators of all types in many industries and we don’t just fund them because it makes us feel nice, no! We also fund them because we want to realize significant returns for the DAO to further our mission.

We’re at a crossroads where we must decide if we’re going to fund ambitions or Scrooge McDuck our way into oblivion by simply swimming in our $APE until we burn it all on our monthly spends.

I’m motivated to attract builders, change some minds and grow the DAO exponentially.

Values & Commitment:

My core values are inclusivity, fairness and taking bold stances.
What does this mean?
Inclusivity means if you’ve got the idea and the passion, I want to help you succeed in our DAO!
Fairness means being transparent and welcoming everyone into the cabal.
Taking bold stances means calling out bull**** even when it’s unpopular.

Here’s some unpopular bull****: If you’re one of the people on the timeline shaming builders for seeking grants from a grants DAO you’re holding the DAO back from it’s stated purpose and scaring away those who would come in and add value to the DAO, both in terms of $$$ and their contributions to the community.

So, stop it!

My commitment is a million percent. Whatever the DAO needs, I’ll be there to provide.

Concluding Statement:

  1. I’m Aaron Haber
  2. I have a passion and understanding of what $APE DAO is and what it could be.
  3. I will bring my passion and ideas to the DAO to help those already here and wanting to join get the most out of their time and efforts. That will help the DAO get the best ROI as well.


$APE DAO Members:

What’s most important to you in terms of $APE Coin DAO.

It could be anything, but I want to hear from you.

Leave your reply below.


Agree 100%

This is akin to the ‘innocent until proven guilty’ instead of ‘guilty until proven innocent’ theories, I agree with you that the overwhelming majority of AIP authors are well intended and so should be treated with respect for such

All the best with your candidacy, and looking forward to seeing your next show! ! :heart: :gorilla:


IMHO positives

  1. Already familiar with the overall DAO so would be quick to get up to speed.

  2. Likes to build things and has been through the AIP wringer getting AIP(s) passed.

  3. Involved as a member in a range of delegation communities.

  4. Good speaker overall on X spaces.

  5. Understands we need to look at overall costs and the cost per AIP needs to consider these costs in our overall calc/decision making.


How to see the connection and working relationship between SC and working groups?


Great candidate! @AaronHaber is absolutely knowledgeable and connected in the DAO. Good in getting the right information out while also creating positive vibes.

Thank you for mentioning the delegations (JRNY, Bulls on the Block etc) , giving them a voice and presenting several opportunities for the community to participate in. You are a valued community member.

Love to see voting go live soon and wish you all the best this election season :apekinvote:


Thank you, Cryptosheep!

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Thanks for the love and the great question, @bigbull.

I wrote a whole, long explanation, but Apes don’t read so I’ll bullet point it:

  • While there’s not a specific requirement, I would facilitate communication between Stewards and Foundation (whom I’ve already worked with on my AIP).
  • I’d facilitate communication between working groups and see where they can help each other.
  • I’d smooth over any issues Stewards are having with the Foundation to allow them to achieve their goals.

I’ve been told over and over that 1 Special Council Member can’t make a difference because there are 5 members.

IMHO, this is big BS.

Any Special Council Member can be a helping hand to Stewards, The Foundation and any DAO members and choose to spend their time making the DAO work more efficiently with the current guidelines as set forth by previously passes AIPs.

I hope this answers your question and if not, please let me know what other info I can provide.

Aaron Haber


I strongly support Aaron for the ApeCoin DAO Special Council. His extensive experience as an entrepreneur and comedian, combined with his deep understanding of the DAO and passion for fostering innovation and helping people (Aaron helped me understand the AIP process), make him an ideal candidate. Aaron’s commitment to inclusivity, fairness, and bold leadership will drive the DAO’s mission forward, attracting and supporting builders to maximize our community’s potential and ROI.

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