Ae - Metaverse WG Nomination 07/2024

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @ae


Educational Background:

I hold a BA in Advertising and PR (2003). Additionally, I served as the academic director at Brother Barcelona for almost a decade. Brother is a renowned creativity school, distinguished in numerous creativity festivals and achieving the esteemed title of the best creativity school in the world at the Cannes Lions festival during my tenure.

Furthermore, I have delivered lectures and classes on the Metaverse at Brother, Metacampus (2022) gm Barcelona (2023) Most notably, I recently delivered a web3 lecture in front of the top web3/digital executives of the Volkswagen Group, including VW, Lamborghini, Skoda, Cupra, and Audi.

Professional Background and Relevant Experience:

I started out as an advertising creative in New York City two decades ago, but eventually found my way back to my hometown of Barcelona. Over there, I became a creative director at both DoubleYou and DDB. I got to lead campaigns for big names like Audi (7 years as Creative Director), Nike, FC Barcelona, the Museum of Video Games in Berlin, Electronic Arts…

I was awarded with 2 Cannes Lions for “History worth playing”, a campaign I creative directed for the Computerspielemuseum in Berlin, exploring retro video game tech and sound. One project I’m particularly proud of was “The e-tron room: The Future Paradox,” a VR venture for Audi that got nominated for best VR marketing campaign at the VR Awards in London

My love for VR and the metaverse led me to Visyon, where I took on the role of Chief Creative Officer. Besides tinkering with VR game prototypes, I spearheaded some cool stuff for Cupra (Volkswagen Group), like virtual productions, live-streamed competitions with folks from all over the world, and a immersive web-based platform for the brand.

After diving deep into NFTs in early 2021, I joined the crew that cooked up RTFKT’s first video game in The Sandbox in 2022. Later I teamed up with a partner with a background in music to start R3S3T, where we focus on blending music, gaming, and web3 culture for brands and artists. We recently launched a music video using my BAYC IP: DATAP3.

I just love the idea of the Metaverse. Spend weeks last summer messing around with Improbable/Msquared’s MML, even though my team mainly focus on Unreal Engine. We’re stoked to get our hands on Otherside’s ODK.

Nomination Statement:

Let’s get straight to the point: I just joined the DAO today. My sole focus in the space has been on crafting experiences within the Metaverse, delving deep into the NFT space, and being a member of the BAYC community. I’m here to dive in and ignite new Metaverse related initiatives and projects.

For the last 2 decades I have worked for top brands and giant corporations with thousands of employees but also with indie companies and solo artists in their home studios. I know how to navigate through it all—I’m organized, fast, fiercely passionate about my work, but above all, I’m just obsessed with the Metaverse. It’s the driving force behind my immersion in web3.

I love NFTs and the concept of digital property, I’m immersed in the culture, and fully committed to the future of blockchain. But my presence here, my commitment, is rooted in a profound belief in the concept of the Metaverse. The term is grossly misunderstood—I cringe every time a journalist shows off a VR headset on camera. I believe in the platforms emerging now; I believe that the millions of children socializing on Roblox and Fortnite will grow up, still yearning for social interaction in these new, more mature, more liberated platforms—ones where you can buy and share digital assets, far from walled gardens.

I believe Apecoin needs to be there, to become a logical cornerstone. It has everything going for it if Otherside becomes one of the top platforms. And no matter how many feats Apecoin achieves, I believe that without a Metaverse and an ecosystem where it becomes a linchpin, it will suffer. I want to help bring brands, artists, culture into this space, using Apecoin.

Motivation, Vision & Goals:

Given my extensive experience as a builder, my primary drive lies in bringing more builders into the Metaverse. This starts with Otherside, but extends to attracting individuals who will breathe life into the Metaverse and provide it with rich content, akin to what renowned gaming platforms offer.

One of the major challenges faced by many web3 Metaverse platforms is not only their near emptiness but also the exodus of incredible builders who feel unsupported and unrewarded. Without builders, there can be no Metaverse. Apecoin has the potential to significantly impact this landscape.

My aim is clear: to ensure that things run smoothly for builders who are tasked with attracting an audience. This presents a significant challenge in the months ahead, but it’s also a tremendous opportunity for Apecoin.

And it’s something that personally affects me because my company and my passion are closely tied to the success of Otherside and the economic ecosystem that gives it practical meaning—both for creators and for players and visitors.

Values & Commitment:

Once again, let me be honest. I don’t think this should be a full-time job because I want to prioritize practicality over theory: I’ll dedicate a lot of time to it, by truly immerse myself in the ecosystem, understanding its issues from within. I’ll be talking to builders while also building and creating projects myself, striving to give Apecoin meaning in the Metaverse. I’ll find ways to attract and motivate artists, brands, companies and people who just want to have fun. I truly believe that the Metaverse is fundamental to Apecoin. What we need most is for ApeCoin to be used, to change hands between users and creators, and to have a role as a reward, as a symbol of a metaverse, a culture, and a functioning economy. So my goal is crystal clear, and this is what I want to bring to the table.

Concluding Statement:


I believe my experience working with clients, managing teams, using new tools, and leading creative and innovative projects in VR and Metaverse platforms makes me a great fit for this role. I can help the DAO members by listening, proposing, advising and implementing ideas that can make ApeCoin a key part of changing the web3 landscape for the better.


I love the Metaverse, and not only web3 metaverse platforms. I have spend tens of thousand of hours exploring Fortnite, Roblox, Minecraft and VR Chat, but I feel a lot of people in web3 ignore them, as if they don’t matter because they are web2. In reality, they have been amazing testing grounds, even though they lacked blockchain technology. But things will evolve fast. We’re about to reach that turning point sooner than we think, with platforms like Otherside, and ApeCoin needs to be part of this shift. I want to assist the DAO on understanding the why and the how behind our actions.


I believe that in this DAO we have one of the most motivating tools to make the Metaverse something meaningful and impossible to ignore. We’re in an environment where 90% of people are already tired of false promises, boring experiences, and the feeling of wasting their time. I believe that in 2024, we have the technology and, most importantly, the experience to understand what works and what simply doesn’t and never will. I believe Apecoin and this DAO can be the cornerstone of all this.

Thank you


Very solid candidacy, good luck for the election!

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Thanks, CypherGlaze! I’ve just asked the team to add my professional background along with other info (and X profile: @aeaea81) I think will explain better who I am and why I my knowledge and passion can help the DAO and ApeCoin. Happy to be part of this election!

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Seems music is your thing. Question - Why apply as a Steward vs submitting an AIP to build on ApeChain?

Also I see you are in Spain, do you plan to goto the event in Lisbon which is pretty close by?

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Hi bigbull! Sorry for the late answer, and yes, I’m in Lisbon (enjoyed all the talks by the Apecoin team)

Music is one of the things we explore at R3S3T and we are building and MBA license with my ape IP, but my main focus is always on the Metaverse: creating games, clubs, events and finding ways to monetize them. My real passion as a builder has always been creating experiences for brands (RTFKT, CUPRA…) and personal projects in platforms like The Sandbox, Oncyber, and recently experimenting with Msquared. Also have a background in VR creating virtual worlds and experiences for brands like Audi (e-tron room: The future paradox) and creatively leading a VR company (CCO at Visyon) before founding R3S3T.

One of the biggest challenges I’ve seen, through daily conversations and being part of numerous chat groups and Discords where I’ve built relationships with creators, is how difficult it is for builders to monetize their experiences or find support to bring their ideas to life. Builders (game creators, devs, artists) are crucial for giving Apecoin and Apechain meaning in the Metaverse (not only talking about Otherside here, but of course the launch of the ODK will be an amazing milestone and opportunity) Without engaging experiences, talented builders, incredible games, and big companies and brands understanding the remarkable benefits of the Metaverse, we’ll struggle.

I believe that from this position, I can help make this vision a reality because I understand these challenges from the inside, and have a background attracting big companies to the Metaverse.

Thank you!

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Solid background. Good luck on the candidacy @ae :saluting_face:!

For anyone interested in checking out a quick breakdown of each Metaverse WG execution plan, simply click on the image below!

Metaverse WG nominees

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Thanks so much @Moonlyght ! :saluting_face:


Tell us whaqt was the last thing to build in VR if any and show us some of your examples

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Hi @TheFatherOfAllStorms
Sure, below are my favorite projects I had the privilege of creative directing in 2019-2022 before shifting my focus entirely to web3 and Metaverse platforms in early 2022.

  • The e-tron room: the future paradox.

Years: 2019-2020.
Role: Creative director.
Client: Audi

  • Lost Atlas.

Years: 2020-2021
Role: Creative director
This VR shooter was a game prototype we introduced in some gaming conventions in 2021- 2022. The coolest thing is that you use the controllers to control your thrusters and weapons at the same time.)

You can check the video here (shared by a member of the CGI team) on Youtube:

  • CUPRA virtual events
    (Master conventions (2020 & 2021) / CUPRA Anniversary virtual events (2021-2022)

Years: 2020-2022
Role: Executive creative direction
Client: CUPRA.
This is a series of virtual production events, where we integrate real hosts inside virtual environments, live. I also have been advising Cupra on web 3 (2023-2024)

This is a recap video of the last event I participated in:

Thank you

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Watched both videos, Fascinating!

Great crossover between web2 and web3.

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Thank you @bigbull!

Yeah, my career has evolved from web2 to web3, so the shift was pretty smooth for me. I’ve been fortunate to witness the evolution of the internet from its early days, and I’ve had a similar experience with VR (though it moves slower, I just love it). I see a similar trajectory happening with web3 and the metaverse.

But honestly, my core vision hasn’t changed much: I just love creating dope stuff for brands and collaborating and empowering others to do the same. That’s why I’m interested in the Metaverse Steward position. I believe if we want this DAO, Apecoin, and Apechain to move forward in the right direction, we need builders, brands eager to innovate and great ideas that resonate with people.

The current working team’s direction with Alpine and many other projects is super solid, so I’d love to join and bring my enthusiasm and knowledge to the table.