AIP-251: ApeCoin DAO 101: The Ultimate Guide For ApeCoin DAO Newcomers

This is so needed! Thanks for taking the initiative to put this together! I think you’re the perfect person to do this. You had so much helpful advice when I was trying to revamp the #starthere channel on Discord. And really glad to see @Brazy is on board!

Lack of good onboarding is one of the biggest challenges I’ve found in trying to get others involved. There’s really no good place to point people to learn about the DAO. And information is scattered across different channels, making it even more difficult for people to keep up with what is going on.

Improving onboarding and education was one of the things that ApeComms was going to focus on if our proposal had passed, so I’ve thought a lot about this. If I can help in any way, please lmk. Would love to do what I can! I do have quite a few questions/comments.

As far as where this lives, I agree there should be an official link from the website, and also think it should be linked to far and wide from as many other places as possible, including the Catapult, and Thank Ape websites, WG0 Discord, and the Twitter account’s pinned tweet. The Infographics, Video Content, and FAQs could live on Discourse too.

I saw Brazy was working on a calendar. Would that be a part of this? Think that would be very helpful to have as well.

Have you considered having live training sessions on Twitter Spaces run through the ApeCoin account? It might reach a broader or different audience and there could be different co-hosts from various communities that could help bring new people to the DAO.

Have you thought about making it some of it interactive with maybe things like quizzes or challenges to make it more interesting and help reinforce key concepts? Some of the information is pretty dense.

What topics will you be covering in this guide?

I also agree with @Neenee regarding having the guide in multiple languages. We have members of the DAO from all over the world and not all of them speak English. Finding a way to connect with and educate them is really important and worth pursuing imo. As of right now, the French Apes are active and @dyorjdr does an amazing job translating what’s happening for them. There’s also a really large Asian community, but a big disconnect. @Halina.eth has done an outstanding job translating some information about the DAO and going on Spaces to educate some of the Chinese groups about the DAO, but it’d be so much more efficient if there was somewhere they could go to learn on their own time. @badteeth had put out his mission statement surveys in other languages and got quite a few back as well, so there is a need for things in multiple languages. And as far as the Discourse being in English, I think it’s worth looking into utilizing translation plugins.

Also tagging @0xWebMoss here since he’s working on his onboarding idea that he submitted for Thank Ape and might be interested in this proposal.

Thanks again for submitting this proposal! I love the idea and can’t wait to see it move forward!


Thanks for tagging me in here @adventurousape , The Ape Safari idea is simply a fun way to bring the community in, it’s a cool theme we can utilise, with the help of community artists, who are keen to help.

We have gathered in the Onboarding People group in discord channels and welcome others to join, share their thoughts and let’s build out a huge welcome matt for newcomers.

See link below for reference


I think this is a great idea. It is all about education and ease of access to that. Good job :clap:

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Hi @BojangleGuy

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We look forward to hearing from you.


Hey @adventurousape I really appreciate your thoughtful and detailed feedback here! I will reach out in DM’s and see how we can work together on this!

I want to address your questions here so the public can see!

I know @dar is working on a calendar at the moment and I think there is one other person working on one as well haha. If a community calendar does get put together I 100% agree that it should be included in the onboarding guide. Because this doc will be dynamic we will be sure to keep it updated if/when that calendar goes live. I will do what I can to make sure the calendar is live when this guide launches :slight_smile:

I have updated the draft of this AIP to include this. I think we will still hold it on discord because it will allow us to screenshare. We want those calls to be very hands on and interactive. That being said there is no reason we can’t stream the audio to a twitter space as well. Those trainings will be open discussion so we are expecting lots of questions to be asked and answered. If someone was to be listening on twitter it would still be beneficial. And ideally they would just jump into the discord from the twitter space!

The idea here is to not make this more complex than it needs to be. After All that really is the issue now. We have pages and pages and pages of info but no one wants to read through it and its scattered across multiple platforms. Ideally we will have a in depth FAQ, infographics explaining the DAO structure, AIP process, etc. And recorded videos/live trainings teaching people how to use discourse, snapshot, and discord. Obviously open to feedback here and will be building this in the open hoping for a ton of community input as we go.

Updated the draft to include multi language support for this. Live trainings might be a bit difficult but I think there is no reason we can’t get the FAQ, Infographics and recorded trainings done in various languages.

I will reach out to @0xWebMoss !!

Again, thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback! It is GREATLY appreciated :purple_heart:


Let’s send it to the draft phase :saluting_face:

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Thanks for the reply and look forward to helping!

Besides @dar, @Vulkan and @CEOofWeb3.0 are both working on calendars as well.


We are going to have calendars on calendars on calendars haha!


I like this idea. I do think there are great resources already available that we might be able to highlight more while still having a town hall monthly and more video tutorials. personally i look at as the place all things apecoin and dao should start. I think there is an opportunity under the “proposals” and “discusson” tabs for this to reside, instead of instantly taking to new websites when clicking. As it stands now, if you are new to apecoin and exploring the website, it’s one click and you are away to something new with no real explanation. For those that are new to the dao or to crypto, instantly sending to these new places with no explanation can be quickly overwhelming and easy to lose.


Hey Capetain!

We won’t be making any new sites for this. Our problem now as you mentioned, is that we have a lot of this info already but it is too scattered about the interwebs. It is also mosty in text format and in some cases extremely lengthy.

If we get legal/foundation/sc/who ever else would need to approve, the goal is to have something added to that will be the “official” starting place. If you want to direct anyone to learn about the DAO that is where they will start. From there they will find and learn about discord, discourse, snapshot, etc.


sounds like we are on the same page.


I am always a fan of there being more “start here” graphics that break down the process that aids in onboarding community members :purple_heart:

My suggestion is that if these graphics can be available in ready-to-print formats for people to be able to use as visuals for community-led apecoin booths / events^^ It’s something that I know some dao members have requested. :slight_smile:

Cheering for you guys :tada:


Love this suggestion! Thanks for the input!


Love to see this, great ideia Bojangle


As a new member that came through WG0, I’ve definitely experienced difficulty getting up to speed on how to participate and what my first steps should be. I think simple onboarding infographics would be super helpful. Emphasis on simple.
Great ideas here


Hi BG,

We need more data to work with - surveys are a great start.
We need info to be easily accessible and not overwhelming - infographics, tl;drs, FAQs and even simple basic videos are all great tools and resources we should commit to and focus on.

Tl;dr - wen mate, we need this asap.

(Sometimes for me, don’t know if I’m alone in thinking and feeling like this, but seems we are doing everything backwards, as most of these processes should have been in place since dot. Great news is however, that it’s never too late.)




Hi SS,

This needs to happen too - makes sense we have a ‘database’, which is perhaps overseen by BG team, that enables this, and also allows community members to make submissions of their own infographic ideas etc for inclusion. I think we can all agree that infographics are a great resource we should be using a lot more. Endless pages of text is just ngmi in the community, esp for onboarding or dissemination of information, where attention spans are limited.



Love this so so much Bojangle, amazing to see your Idea from the Idea-a-thon flourishing & coming to life!!

This is so dearly needed, and I totally agree with @capetaintrippy’s point that a tab from will allow this Idea to have maximum impact.

In terms of the points @Neenee and @adventurousape brought up about languages, I second that while the forum is mostly in English now and participation from other regions is low, that’s actually all the more reason why we should translate & become more inclusive to different language-speakers!!

From being a part of different language-speaking clubs around the world such as Chinese Ape Club, and more recently getting to know BAYC Japan, I can tell there’s a lot of appetite for ApeCoin news and ways to participate, but the barrier to entry is just too high for non-native English speakers.

I think the way to combat the difficulty on our end for translating is to empower local community members from those different languages to act as liaisons and serve as local hubs of knowledge for their languages.

As Adventurous mentioned, we’ve already seen this happening organically with community members like @dyorjdr who translates AIPs for the French Ape Yacht Club every week and acts as a point of contact and information transfer! As yet another example, a Chinese translation site has been created from the efforts of a passionate community member, and you can check out the website from right now to see the fruits of their efforts!

As we keep developing & implementing this idea, I hope we can keep in mind accessibility & inclusion for future multilingual communities to easily “plug in” and understand the ecosystem. This includes things like avoiding slang which cannot be easily translated or understood by non-native speakers and avoiding typos which make translations difficult- easy things we can keep in mind now to make it easier for other community members to join later!

Thanks for all your hard work on this Bojangle and excited to see ApeCoin DAO 101 go forth!!

-Halina.eth :cherry_blossom:


TLDR…Its coming…Soon :sunglasses:

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Hey Halina! I really appreciate the feedback. It has become clear that having as much of this info in various languages as possible will be super helpful for the DAO. What would you say are the most spoken languages in the DAO outside of english?


This would be my guess, but I am hoping you have more insight?