Implementation Update | AIP-394: Bored Brewing Beer Co (Resubmission)

AIP Name: AIP-394: Bored Brewing Beer Co (Resubmission)

Implementation Status: Pending

Implementation Date: N/A

Author: @DZASTR_eth

Abstract Summary:

  1. $75K for 2.5% equity to the DAO = $3M Valuation
  2. 10,000 DAO Dark Lager free for $APE holders
  3. +10,000 Cans of Beer for 10 Communities irl events (10 $APE holder independent panel who will decide which events get the beer) + Feld, Quit, Pieter, David & Gene
  • We have brewing capacity and the ability to deliver to events in Asia, UK, Canada, and the US
  1. $APE Gamified Educational Platform
  2. Boring Brewery Clubhouse/Taproom IRL in 2024
  3. Otherside and others (such as Faraway) Assets for Yuga Labs Gaming

Overall Cost: 149,696 $APE

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Timeline Updates:

Interview Q&A:

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