AIP-118: ApeCoin DAO Marketplace via NFT Embed, provided by Graviton and powered by Universe

Proposal Name: ApeCoin DAO Marketplace via NFT Embed, provided by Graviton and powered by Universe.
Proposal Category: Brand Decision

Decision points: marketplace collections and finder’s fee. Proposed: ecosystem assets and a 0.20% finder’s fee alongside preferred alternatives.

I. Abstract

With NFT Embed, ApeCoin DAO owns the marketplace of choice for ecosystem assets and other curated projects. NFT Embed is a free tool from Graviton, providing Shopify and Stripe functionality for NFTs. This enables ApeCoin DAO to deploy a marketplace on our domain within minutes.

Proposed marketplace fee: 0.50%, including a 0.30% base fee and a 0.20% finder’s fee (customizable amount and recipient, by collection).

NFT Embed is powered by Universe’s decentralized, open-source, audited marketplace that supports any collection and major tokens including $APE. Building with trustless, customizable solutions mitigates counter-party risks and compounds economic benefits attributable to marketplace ownership.

II. Motivation

ApeCoin DAO enables a self-sustaining ecosystem by deploying a marketplace via NFT Embed.

  • ApeCoin DAO generates finder’s fee revenues. Based on the proposed 0.20% finder’s fee, ApeCoin DAO would have generated $10 million of revenue to date.[FN1] The recent sale of BAYC #9670 would have generated $200.
  • Community savings. Based on the proposed 0.50% marketplace fee, the community would have saved $27 million to date. The recent sale of BAYC #9670 would have saved $2,200.
  • Trustless, customizable solutions. Marketplace ownership mitigates counter-party risks of hosted solutions while enabling strategic growth opportunities and brand development. These opportunities are discussed more in III. Rationale.

NFT Embed is a powerful marketing tool. The curated growth opportunities are endless. This zero-cost solution takes minutes to deploy on our domain.

III. Rationale

A marketplace is more than $APE utility. It is a growth engine for our brand. With NFT Embed, we lay the foundation for exponential growth starting now.

In the short-term, our marketplace is curated for ecosystem assets. NFT Embed is integrating with reservoir and gem, ensuring ensure deep marketplace liquidity. This competitive solution drives user acquisition and retention and begins to change marketplace habits engrained in web3 natives.

Image I – ApeCoin DAO Marketplace with NFT Embed, BAYC

In the medium and long-term, NFT Embed enables ApeCoin DAO to pursue strategic growth opportunities, empower our community, support philanthropic causes, and expand utility for $APE.

  • Strategic opportunities. ApeCoin DAO should support projects building on Improbable. As an early adopter on this interoperable platform, we are positioned to capture attention and become the marketplace of choice for all projects launching on Improbable. Users generally prefer a single-solution and may be unaware of or too risk averse to use other third-party marketplaces, perfect for market capture.
  • Community empowerment. ApeCoin DAO should support creators building with ecosystem IP. For example, ApeCoin DAO can support Jenkins the Valet: The Writer’s Room by embedding the collection into our marketplace and directing the referral fee to Jenkins or otherwise setting it to zero.
  • Philanthropic goodwill. ApeCoin DAO can periodically or consistently route finder’s fees to philanthropic endeavors supported by the community. For example, ApeCoin DAO can support ecosystem initiatives including the Jane Goodall Legacy Foundation, @apefather’s good deeds idea, @maariab’s idea in AIP-96 with support from @azeem from Gitcoin, and/or consider options discussed by members of ApeCoin DAO here. More broadly, we could follow in Universe’s footsteps and support lobbying efforts that fight for better laws and policies surrounding cryptocurrency.
  • $APE utility. Although outside the scope of this proposal, ApeCoin DAO should consider an $APE staking module that remits finder’s fees directly to stakers (potentially acting as membership to a marketplace subDAO / working group). One answer to @joshthebeast24’s question: What can I do with my Ape Coin while the market is down?

Further, community members, affiliated artists, news publications, or even independent bloggers can use NFT Embed to support their own $APE powered projects or ecosystem projects with ease. For example, Jenkins can launch a marketplace on its site (in addition to linking to OpenSea), earning finder’s fees and growing the brand.

As demonstrated, the finder’s fee can incentivize or support any collection or cause with ease. We can use this lever to offer benefits to genesis collections or weight finder’s fees based on $APE allocations. And this lever can mitigate risks attributable to marketplace revenue. See IX. Marketplace Revenue: Risks and Alternatives.

Further, our single marketplace unifies ecosystem IP and compliments other AIPs, including @mistaken_president’s idea in AIP-69 and @wizav.eth’s initiative with ApeClub.

Furthermore, a decentralized marketplace drives safety and security to private sales and more broadly the industry. ApeCoin DAO can and should lead this initiative by leveraging the power of NFT Embed. Become a best practice.

NFT Embed is a competitive offering, as depicted below.

Table I – NFT Embed Features and Risk Profile

@redvulkan posted an impartial comparison of marketplace AIPs based on an earlier draft here. One point of clarity: this is a zero-cost proposal.

The teams at Universe and Graviton are 35+ strong and have vast experience building in web3. They are supported by numerous advisors and other contributors (e.g., Aaron McDonald, Kain Warwick, Kieran Warwick, Santiago R. Santos, Tommy Shaughnessy, DeFi Dad, and many more).

Table II – NFT Embed, Certain Founders

Universe and Graviton are multi-discipline builders. For example, apart from the marketplace, Universe has built a custom bridge to polygon and launched a mobile game on iOS. Graviton is launching a web3 streaming platform on Arbitrum in conjunction with Livepeer. BarnBridge is migrating its DAO from mainnet to Optimism and has partnered with Aave.

There is tremendous talent backing NFT Embed. Talent ApeCoin DAO can trust.

Collectively, NFT Embed is a significant step-forward in delivering on our collective responsibility to leave everything better than we found it. This free solution can be deployed within minutes and was built by members of ApeCoin DAO.

We should vote to support this excellent value proposition built by and for our community.

IV. Key terms

“$APE+” means $APE and other ERC-20 supported by Universe.

“Ecosystem assets” means BAYC, BAKC, Serums, MAYC, and Otherside NFTs.

“Gem” means, an NFT aggregator.

“Graviton” means, creator of web3 / NFT tools, services, and platforms for creators and fans to thrive together.

“NFT Embed” means the product as described on, provided by Graviton and powered by Universe.

“Reservoir” means, provider of open and permissionless access to aggregated NFT liquidity with complete API for building NFT marketplaces and applications.

“Universe” means, a community driven and royalty enabled NFT protocol.

“Website” generally includes any website that supports iFrame embeds.

V. Specifications

NFT Embed Documentation

Graviton Documentation

Universe Documentation

NFT Embed is a fully customizable widget that allows you to display and sell NFTs on any website, complete with marketplace functionality and wallet connection out of the box. NFT Embed code is compatible with web builders that support iFrame embeds, such as Webflow, Shopify, Squarespace, and Wordpress.

VI. Steps to Implement

NFT Embed Documentation: How to Use NFT Embed

Universe Medium Article: Universe Protocol Pivot? (July 27, 2022) with instructional ivideo

Graviton Medium Article: How to Sell NFTs From Your Website in 5 Minutes (Free Embed Code) (August 3, 2022)

Universe Medium Article: The Universe Expands: Embed NFT Collections Today (August 15, 2022)

Arweave News Article: How To Easily Embed NFT Sales Into Your Website Using Universe (August 29, 2022)

NFT Embed is free to use and designed for simplicity. To deploy:

  1. Open your website workspace
  2. Find an NFT or collection you’d like to embed on a webpage.
  3. The code you need for your webpage is on the left sidebar of; complete the inputs.
    a. Set-up collection royalties here.
    b. Set-up preferred NFT Embed options, including the finder’s fee.
    c. Tip: Enable custom styling to match the aesthetic of your project
    d. Examples: BAYC, MAYC , Serum, BAKC, Otherside, Jenkins.
  4. Select Copy
  5. Paste the widget code into your website
  6. Go live

Image 2 – NFT Embed Example - BAYC w/ inputs, 0.20% finder’s fee

Image 3 – NFT Embed Example - MAYC w/ Custom Style

As the marketplace functionality and wallet connection is fully integrated into your platform, you have full control over your brand image and the customer experience.

VII. Timeline

NFT Embed can be deployed within minutes of approval. The variables in this proposal will become fixed prior to finalization of this AIP. Thus, deployment is simply a matter of data entry and cut-and-paste as described in VI. Steps to Implement.

VIII. Overall Cost

NFT Embed is free to use. Graviton and its advisors – including members of ApeCoin DAO – are willing to assist with launching our curated marketplace on our domain. See, e.g., Table II – NFT Embed, Certain Founders.

IX. Marketplace Revenue: Risks and Alternatives

ApeCoin DAO cannot accept revenue or diversify its treasury because we lack foundational infrastructure, processes and procedures. Therefore, the proposed finder’s fee is not without risk. These issues are discussed by this author here, here and here, amongst other places.*

This proposal generally adopts the multi-sig approach approved in AIP-98 (risk-on), but also offers other alternatives (risk-off). The alternatives are dependent on ApeCoin DAO’s preferred approach.

  • ApeCoin DAO route’s finder’s fees to support philanthropic causes, the authors preferred approach. See III. Rationale for various philanthropic options.
  • ApeCoin DAO sets finder’s fees to 0% and offers a competitive marketplace fee of 0.30%.

Approach 1 for some collections, approach 2 for others.

Again, a marketplace is more than just $APE utility. It is a growth engine for our brand. At this juncture, ApeCoin DAO should pursue a marketplace approach that maximizes brand growth and minimizes risks.

Thank you for your consideration.

X. Socials

NFT Embed Twitter.

Graviton Twitter.

Universe Twitter, Lenster.

Graviton and Universe share a discord.

FN1. With an example 0.20% finder’s fee and a marketplace fee of 0.30%, the DAO earns 0.20% and the community saves 2.00% on every sale as compared to OpenSea. The $amounts used in the body are derived by applying these percentages to sales volume found here (as of September 24, 2022).

Image 4 – Ecosystem Sales, as of September 24, 2022

FN2. Regarding treasury diversification, Universe and ApeCoin DAO may consider an $APE for $xyz swap to further align the economic incentives of our DAOs as posited here.

Disclosure: the author of this AIP holds $xyz and is a member of the Universe DAO, but otherwise has no other financial affiliation with any parties mentioned and is not being compensated in any manner for proposing this idea.

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Thanks for the awesome write up on us @Marklar!

Hey if anyone has any questions about this I’m sure we would be happy to answer them.

Universe Marketplace Protocol is designed to incentivize artists and front ends to use the protocol by offer the lowest trading fees in the industry at 0.3%.

NFT Embed is a new product and we are working on improving liquidity using Reservoir like @Marklar mentioned above.

For quick reference you can see the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection market here without all the branding of the NFT Embed set up site.


Thanks for sharing your proposal idea and information on your project. Reading through, I had the following questions:

  1. Is there an incentive to transact in $APE? Other proposals include things like discounts for trades made in $APE or burning $APE.

  2. What collections will be included in your marketplace?

  3. Your proposal mentions a 1% referral fee flowing back to the DAO. However, the current structure of the DAO does not allow it to accept revenue. Do you have other plans or solutions to provide similar benefits that the DAO structure would allow?

  4. Can you please share more information and background on individual team members?

  5. Can you please provide a list of investors in your company?

  6. I see a mention of an indirect benefit to the DAO of $60 million. Can you please share more details on what the indirect benefit is and how you quantified the number?

  7. Your proposal mentions an industry leading fee of 0.30% but Rarible has a proposal with 0% fees.

  8. You mentioned ease of use is greater with your marketplace compared to other proposals. Can you please explain what you mean by that?


Thanks for the thoughtful questions and factual corrections @RedVulkan.

Thanks for sharing your proposal idea and information on your project. Reading through, I had the following questions:

To level set, NFT Embed enables ApeCoin DAO to own a curated, $ape powered marketplace now. Third-party models were important for growth, but each successful project will eventually want its own marketplace and associated web-traffic.

1. Is there an incentive to transact in $APE? Other proposals include things like discounts for trades made in $APE or burning $APE.

The 0.30% marketplace fee is immutable without explicit approval by Universe DAO. See the latest vote here: Universe.

In terms of incentivization delta, NFT Embed does not currently offer optional finder’s fees. From an if/then perspective, one solution for future functionality may be ‘if $ape sale, then 0% finders fee’.

2. What collections will be included in your marketplace?

NFT Embed currently supports any ERC-721 with ERC-1155 support launching soon; any ERC-20 can be used to transact. ApeCoin DAO controls which collections are included on our marketplace. The proposal includes BAYC collections as the launch options.

3. Your proposal mentions a 1% referral fee flowing back to the DAO. However, the current structure of the DAO does not allow it to accept revenue. Do you have other plans or solutions to provide similar benefits that the DAO structure would allow?

The other proposals offer viable solutions, but introduce a multitude of risks that, to me, require an entirely separate proposal re: procedures and structure of accepting revenue (e.g., multi-sig, payment cadence, price risk, etc.). Any decisions involving these trust points should explicitly include elected members of the Special Council and not more vaguely trusted members of the community.

Apart from these solutions, there are multiple risk-off paths forward:

A. Set the finder’s fee to zero, leaving just the marketplace fee of 0.30%.

B. Same as A, but re-visit percent and recipient as needed. For example, when revenue flows are allowed and as the market dictates going forward.

C. Set the finder’s fee to x% and route to an industry supporting cause such as GitCoin. This is an excellent way to build goodwill throughout the community and such donations have been well received in the past. See, e.g., [Universe] Lobby Lobsters NFT drop raises $4M in one hour to support DeFi lobbying efforts (Cointelegraph, September 6, 2021).

D. Same as C, but revisit as needed.

E. For other supported collections, finder’s fees can be routed to their accounts. Jenkins the Valet - The Writer’s Room is used as an example in the proposal.

I support launching with option C and E, which have no foreseeable barriers or risks and drives awareness and traffic to ApeCoin DAO while building goodwill.

4. Can you please share more information and background on individual team members?

A list of Graviton and Universe team members, contributorsand advisors can be here (broke text to post):

These include, but are not limited to:

A. Troy Murray: @Danny_Desert (aka @DannyDesert)
Founder/Contributor/Investor: @ Graviton_XYZ, @ barn_bridge @ universe_xyz @ leaguedao @ enterdao @ fiatdao @ pleasrdao @ d64vc

B. Tyler Ward: @ LordTylerWard
Founder/Contributor/Investor @ barn_bridge @ universe_xyz @ leaguedao @ enterdao @ fiatdao @ pleasrdao @ d64vc

C. Tim Kang: @ illestrater_
Founder/Contributor/Investor: @ SevensGrant, @ universe_xyz, @ CUEmusiclive
Built @ nftembed

Defer to @DannyDesert for more information.

5. Can you please provide a list of investors in your company?

Universe is a DAO: Universe. See proposal disclosure: no other financial affiliation here.

Defer to @DannyDesert for more information on investors.

6. I see a mention of an indirect benefit to the DAO of $60 million. Can you please share more details on what the indirect benefit is and how you quantified the number?

Marketplace savings increase ecosystem liquidity. There is a presumption holder liquidity is at least partially sticky, driving additional sales to ApeCoin DAO’s marketplace. To the extent other collections are supported on our marketplace, these savings drive additional users and traffic to ApeCoin DAO. The savings may even drive purchases of $ape. The benefit is not absolute, but there is a virtuous economic cycle to capture here.

Community savings: 1.20% x total ecosystem sales, as sited in FN1 (presuming all sales occurred on OpenSea for ease of presentation).

Where finder’s fees are set to zero, indirect community benefits increase and the other tailing benefits described in the proposal remain intact.

7. Your proposal mentions an industry leading fee of 0.30% but Rarible has a proposal with 0% fees.

The risk adjusted rate Rarible offers is likely greater than the 0.30% offered by NFT Embed.

Rarible’s unadjusted fee is lower. But we need to consider the risk of centralization, single collection support, and a 12-month term to host the marketplace as compared to NFT Embed.

NFT Embed provides ApeCoin DAO ownership of its marketplace into perpetuity, enables finder’s fees, supports any collection, and offers additional functionality going forward. And the 0.30% marketplace fee can only be changed via decentralized governance vote of Universe DAO, which includes current, economically aligned members of ApeCoin DAO.

8. You mentioned ease of use is greater with your marketplace compared to other proposals. Can you please explain what you mean by that?

From a user perspective, marketplace functionality is no different than current industry norms. From a marketplace owner perspective, NFT Embed simply requires a website and a few clicks to launch an audited, decentralized marketplace owned by ApeCoin DAO.


Thanks @Marklar. I appreciate the quick reply and additional information provided.


Thanks for hosting the spaces yesterday @boredelon and @Amplify. Listen only mode was my only option.

Also, thanks @RedVulkan for the marketplace comparative. Both were thought provoking; stream-of-consciousness reactions below.

Re: long-term vision. The long-term vision for ApeCoin DAO marketplace is to own the marketplace of choice for ecosystem assets, creator assets using ecosystem IP (e.g., Ape Worlds, Jenkins), and other interoperable assets, including those supported by and other foundational platforms developed by the community. [FN1]

NFT Embed offers immediate ownership of the marketplace, eliminating counter-party risk.

Multi-chain support. The long-term vision must be cognizant of a marketplace’s ability to deploy on other chains.

NFT Embed plans to support Polygon next, planned for 2023. Going forward, NFT Embed will (presumably) support other chains based on demand.

Universe team is multi-disciplinary and has demonstrated an ability to safely deploy on other chains (as part of Universe or other projects). For reference, team members have deployed contracts on Polygon (Universe and BarnBridge) and Arbitrum testnet (Graviton), are migrating a DAO from mainnet to Optimism along with new tokenomics (BarnBridge), and have bridged a project from Harmony to Avalanche (Cheese Game). The team is closely aligned with Futureverse, whose substrate based, EVM compatible, xrpl-bridged L1 will be live on testnet soon.[FN2]

Marketplace risk: consumer habits. Consumers generally follow liquidity and from there gravitate towards lowest fees over time.

One proposal requests immediate funding for listing incentives. These types of incentives have been discussed at length by Universe DAO (on recorded team calls, discourse, etc.). General consensus is they can be effective but must be carefully designed and thoughtfully deployed so-as to deter mercenary capital. The Pareto rule of volume is a good target market, but need to consider price range with intent (or threat) of sale, listing duration, incentive period, and other metrics relevant to real user acquisition and habit changing activity.

ApeCoin DAO should pause any incentivization until a given marketplace achieves design and functionality preference.

Marketplace risk: liquidity. Several proposals plan to integrate reservoir. NFT Embed will integrate reservoir and gem (Universe has integrated with Gem in the past, pausing for marketplace redesign).

Systemic risk: security. Highly caution against launching a marketplace without an audit.

NFT Embed provides a trustless, audited marketplace.

Strategic relationship with Universe. With NFT Embed, ApeCoin DAO is aligned with a Universe team that brings a multi-discipline, cross-chain skillset with industry relationships that may benefit future endeavors beyond just a marketplace.

Our relationship began in May 2022, when Universe added $ape support on its marketplace.[FN3] ApeCoin DAO may consider a $ape for $xyz token-swap to further align our synergistic relationship.[FN4]

Potpourri. $ape subDAO staking in exchange for finder’s fee using veSPOOL model of fee accrual and vote influence, also signaling willingness to participate in marketplace decisions with possible incentives tied to good proposals and implementations following the aavegotchi model of xp? or maybe $ape staking unlocks gated marketplace with tiered-down finder’s fees based on thresholds of $ape staked? Lots of indirect ways to encourage marketplace adoption while driving utility to $ape.

FN1. Futureverse is building interoperable ecosystem assets and is closely aligned with the community and shares investor overlap with Yuga (Animoca Brands).

FN2. Universe is closely aligned with Futureverse. In fact, FLUF World may not exist but for the technology underpinning polymorphs. Lord of the Ty’s (:lizard:,:lizard:) on Twitter: “Soon” / Twitter

FN3. Universe



Hello. I have a couple of questions on your proposal. NFT Embed is a product, so would the DAO need to have a working group to manage and utilize this? Or would it be managed by…?

At this time, there is no structure in place for this to happen. However, that’s changing but it will take time before it becomes possible.


Long-term, yes a marketplace working group is preferred as the ecosystem and marketplace scales. This likely applies to all proposals as decisions about additional collections, etc., become relevant.

Short-term, ApeCoin DAO can deploy NFT Embed directly to its preferred domain in under 5-minutes. There are two major decision points within this deployment: collections and finder’s fee. The proposal suggests launching with ecosystem collections with an example 1% finder’s fee. Other suggestions above.

Because the DAO is not set-up to accept revenue: the proposal suggests 0% or 1% to philanthropic cause (e.g., GitCoin). Launching with 0% is optimal from a deployment and total fee perspective (0.30%). Next steps could be determined by the working group, including proposals or modifications of finder’s fee and recipient.

@DannyDesert, of NFT Embed, included an example link above:

@DannyDesert, is the deployment something NFT Embed could walk ApeCoin DAO through or otherwise assist with?


I think this kind of product is really neat. There are some difficulties w/ how it will be managed. This could be made easier by committing a team to it. To give you more specifics, there isn’t an entity in ApeDAO that is setup to manage this. Administrators (Cartan Group) handle things like the proposal process & general operations, while Special Council handles high level tasks.

While I wish you luck, and wish I could contribute more, I think during phase 2, during questions w/ the mods, you’ll learn how difficult this really is. It’s not as simple as proposing a product to use & ApeDAO implementing it. There are security & update concerns, there are concerns w/ using domain, and ultimately it’s unlikely you can just say “someone in apedao will manage!”

You might consider seeking out a group within the DAO willing to run this. There are complexities to going this route also, however it’s the path that I forsee as being most likely to succeed.


This is good context and will help me prepare for the next stages (and future participation, in general). There are several folks from the team that are DAO members: will start there.


Hi @Marklar,

Your topic will be automatically closing in less than 24 hours. Are you content with the feedback received, or do you wish to extend community discussion for a further 7 days?

If we do not hear from you within 48 hours after your topic closes, your topic will be moved straight to the AIP Draft process.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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Content with the feedback received.

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Thank you @Marklar for your ideas and the ApeCoin DAO community for the thoughtful discussions. A moderator will get in touch with the author to draft the AIP in the appropriate template. Once the AIP is drafted and meets all the DAO-approved guidelines, the proposal will be posted on Snapshot for live official voting at: Snapshot

Follow this Topic as further updates will be posted here in the comments. @Marklar please see your messages for the next steps.


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This topic was automatically closed after 7 days. New replies are no longer allowed.

Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

@Marklar has completed editing their AIP Idea to be their AIP Draft.

Follow this Topic as further updates will be posted here in the comments.

Kind Regards,


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Hi @Marklar - there are several pieces of this proposal re: Snag Solutions tech stack that are entirely incorrect, and there are other areas you listed as unknown to show feature differentiation without reaching out to ask.

Can you please DM me (@zheerwagen on twitter or reach out via so that we can revise to reflect our tech stack accurately before this is voted on?

As currently drafted this is entirely inaccurate, and I’d be both voting against it (vs. abstained on all other marketplace proposals) and would need to consider legal action.

I look forward to hearing from you and opening up lines of communication to enable fair and fully transparent competition in the future!

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To be clear, I am a community member of Universe and ApeCoin DAO. This is my only affiliation with the proposal.

I tagged you to invite a dialogue and prefer that it remains in the public forum as would be the case for all community discourse. The information presented here is based on the information put forth in AIP-98 and available on your website. Have i interpreted it incorrectly? Are there additional facts that you can link me to or provide that are not otherwise in the public venue?

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Noting that this is in draft and I’m more than happy to make any corrections to factual errors before being finalized.

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Thank you Marklar, I’ll list a few here to give you the gist, but don’t feel these forums give us the right opportunity to discuss required changes. I’ll provide a few examples below to highlight the gaps, but then would love to chat to come up with a comprehensive list of changes for implementation. I look forward to hearing from you and working to make the necessary revisions before this moves to a vote!

Example of false information:

  1. Base fee = 0% ($APE) - .25% ($ETH), we never take .5%
  2. ERC-20 $APE+ - not just $APE
  3. Live, Utilized, Audited - yes, launched with Goblintown, Crypto Chicks, and others, can provide more info here.

I’d love to work with you to get this right! Please shoot me a note and we can get into the weeds to adjust.