AIP-341: Bored Brewing Marketing $APE to Beer Drinkers

Proposal Name: Bored Brewing Cans Marketing $APE Coin to Beer Drinkers

Proposal Category: Ecosystem Fund Allocation & Brand Decision


TL;DR - 2 Years of branded advertising on all Bored Brewing Cans & Free Beer for $Ape Holders at collaborated community events.

We want to spread the word of ApeCoin by integrating $APE into the packaging of our beer. This will include creating an $APE coin beer, QR codes on all cans to share information about the DAO and $APE, expanded IP with other NFT collections to merge our common interests.


Pieter Boekhoff - (@PieterWeb3) - Pieter Boekhoff is a visionary entrepreneur and innovative thinker, known for his relentless pursuit of technological advancements that drive positive change and continuous improvement. With a diverse background in engineering, retail, and hospitality, he has consistently led groundbreaking projects that push the boundaries of what’s possible, making him a trailblazer in the world of innovation. As an OG BAYC holder, Pieter is driven and passionate about bringing innovation, storytelling, and community to the world through incredible IP alongside, and for, incredible people.

Gene (@17ikoola) - With over a decade of experience in corporate strategy and business operations within The Wonderful Company, Gene has established himself as a powerhouse in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. Gene’s career has been defined by shaping and evolving household name brands, including FIJI Water, POM Wonderful, Wonderful Citrus, and Justin Wines.

More recently, Gene has leveraged his wealth of knowledge and forward-thinking vision to provide invaluable counsel to emerging players in the dynamic web3 space. Working closely with visionary companies like Bored Brewing and Ape Beverages, Gene has been a guiding force, helping them navigate this transformative landscape with a blend of wisdom, strategy, and connections. By facilitating thoughtful entry into the web3 arena and connecting his clients with the right partners, Gene is actively shaping the future of the industry.

Dave Zastrow (@dzastr_eth) - Dave has been an active crypto/NFT participant since early 2020 and a member of the YUGA ecosystem since late 2020. Dave has been a thought leader focused around NFT gaming, originally focused around Axie Inifnity. Dave has held seminars, trainings, created content and spoke at conferences discussing his excitement for blockchain technology and the future of gaming. In Dave’s career background, he has 10+ years working in the retail and product sector. He has spent time in operations, sales, merchandising and purchasing. Most recently, Dave helped launch Dr Bombay Ice Cream into Walmart across more than 3000 stores.


Beer with frens is one of the best ways to gather IRL, grow friendships and share common interests. The Bored Brewing Company (Bored Brewing) has already partnered with over 40 apes to join in the mission of spreading BAYC across the world through the power of sharing a cold one IRL.


Bored Brewing is already a fully operational beer brand based in Canada, onboarding production and distribution partners in the US, Germany, and Taiwan. Bored Brewing has already sold over 10,000 16oz cans and is continuing to sell more everyday. We have integration into our restaurant and have grown our distribution with suppliers across the region. Currently, we are a profitable business with 5-8 beers available at any one time.

While we initially focused on BAYC, we see the opportunity to integrate $APE into the brand and help spread the word about $APE on every can. We are major believers in what the future of $APE can be and want to be a steward working towards further adoption beyond the swamp.

Benefit to ApeCoin Ecosystem:

We see a tangible benefit from two parties:

  1. We will be sponsoring partnered events and sharing the $APE coin brand across other relevant crypto/nft communities. The goal is to market the coin and share the background and goals of the DAO for the future.
  2. We will be spreading knowledge about $APE coin to less crypto native people who enjoy drinking beer. We believe that $APE can become a currency for the digital revolution and we want to be a small part of spreading the name to people outside of the crypto community.


  1. A QR Code on every future Bored Brewing Beer leading to $APE educational content (Videos, Images, Text, Potential AR) and onboarding (clear Calls to Action) with analytics

to share with the DAO and allow quantitative measurement of impact. There is potential to have quizzes and challenges that can help people earn their first $APE coin.

Deliverable: QR Code on every future can for at least 2 years starting 2024.

  1. Beer is better with frens and we want to empower and collaborate with incredible NFT communities who may not be as exposed to or aware of the power of ApeCoin, but are obvious early adopters and an incredible target demographic to onboard into our inclusive and welcoming ecosystem. Some examples of potential collaborations are below - we will work with the first 10 who are vetted, able to cover shipping and production costs if over the $2.50 USD per beer that this AIP covers (if applicable) and able to execute an irl event that features their collaborative collectible can that prominently features Apecoin (much bigger than just a QR Code)

Deliverable: 10 Collaborations w/ a Minimum Quantity of 1,000 cans delivered IRL.

*If this AIP is approved in time, we will do our best to also deliver 1,000 cans to Apefest as one of the activations.

  1. Create $APE coin branded beer. We have a draft of what this could look like, but we can collaborate with the Ape Council to refine to a flavor and style that fits with the $APE coin experience and user base. By adding an ApeCoin branded beer to our lineup, we can expose regular people continually in a friendly, non-intrusive manner through brand, storytelling and marketing in real life.

  1. One of our lucky supporters who votes for this proposal through the Ape Coin dao will have their IP featured on a beer in the future. We will collaborate with the winner to create a beer label that you like. This product will be manufactured for sale under Bored Brewing and we will send you two cases for your personal consumption (provided we legally can). There will be no royalties paid out for this but will be a great chance to brand your IP with Bored Brewing. This will be drawn provably fair at random using Chainlink VRF.

Steps to Implement:

The steps to implement the proposal, including associated costs, manpower, and other resources for each step where applicable.

  • World Class Design work for 11 Unique Can Concepts
  • Recipe Creation and Testing for 11 Unique Flavors
  • Operations and Logistics for 10 collaborations with brand creation, beer production, & shipping
  • Project Management and Business Development to work with 10 amazing NFT Communities
  • QR Code Technology leveraging Blockchain verification (for randomization) and custom analytics for reporting.
  • Marketing and Comms support for all 4 initiatives within the AIP
  • Procurement and Production for each SKU and Collaboration
  • ApeCoin content for educating and onboarding newbies
  • Proof of $APE with the goal to streamline irl proof of “membership” (tech and implementation tbd).

1 Designer, 1 Developer, 1 Technical Lead, 1 Ops Person (we have all of the positions filled with qualified team members), would look to hire a part time Comms and Marketing position.


We have already begun the design of the beer can and will continue to implement that immediately. We will also begin identifying the ten partner brands to collaborate with for events starting immediately after approval. Our goal is to support events over 1-2 years instead of just rushing to every event presented to us. We truly want to help spread the word about $APE to other projects and create the culture of sharing beer with frens.

Overall Cost:

$175,000 USD in $APE towards ApeCoin educational landings through trackable QR Codes, 10,000 Beer for Frens, ApeCoin DAO Dark Lager (name tbd) in the hands of normies, and 1 Lucky winner of their own Web3 IP Branded Beer!

Proposals submitted to the AIP Ideas category can be vague, incomplete ideas. Topics submitted here are not required to be submitted as a formal AIP Draft Template, however, you may still use the template if you wish.


Long as it makes it to Australia im all in!!

I am Not a huge fan of QR codes, they can be easily manipulated into Speer phishing attacks, I think we need more education around cyber security measures in general, But overall, I love the idea, I don’t even have a solution for the QR code issue, maybe some warehouse hold points before shipment maybe? Anyways, best of luck


Congrats @pieter, @17ikoola @DZASTR_eth.

Been a long time coming.

Look forward to the Q&As and community support along with your joining us on ApeComms.

Good luck,

SSP :call_me_hand:t4:


Hey Bored Brewing LFG! We’ve been working on a draft AIP for Ape Juice for a while now and it does have some similarities but also some key differences.

I like the Beer with Frens" concept it sounds great. This proposal should definitely pass.


I’d like to see a commitment towards charitable donations, in the absence of the DAO being able to receive any monies.


Thank you! We will be monitoring and help answer any and all questions as they come.


We appreciate the support Fuego and we will watch for yours, too.


It is definitely something we can discuss. The intention of the spend is to be a marketing vessel for $APE to non-crypto native folks through normal beer consumption. For the events, it is to help embrace the $APE brand and dao and help spearhead partnership from other projects perhaps interested in partnering/integrating $APE.


Thank you Madden. Agree, security around the QR code will be very important.


I’m loving the idea. Could this also be widened to other things?


Thank you! Was amazing to bounce ideas off of you - thanks again for that :slight_smile:


We’re partnering with an awesome wallet protection company - and there’s some ways to do scanning without a QR Code - working with our can production partners on that for the future :slight_smile: Thanks for the feedback!



Maybe net profit over 50/100/150k etc = 5 or 10% etc to charity.

Voted yes. LFG. Benefits both sides plus extras possibly. :muscle::muscle::handshake::handshake:


Yes… this idea of @furiousanger could be a right matching for the response of criticism about ethics or problems like that to support a QR beers campaign.
A portion of Net profit could be reinvested for charity about alcoholism disease or others ways for charity.
If this will be added in, I can be agree and vote for yes.
Just my thoughts.


Did you have anything in mind?

That’s great news, interested to learn more as that evolves.


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Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

@DZASTR_eth has completed editing their AIP Idea to be their AIP Draft.

Follow this Topic as further updates will be posted here in the comments.

Kind Regards,


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I love this plan. Well thought out and has a great group to make this happen. How do I vote for this? Excited to be in here looking over proposals and building.