AIP-334: Maui Relief Fund

Proposal Name

LAHAINA Emergency Relief Fund

Proposal Category

Ecosystem Fund Allocation


Harnessing the financial strength of the ApeCoin community, this proposal intends to promptly deploy $1.2 million in relief efforts for the hard-hit Lahaina, Maui community. By directing funds to the Maui Humane Society and 100 identified local families devastated by the recent disaster, we can provide immediate, tangible support during this crucial time.

Author Description

Co-authored by Gerry, a community advocate and Bored Ape Yacht Club member, and @bored_barry, a trusted Lahaina resident and active BAYC community member.


In light of the recent tragedy on Maui and staying true to our DAO’s ethos, the ApeCoin community has the ability and responsibility to offer timely relief to those affected.


Direct aid during emergencies is vital, crucial and life-saving. By donating directly to identified families, we can ensure funds are used effectively and swiftly.

Benefit to ApeCoin Ecosystem

Primarily, this AIP focuses on providing immediate aid to those in desperate need. While secondary benefits like positive PR might emerge, our principal mission remains humanitarian.


  1. $200,000 will be directed to the Maui Humane Society to help reunite families with lost pets and care for displaced and injured animals.

  2. $1 million will be distributed directly to 100 local families, with each receiving $10,000.

Family Selection Process

  1. Immediate support to the 15 families who have already shared their stories with us.

  2. Engage 5 identified community leaders, each nominating 15 families in dire need.

  3. Utilize the remaining 10 slots for further nominations and personally identifying families in temporary shelters who need urgent assistance.

Requirements to Qualify

  • Must be a family unit.

  • Must have lost their home in the Lahaina fire (8/8).

  • Must be willing to undergo KYC.

  • Submission of a personal story (can be anonymous).

Steps to Implement

  1. Initiate immediate contact with the Maui Humane Society to structure the contribution.

  2. Direct Foundation to convert funds to USD & disburse to the identified families via Venmo.

(An exception will be made for distribution in USD due to the urgent nature of the relief efforts.)

  1. Set up a framework for collecting stories and verification of affected families.


Given the urgency:

  • Immediate contact with the Maui Humane Society and identified families.

  • Targeting fund distribution to begin within a week of AIP approval.

Overall Cost

A total of $1.2 million.


Hey @Gerry,

Your proposal is truly inspiring and the idea using “Strong Together” is brilliant.

I’d love to learn more about the process for selecting organizations to receive these funds. What do you think about determined through Ape Assembly vote?

How do you plan to communicate the impact of the ApeCoin community’s support to both the internal community and the broader public, What do we think about allocate fund for marketing and also DAO delegation to visit Maui? (I know it’s complex the initial intent, just thinking how we can maximize the impact for the DAO).

-Mr. Hype :fire:


Love the idea of this!

Few questions:

  1. Are these orgs setup to receive crypto donations? (I have done a ton of work in this sector and have found this to be a major issue)

  2. If passed. Would you be open to setting up some sort of humanitarian fund that would be continually funded by the DAO for humanitarian efforts world wide? Obviously what happened in Maui is devastating but there are people all over the world facing similar issues day in and day out. I am well aware that we can’t solve all the worlds problems but as you stated above we are “Stronger Together” and IMO we haven’t done enough of this type of work as a DAO and I would love to see more of it done.

Again, thanks for writing this AIP. Looking forward to seeing how the DAO feels about this.


Thank you BG. :pray:

  1. Yes they are.

  2. If this passes lets discuss something along those lines. I have considered just that but with more of Gitcoin quadratic funding approach but I’m open to discussing it as always.


Fully support this effort, glad to see the DAO helping those in need.


This is brilliant. Simply brilliant.


  • Why is the amount, $4M, so high?
  • Why not set aside this $4M AEF (Ape Emergency Fund), and disburse small chunks as-needed to various emergency causes as they come up? For e.g. we just had a devasting CAT3 hurricane just hit northern Florida.

Thank you Derek, :saluting_face:

I suppose “high” is relative all things considered. If we collectively choose a different amount for this particular relief fund I’m happy make adjustments.

I think a quadratic funded permanent matching solution for other humanitarian efforts would go a long way also.


My “high” comment was in regards to why allocate $4M to a single cause, when it can be split into, say, 8 or more causes?

In all my years of donating to various causes, I find that the amount is inconsequential when you consider the big picture. I mean, I would sooner give Family Life or the AARP $25K each than give either one $50K. Same with Red Cross etc. Spreading it around serves a greater purpose.

So, while $4M may seem like a huge number to such a cause, all things considered, it’s merely a rounding error in the actual metrics that determines financial need - even when gratis. In other words, $4M is no better than $1M where such causes are considered. That was the impetus for my questions.


That’s a really good idea. Raising and using funds for good causes is inspiring and attracts people when it’s totally transparent. What’s more, APE will be well seen around the world.


Great idea, however, not appropriate use of funds at this time. Especially at the noted figure above ($4m). This would set a precedence we cannot and will not be able to maintain. The idea of creating a separate fund focused on charity is something to explore, but sadly not an appropriate use of funds at this time.

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I think it’s a worthy cause. After all, this is a grants DAO, right?

How do you feel about a $15M ask to buy NFTs for showcasing at museums?


Yes. This is definitely part of what a grants DAO should be doing! 100% for this.


I am all for this. Showing empathy and kindness is what we should preach . The idea is like a CSR for the ApeCoin Dao . Kudos to this :+1:


Could you elaborate on why it’s not an appropriate use of funds? It would be helpful for me to understand. Thanks!


Hi @Gerry ,

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We look forward to hearing from you.


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I think it is a valid point. There are many disasters around the world. This one has got the most coverage as it is closer to home to some members here.

There have been many in the last year, for example:

2023 Turkey–Syria earthquake - Wikipedia.

Almost 60,000 dead and 100 Billion USD damages.

My point is an approach and a certain percentage fixed towards all charities (which may use DEFI methods) so to fund in perpetuity.

Right now getting funding to build the ecosystem is critical. APE is at a critical phase and may not have the luxury to fund all charities. Also not to forget a huge amount of APE has already been set aside for charity with the Jane Goodall Foundation.


As someone from the islands I support this idea. Would love to see the community there get support.

You know I’m always here as a contact to share any knowledge & resources I have to aid in this :pray:


Hi @Gerry ,

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