AIP-242 Working Group Charter - Treasury Discussions

Hi all, this is @moss from Avantgarde, one of the authors of AIP-242 AIP-242 Working Group Charter - Treasury

Some key points that emerged from yesterday’s Twitter Spaces with @Moca_Bond_007 and Apecomms.

  • This AIP does NOT give to Avantgarde the control over the Treasury WG, it only approves the initial Treasury WG Charter (i.e. gets the ball rolling in the right direction for the DAO)

  • After this AIP, there is going to be the election of 3 WG stewards, which will follow the standard procedures, as seen for AIP-239 for example.

  • Once the Stewards are elected, they will be granted a max AUM of 5% of the ecosystem fund, which is approx 20m. By no means is it the whole Apecoin treasury.

  • Specific yield strategies, burn rate analysis, reporting & transparency standards, KPIs etc are NOT part of the scope of AIP-242. They will be fleshed out by the Stewards after the election is over. However, one of the key goals for the WG would be - at least - to cover for the overhead that the organization is bearing.

  • Little known fact about the treasury: currently Apecoin pays about $2m/year in custody fees to Coinbase. (See transparency report) Another goal of the WG should be to find ways to minimize that burden to free up runway for grants & community initiatives.

In conclusion, you should vote YES to AIP-242 if:

  • You believe having a treasury management function is important for the sustainable growth of the Apecoin community.

  • You believe that being inclusive of ideas & contributions from external experts is a great way to foster a healthier and scalable network effect.

You can still vote here → Snapshot

Special thanks to @Amplify and @Waabam for their help in shaping up this AIP and @Gerry for suggesting the best way to get this message out there.

@moss out :microphone::pray::orangutan:


Thanks for the clarity, Moss. As you are probably aware, I was in the Spaces yesterday and also heard some of the concerns being voiced.


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