AIP-283: Ape.AR: The AR Launchpad, Powered by ApeCoin

Ape.AR: The AR Launchpad, Powered by ApeCoin

Ecosystem Fund Allocation


Graphic tees transform into motion graphic tees; street art unlocks interactive NFTs; trading cards become living highlight reels; album covers reveal hidden songs & lyrics; IRL events bring digital to the physical. All powered by ApeCoin.


The Ape.AR Launchpad empowers artists & entrepreneurs of the ApeCoin DAO community to launch augmented reality collections & products, powered by $APE.

The Ape.AR Launchpad will function as follows:

(1) Each quarter, starting in Q4 2023, there will be a call for artists & entrepreneurs within the ApeCoin community (must hold at least 1 $APE) to submit an application that outlines how they will use augmented reality in a new collection or product drop, to be sold via $APE.

(2) The Ape.AR team will select three participants per quarter (12/year), providing them with the most advanced, app-less AR technology on the market (used by brands from Paramount Pictures to Compass Real Estate), toolsets & advisors to develop their physical-meets-digital products.

(3) The culmination of each launchpad will consist of the augmented collection drops on the Ape.AR website, using $APE as the exclusive payment method, along with marketing campaigns both within & outside Web3.


Ape.AR empowers (i) creative entrepreneurs to commercialize their IP (i.e. motion graphic BAYC apparel) with AR, resulting in (ii) a new form of augmented utility for their collectors and (iii) a new use for ApeCoin, which will exclusively power all of the transactions.

This opportunity to integrate cutting edge AR tech, which would otherwise be cost prohibitive for independent entrepreneurs & artists, effectively drives culture forward into a physical-meets-digital, blended reality.


Author & Advisor

Justin Fredericks, Co-Founder & CEO of AR/T HOUSE, the most advanced app-less AR tech on the market, used by brands from Paramount Pictures to Compass Real Estate & represented by the talent agency, William Morris Endeavor (WME).
$APE holder since Day 1. BAYC collector since Week 1.

Community & Outreach Director, Web Designer, Program Coordinator

Year-long, part-time positions to be posted & hired from within the ApeCoin community immediately upon approval.

Program Participants

Must submit portfolios of prior work & hold at least 1 $APE.


I’m Justin Fredericks, a Co-Founder & CEO of AR/T HOUSE, the zero-code, zero-download AR publishing service for brands. Our clients span across many verticals, such as Compass in Real Estate & Paramount Pictures in film. We’re also the AR partner for All City’s Beyond the Swamp magazine, a previously successful AIP & have donated the use of our technology to the NFUTURE educational program run by Ms. NFTy.

As a lifelong entrepreneur, I still have memories reselling hard-to-find candy as a middle schooler. In between then & my current career in tech, I took a detour through the field of law. This background also sparked my initial interest in BAYC unleashing IP rights to the community; I’ve been a BAYC collector since early May 2021.

UCLA, B.A. | Harvard Law School, J.D.


Billboards, Augmented (Cartier)-low (1)


Community Benefit #1: Access to State-of-the-Art Technology, Tools & Resources for Creative Entrepreneurs

State-of-the-art AR technology is cost prohibitive for most independent artists & creatives. Since 2019, my company has been powering app-less AR experiences for brands, solving friction-laden user experience problems. Therefore, this proposal would fund the ability to empower accepted applicants with our already built zero-code, zero-download AR software used by brands from Paramount Pictures to Compass Real Estate.

Along with this technology, we provide the advisory resources for the Launchpad participants to follow best practices & achieve success with their physical-meets-digital releases.

This proposal then empowers creatives & furthers the entrepreneurial ecosystem that is Web3. Each project that emerges from the Ape.AR Launchpad will produce an augmented product or experience, with a requisite to incorporate $APE as its exclusive currency.

Community Benefit #2: Augmented Utility for Collectors

Through collecting NFTs, I quickly realized that AR technology can even further solve key problems endemic to the Web3 ecosystem. Specifically, it can be leveraged to bridge multiple divides: between physical and digital, between story and product, between online & IRL. In aggregate, this also solves the collector’s greatest concern by offering cohesive, comprehensive, continual utility.

Both a connection to and extension of the jpeg itself, our AR technology can take any still object, location, or image, regardless of where it appears, bringing it to life with motion and sound. 2D & 3D animations, video, audio, rich text, 360 portals. Once static artworks become dynamic & life-like with personality, stories & journeys.

Even further, all of the digital layers can be updated anytime, over time, real-time. This presents the potential for utility, or continuous value, in perpetuity. Augmented, unfolding stories. These stories can be strictly narrative, practical like early access to NFT drops, or a combination. Content drops layered onto physical product drops.

Community Benefit #3: Onboarding New Web3 Participants

An indirect consequence of bridging the physical & digital divide with AR may eventually become its most important Web3 legacy: bridging the world of NFT early adopters & the rest of the world.

Products like motion graphic tees & experiences like interactive murals expose new audiences to the digital art we experience daily in Web3. But instead of leading with the technicalities of NFTs & blockchain, we lead with the visual stories - what the tokens represent - as digital layers to our physical realities. Newcomers get immersed in the intrinsic value of art before the financial value of art. Actual appreciation before financial appreciation. True, authentic, sustainable onboarding.

Then, given our layered approach to AR, newcomers can be presented with options to collect the motion art at the point of experience via available frictionless NFT solutions.

This expansive & inclusive worldview results in expanding the Web3 ecosystem to include new, interested & eventually active participants.

Community Benefit #4: ApeCoin Commerce

$APE will be the exclusive payment method for all of the Ape.AR Launchpad collections. All of the resulting products will also include a “Powered by ApeCoin” logo.

Through this physical-meets-digital new use case, Ape.AR will generate new demand for $APE. This benefits the entire community, serving the vision of ApeCoin as the currency of choice for creative capital in Web3. A flywheel effect takes place when Ape.AR Launchpad projects successfully go to market & generate even greater interest for ApeCoin DAO.


APE will serve as a decentralized protocol layer for community-led initiatives that drive culture forward into the metaverse."

Our view is that the future is not a physical or digital world, but rather a physical and digital world, simultaneously. A blended reality that harmonizes the IRL & the virtual.

As a networked economy, Web3 has built connectivity - between brand & community, between artist & collector, between creative & creative. Everything (NFTs) & everyone (NFT producers & collectors) are connected in this entrepreneurial ecosystem.

This AIP extends the connectivity to the real promise of the metaverse, where boundaries between physical & digital disappear. Those already immersed in online communities have proven time & time again to also crave IRL events & physical products. But the storytelling rarely or inconsiderably follows along from the digital to the physical.

The Ape.AR Launchpad transforms this segmented reality into a unified, blended reality. Blockchain establishes the infrastructure to connect, $APE provides the currency to transact & AR delivers the art to experience.

Itself a synchronization of the $APE currency with the AR canvas, Ape.AR unlocks the promise of a ubiquitous Web3 that transcends any specific boundary, whether digital or physical.


Augmented Reality (AR): Experiences that bring digital layers into your physical environment (in contrast to VR, which brings you into a virtual environment).

360 Portals: An AR capability of Art House that utilizes the phone’s motion sensors & 360 photos or videos to provide full 360 experiences.

2D Animations: In the case of augmented reality, animations that are mapped & anchored to the plane of a physical surface or product.

3D Animations: In the case of augmented reality, animations that can be anchored to the planes of physical surfaces or products, but that also extend beyond, such as a bird flying off a canvas painting.

SaaS: Software as a service.

Zero-code AR: A primary competitive advantage of Art House, our backend drag-and-drop content management system (CMS)to upload & publish augmented reality content instantaneously without technical expertise.

Zero-download AR: A primary competitive advantage of Art House, our frontend user experience that removes the need to download applications in order to experience augmented reality. Instead, Art House powered experiences can be activated by QR codes, NFC chips, URLs or geo-location.


Augmented Reality:
Art House


Program Website:
Ape.AR (already secured)

Program Application & Project Management Software:

360 Cameras (for loan to program participants):
Insta360 X3

Animation Software (for use by program participants):
Unreal Engine
Cinema 4D

Promotion & Call for Submissions:
Twitter (incl. Spaces)
Discord groups


  1. Ape.AR Launchpad Application Process

Determine the requirements for creative entrepreneurs & artists to apply for the Ape.AR Launchpad.

  1. Ape.AR Launchpad Design

Develop the procedures, timelines & workback schedules for the Ape.AR Launchpad participants. Sub-divided into quarterly programs, each culminating in product releases by the participants.

  1. Ape.AR Website Development

Starting out as an informational website about the Ape.AR Launchpad, team members & an application area, will eventually showcase active participants & projects / experiences launched from program participants.

  1. Ape.AR Launchpad Launch

Grouped into four cohorts throughout the year, one each quarter consisting of three program participants selected from the pool of applicants. A virtual orientation session will introduce the participants to each other, to the Ape.AR team of advisors & to the product via AR demonstrations. Immediately following the orientation, participants will receive access to the technology, resources & advisors.

Staffing & Budgetary Requirements

We will fill the following positions from talented members of the ApeCoin community.

Community & Outreach Director: $50,000

  • Identify and provide information about the Ape.AR Launchpad to key stakeholders, including creative communities & partners, throughout the year.
  • Develop and implement outreach plans.
  • Stakeholder engagement.
  • Data collection & management.
  • Outreach database management.
  • Production of communication & marketing materials.
  • Promotion of program activities & participants’ projects.
  • Social media management.

Web Designer: $30,000

  • Design a user friendly website upon a content management system (CMS), such as Webflow or Wordpress.
  • Responsive layout that works seamlessly across desktop & mobile.
  • Integration of application intake & organization software.
  • Portfolio sections for each Ape.AR session participants & their culminating projects.
  • Maintain & update the website throughout the year.

Program Coordinator: $40,000

  • Oversee Ape.AR program planning, coordination & implementation.
  • Stakeholder collaboration & coordination, including program participants, the project manager, advisors & partners.
  • Coordinating program logistics, from advisory session scheduling to participant delivery of finished projects.
  • Monitoring & evaluation of the program.

Lifetime AR Licenses: $15,000/project x 12 projects = $180,000

  • Each license grants each program participant with a lifetime license to the Art House platform for hosting, publishing & distributing their Ape.AR projects.
  • These lifetime licenses then allow for the augmented products, once in the hands of collectors, to have longevity.

Total: $300,000


1 Month Post-Approval
Application Design
Program Design
Website Launch
Applications Open
Call for AR/TISTS Begins

2 Months Post-Approval
Application Review
Launchpad #1 Participants Selected

2.5 Months Post-Approval
Ape.AR Launchpad #1 Begins

5.5 Months Post-Approval
Ape.AR Launchpad #1 Ends
Ape.AR Launchpad #1 Public Demonstrations & Collection Releases

6 Months Post-Approval
Application Review for Launchpad #2
Launchpad #2 Participants Selected

6.5 Months Post-Approval
Ape.AR Launchpad #2 Begins

9.5 Months Post-Approval
Ape.AR Launchpad #2 Ends
Ape.AR Launchpad #2 Public Demonstrations & Collection Releases

10 Months Post-Approval
Application Review for Launchpad #3
Launchpad #3 Participants Selected

10.5 Months Post-Approval
Ape.AR Launchpad #3 Begins

13.5 Months Post-Approval
Ape.AR Launchpad #3 Ends
Ape.AR Launchpad #3 Public Demonstrations & Collection Releases

14 Months Post-Approval
Application Review for Launchpad #4
Launchpad #4 Participants Selected

14.5 Months Post-Approval
Ape.AR Launchpad #4 Begins

17.5 Months Post-Approval
Ape.AR Launchpad #4 Ends
Ape.AR Launchpad #4 Public Demonstrations & Collection Releases


$300,000 USD, payable in $APE


Well thought out as well as planned, would love to see more technology driven ideas especially with AR VR being the eventual go to for the Metaverse experiences


I love AR and you have covered everything well. Would love to see the community response on this one. I for one am supporting this idea.


Wow this is defntly something new , never saw something like that before, looking foward loved the ideia APE need to keep always inovating.


Hi JustFred!
Very good idea! But how much more difficult will it be to add some kind of game component to this project? I’ll just say from my own experience that the field of how a person looks at it once and maybe shows it to his friends or children one or two more times, he will no longer open. Some small game element could make him do it again. Please correct me if my opinion is wrong.
But in general, I love new technologies and the movement in this direction is definitely the right one.


Thanks for the comment! And definitely, the premise of the proposal is that the future will be a blended, physical & digital reality.


Appreciate you! AR is effectively a new canvas for storytelling.


Appreciate your comment & question. We view AR as a new, innovative canvas for artists & brands to build on. So the participants of our program will determine how they use AR in their projects. Some of our brand partners do use it for gaming.

And I generally agree that a lot of AR projects are gimmicky, one-time use experiences; those often are marker-less AR projects (i.e. placing a digital object on a table). The marker-based AR projects, where digital layers are attached to IRL physical objects seem to be stickier experiences; when AR is used not simply for the sake of AR, but to amplify an existing product, item, story.


Thanks! Appreciate you!


Thank you for presenting the potential of AR in the Web3 economy and specifically for the DAO. I look forward to seeing the progress of Ape.AR and its impact on the Web3 ecosystem.


My man… Love seeing this concept coming to life :fire:

Obviously a good friend and huge supporter of Art House, but for everyone reading it’s also been awesome working with Justin for BeyondTheSWAMP augmented activations. But I do have one question, and forgive me if it’s discussed in the prop, I’m curious if you’ve had any ideas on how the selection process may work when choosing the applicants you’ll be working with. This is something I’ve been thinking over a ahead of formally submitting the AIP Ambassador and Mentoring proposal.

Stoked to learn more bro!! Great job!!!



Appreciate the support & the important question, @AllCityBAYC!

This is a topic I’ve also been deliberating, in order to achieve the most equitable, inclusive outcome. Specifically, this is the task & goal of the first item in the Steps to Implement section:

  1. Ape.AR Application Process

Determine the requirements for creative entrepreneurs & artists to apply for access to the Ape.AR technology & resources.

To qualify the participants of the Ape.AR program around genuine interest & demonstrated talent, optimizing their success in bringing augmented products & services to market.

To go a bit more in depth, each quarterly cohort of 6 participants should represent the cross-section of creativity present in Web3, from visual arts to music. Participants can apply as individuals or as a group/team. It will be key for each successful applicant to have already demonstrated talent in his/her field of creativity, publicly accessible online (via website, portfolio, social media, or prior NFT projects). We want to reward those who have already been putting in the effort to apply their talents.

Prior to publishing the “call for artists” application, we will publish the formal qualifications & evaluation criteria that will inform our selections, so that transparency & expectations will be crystal clear.

The selection committee that will determine the participants will include the Community & Outreach Director, the Program Coordinator, the Project Manager & myself (all coming from the ApeCoin DAO community itself). If recommended, we can also include an outside advisor on the selection committee as well. Would be interested to hear thoughts around this.

Of course, please let me know if there are any follow-up questions, comments or requests for clarity.

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Also, if anyone is especially passionate about the proposal & interested in one of the program staff roles (outlined in the AIP), please let me know as well.

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I can dig it…

Would really love to see more engagement on this from the community to help learn what they may want to see and hear any other ideas they might have.

A lot of potential with this one, particularly through providing beneficial interactive marketing opportunities for successful AIPs which will in-turn uplift projects going through the program and ApeCoinDAO as a whole.

I certainly know how we are at BeyondTheSWAMP is to be working with you in a similar manor.

:muscle: :muscle:


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Appreciate you, @AllCityBAYC!

And definitely, that’s the idea: to empower those building creative projects powered by ApeCoin with AR tech - both for augmented merchandising (infused into the products themselves) & for augmented marketing.

We view our AR tech stack as a powerful canvas for creatives to tell stories in new, immersive, interactive formats.


Hi @JustFred,

Your topic will be moving to the AIP Draft phase in less than 24 hours. Are you content with the feedback received or do you wish to extend community discussion for another 7 days?

If we do not hear from you within 48 hours after your topic closes, your topic will be moved straight to the AIP Draft process.

We look forward to hearing from you.



Hi Justin,

First off want to say I’m a huge fan of the tech and have been following your work since the Clubhouse days! I also love the idea of the DAO exploring mixed reality technology as we continue to drive culture forward into the metaverse.

Just so I make sure to level set my feedback, this is my extremely distilled down version of your proposal – please lmk if I’m missing anything:

  • Art House will create run a program awarding 24 - $15k lifetime licenses to your platform open to community members with selection criteria TBD - cost $360k
  • Art House will hire four employees to manage this program - cost $150k
  • Total cost $510k

I’m going to be blunt here – the value to Art House and the community members who get selected for the program is clear, but I don’t make an immediate connection to the value for ApeCoin DAO.

Historically we’ve seen a lot of pushback on proposals that create a program and then provide funding to hire employees at an existing organization to administer said program.

My feedback would be to:

  1. Create a workshop / hackathon open to all DAO members exposing them to the power of your platform and granting access to a dev environment for experimentation. If there are significant hard costs in making this happen then include a reasonable budget to execute.
  2. Offer a few licenses or discounted services as prizes to the best uses of the platform (top 3) that represent ApeCoin in a meaningful way
  3. Offer discounts for payments received in $APE for Art House services

After the successful execution of a mini-version of Ape.AR I’d expect it would be much easier to come back and ask for support of the larger vision you’ve outlined above.

I hope there’s value in this approach to Art House, would love to see some version of this proposal make it through. Thank you,



Appreciate the thoughtful feedback, @badteeth! You mostly summarized it correctly, with the following edits:

  • The staff members would not be for Art House, but for Ape.AR itself, to administer the programs, which would run as an independent, community-led project.
  • Art House would simply be powering the AR tech for the participants (for use on their physical-meets-digital products & experiences).
  • The problem that the AIP attempts to solve is that a lot of indie artists & entrepreneurs seek to use our AR service, but it is out of their price range.
  • Given that our pricing, $1,500 for a monthly license or $15,000 for a forever license has been transparent & fixed, it puts us in a precarious situation to offer steep discounts (outside of bundle discounts) when there are clients paying full price.
  • So the thought here was for the DAO to subsidize the otherwise cost prohibitive AR licenses for indie artists & entrepreneurs.
  • The resulting augmented products, powered by & sold via ApeCoin & Ape.AR would then foster the goal of pushing the creative culture of a Web3 economy forward.

With that said, I understand it’s a big ask, so formulating ways to make it narrower in scope at first makes sense, even if it means working with one or two indie entrepreneurs per quarter rather than the stipulated six.

Will think through more options / alternatives. (And big fan of hackathons as well.)


Thanks Justin, appreciate the context and clarifications. Look forward to seeing updated options!



Thanks for notification, @vulkan.admin! If possible, let’s extend the discussion for another 7 days!