AIP-242: Working Group Charter - Treasury

Hello @br00no!

Yes! When the Stewards are onboarded they will propose a budget. If the budget is not approved, they will propose a smaller budget.

We’ve spoken at length about elections and their effectiveness so I will avoid addressing them here as well.

I’m not sure, we would need to ask the Special Council. Otherwise, I believe we (the DAO) would need to propose an AIP to engage an auditor, or the auditor themselves would need to propose an AIP to audit our Foundation.

Outside of the Foundation reporting requirements in AIP-121, no one is responsible for keeping track of this or reporting this regularly to the DAO. Having a DAO Secretary and Treasury Working Group as a part of the Working Group Guidelines AIP would help solve for many of these transparency issues.

I will attempt off the top of my head to answer though: 5 Special Council members, 1 Foundation Director, 1 Foundation Secretary, 1 Cayman Administrator (with their own team), 7 Stewards funded for another 11 days, three newsletter grant recipients, legal council and Llama for the implementation of their bug bounty.

None. All AIPs and grant agreements are for a maximum of 1 year. You can not put up an AIP that says “Pay Jon 100 APE forever”

No, and his budget ends in two days. It appears it will go entirely unspent and will remain in the Foundation Treasury.

I hope this helps!