AIP-345: Ape Spirits Presents Twisted Ape Vodka For All Apes

PROPOSAL NAME: Ape Spirits Presents Twisted Ape Vodka For All Apes

PROPOSAL CATEGORY: Ecosystem Fund Allocation


Ape Spirits is a craft distillery located in West Palm Beach, FL, owned and operated by Bored Ape Yacht Club members who have been bootstrapping this project with their own private funds. We first incorporated Ape Spirits and filed the Twisted Ape trademark application in October 2022. One year later we’ve developed 2 Ape branded products, Twisted Ape and Ape Juice, designed our packaging including custom bottle, cork, and labels; partnered with manufacturers, and reviewed several prototypes to ensure the best quality; and finally, ordered a full trailer load of materials.

We also built out 2 state of the art facilities to manufacture these products at scale:

The main facility houses fermentation tanks, a distillation still, and a semi-automatic bottle filling line, where we produce, mix and bottle distilled spirits such as vodka, tequila, and rum. This is where Twisted Ape is made. It is also where Ape Juice batches are mixed and pumped into 270 gallon tanks to be transported to our second facility.

The second facility houses the canning system and our excess bulk inventory and raw materials such as bottles, corks, cans, labels, and boxes. This is where Ape Juice is made, on our fully automated canning line which labels, washes, fills, seals and laser encodes slim aluminum cans at a rate of up to 2000 cans per hour.

Building these facilities, which are capable of producing the products at scale, was no easy feat. We’ve invested substantially in machinery and currently have a sizable amount of inventory in stock at our facility. The sheer amount of time, effort and capital invested in this company and the development of our products thus far is a testament to our dedication, and should exemplify the degree of quality we are aiming for with Twisted Ape and Ape Juice.

Captain Fuego
An OG Bored Ape Yacht Club member since mint and one of the founding members of Magic City Apes DAO, one of the largest regional BAYC communities with over 150 Apes from Florida. I am a serial entrepreneur with experience in developing, manufacturing, and launching CPG products dating as far back as 2003.

Fuego is Founder and CEO of Fuego Labs, a web3 gaming startup focused on developing mobile blockchain games, smart contracts and web dApps such as minting, staking, and tokengated protocols.

Now CoFounder and CEO of Ape Spirits, a Bored Ape owned and operated craft distillery which produces, imports and bottles premium distilled spirits, as well as mixed ready to drink cocktails.

Captain Calamari
A Mutant Ape, he is an immense asset to the team with over 15 years of experience in corporate America. Capt Cal’s career has spanned across 3 divisions of 2 fortune 100 companies, both of them CPG conglomerates. He has become a seasoned veteran in retail sales after having worked on massive national sales teams as territory sales manager for Mars/Wrigley as well as Pepsi, and Frito Lay (both divisions of Pepsico). His awareness and familiarity of how to navigate within the retail space and ability to leverage relationships with national retail chains makes him an invaluable asset to the team. And that’s just his day job!

Capt. Cal is a rare breed, because although he is by trade a sales professional, his true passion lies in marketing and branding. He currently holds a digital marketing and e-commerce professional certificate from Google with a specific strength in email marketing and copywriting, as well as proficient aptitude in social media marketing and paid advertising. He has utilized this expertise to build numerous successful online marketing campaigns that have resulted in several large email list audiences and has been able to convert them into highly lucrative direct customer relationships.

Needless to say he is also a serial entrepreneur and like Fuego, has experience in developing, manufacturing, launching, marketing and direct selling CPG products dating as far back as 2003. Capt Cal is now a proud CoFounder and CMO/CSO of Ape Spirits.


This proposal presents the opportunity for all BAYC, MAYC, and $APE holders to claim a free bottle of Twisted Ape Ultra Premium Vodka produced by Ape Spirits, while simultaneously expanding the ApeCoin ecosystem with the launch of a new affordable luxury spirits brand that is Made By Apes, Powered By ApeCoin, and features Bored Apes on the packaging.

Ape Spirits will produce 50,000 bottles of Twisted Ape Ultra Premium Vodka, featuring several Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs on the labels, which will be licensed from the community, and offer these bottles for free, to be claimed by ApeCoin ecosystem members on our website. Other Twisted Ape products will also be available for purchase on our website in $APE only.

We intend to take this product mainstream, and approving this proposal will kickstart Ape Spirits on our mission of placing Twisted Ape affordable luxury products on the shelves of thousands of retail stores worldwide, exposing Apes and Apecoin to millions of shoppers on a global scale.

This AIP offers at least 7 direct benefits to the ApeCoin ecosystem:

  • Tangible IRL product in the hands of all Apes, Mutants, and $APE holders
  • Massive exposure and awareness of $APE to mainstream audiences
  • Onboarding normies to the ecosystem
  • IRL use case and spending of $APE
  • Renowned artists involvement and exposure
  • BAYC and MAYC licensing deals
  • Percentage of profits into a community controlled wallet


Twisted Ape has the potential to help proliferate the DAO in a manner that no other project has accomplished as of yet. We will not only reach 50,000 members who will receive the physical product, but also the entire network of people they share it with. This is in addition to the millions of people we intend to reach with our extensive marketing campaigns and distribution of Twisted Ape products at retail locations worldwide.

With Twisted Ape we present an abundance of benefits to the ApeCoin ecosystem with short, mid, long term, and perpetual benefits. To date there has yet to be a proposal that combines this many collective benefits to the ecosystem:

Short/Mid Term:
Upon approval of this proposal we will launch a targeted marketing campaign in which everyone will be made aware that the project was funded by the ApeCoin DAO. We will begin building in public, and the entire process from development, design, production, manufacturing and distribution of the products will be completely transparent and inclusive of the community. This will shine a positive light on the ecosystem and bring awareness to what we are capable of.

We will license several Bored Apes from the community allowing members to leverage their IP and earn revenue from the sales of a mainstream consumable product sold at thousands of retail outlets across the globe.

As a direct benefit to the members of the ecosystem, eligible members will be able to claim their share of the 50,000 bottles of Twisted Ape Ultra Premium Vodka for free. We will also offer a generous discount on any additional Twisted Ape products that are purchased on our website in $APE.

While we are aware that a percentage of these bottles may become collectible items on a shelf, we believe most will be consumed as intended. Either way both will serve as great conversation starters. Members will have the opportunity to share this product with their family and friends, as well as their entire network across their social media platforms. This has the potential to reach an endless number of people who will be exposed to and learn about Apes and ApeCoin.

Long Term/Perpetual:
Twisted Ape is an officially licensed Made By Apes and Powered by ApeCoin product. All orders placed on our website will be in $APE only and every bottle of Twisted Ape will feature an Ape on the label. The Made By Apes and Powered by ApeCoin logos will be prominently displayed on the packaging (if allowed). This will be clearly visible to everyone who encounters any Twisted Ape product, regardless whether purchased online or in retail stores.

There will also be a qr code on the packaging directing customers to our website where we will have a dedicated page with a plethora of educational information about Apes and the ApeCoin ecosystem, including a live ticker showing the current price of $APE along with links to buy on exchanges.

Although the DAO is not set up to receive revenue, we will allocate 5% of our profits from sales of Twisted Ape to a multisig community wallet. Members of the ecosystem can propose and vote on what to do with these funds as well as who the signers on this multisig will be.

Since all of our bottles will feature a Bored Ape on the label, all our marketing efforts will always reference back to the ApeCoin ecosystem in one way or another. Our online and social media marketing campaigns will always default to our website as well. Visitors will be exposed to Apes and ApeCoin, and overall our website will serve as an onboarding platform for ApeCoin.

The cost to implement this AIP is miniscule considering the perpetual benefits our products will have on the ApeCoin ecosystem.

This AIP offers at least 7 direct benefits to the ApeCoin ecosystem:

  • Tangible luxury product in the hands of all Apes and ApeCoin holders
  • Massive exposure to mainstream audiences with ads, retail space, and user generated content being shared across social media
  • Onboarding platform for normies and newbies
  • IRL use case and sink for spending $APE
  • Renowned artist involvement and exposure
  • BAYC and MAYC licensing deals
  • Percentage of profits into a community controlled wallet

-The first benefit is directly for ecosystem members. All BAYC and MAYC holders will be automatically eligible to claim a bottle of Twisted Ape for each NFT they hold. Additionally, at least 20,000 wallets holding $APE will also be eligible to claim a bottle as well. Twisted Ape is a tangible IRL luxury product that members will receive at no cost to them.

-The second benefit is the fact that this item will be distributed, sold, marketed, and advertised on a global scale to mainstream audiences. The fact that it is Made By Apes and Powered By ApeCoin is a major feature of the product that will be represented and highlighted prominently on the product packaging. This will bring an insurmountable amount of attention and direct impressions to the ecosystem.

-The third benefit works in concert with the second. All our product packaging will include blatant displays of our products’ origins. This includes:

  • A Bored Ape front and center on the label and packing boxes.
  • QR codes that lead to our website which will provide education on BAYC, MAYC, Yuga Labs, and most importantly ApeCoin, along with a live price ticker and direct links to buy.
  • The Made By Apes and if allowed the Powered By ApeCoin logos.
  • If granted permission, the ApeCoin logo will be etched onto our bottle.

This will give exposure to ApeCoin and will provide a topic of conversation for those indulging among friends and family.

-The fourth benefit is creating a solid utility for $APE. Twisted Ape will be available for purchase on our website, and the only payment method will be ApeCoin. This means that anyone wanting to buy a bottle will need to either be holding ApeCoin or need to purchase some. In both scenarios our site creates a center of commerce where premium tangible IRL goods are exchanged for ApeCoin. Very few coins have actual purchasing power outside of the crypto ecosystem, this feature alone will set ApeCoin apart from the herd of cryptocurrency tokens that exist with no valid use case.

-The fifth benefit is our artistic packaging design inclusion program. Our outer packaging box will include the creative artistic expressions from numerous digital artists from all around the ecosystem. This box will serve as a canvas for them and the finished product will become a platform for them to share their work with audiences all over the world that may otherwise never be exposed to their creative work. We have already had the privilege of working with some amazing artists from within the space, and have seen the awe inspiring creativity from countless other artists we would be honored to have work with us on future releases of Twisted Ape branded products.

-The sixth benefit is directly for BAYC and MAYC asset holders. We plan to work cohesively with ape owners to create licensing agreements and utilize their apes on limited edition, small batches, and themed products. Licensees will earn revenue from sales of Twisted Ape products not only from our website, but also from mainstream sales made at retail stores worldwide! To accomplish this we will be creating a partnership program specifically aimed at apes that want to have their assets featured on a bottle of Twisted Ape.

-The seventh and last benefit works in tandem with the sixth, and benefits all members. We will be allocating 5% of profits made from all sales of Twisted Ape products to a community wallet. Funds will be deposited directly into this multisig wallet, and ecosystem members will get to decide not only who the signers of the wallet will be, but more importantly will also decide what the proceeds are used for.

We worked really hard putting this together and making sure we could provide the most possible tangible value to ApeCoin, the community, and the ecosystem as a whole. The result is a beautifully designed and great tasting luxury product.

Twisted Ape will be enjoyed at countless social gatherings with friends and family. These live interactions will lead to IRL conversations that create awareness, exposure and recognition of the benefits of being a member of the ApeCoin DAO and the overall Ape ecosystem. The social connections and bonds made between adults sharing cocktails will spark word of mouth about our ecosystem that could potentially result in onboarding, aka a trojan horse.

One of our goals with Twisted Ape is not to just create a quality product, but also to provide the market with a complete work of art. A true expression of what happens when you merge two highly prolific creative industries in a perfect artistic marriage, and make it available for anyone to have and enjoy.


Craft Distillery: An establishment where alcoholic beverages are produced and bottled. The American Craft Spirits Association defines a craft distillery as “A distillery who values the importance of transparency in distilling, and remains forthcoming regarding their use of ingredients, their distilling location and process, bottling location and process, and aging process.”

Distilled Spirits: An alcoholic drink produced by the distillation of grains, fruits, vegetables, or sugar that have already gone through the alcoholic fermentation process.

Fermentation: A metabolic process in which sugars are transformed into a new product through chemical reactions carried out by microorganisms.

Distillation: The process of separating the components or substances from a liquid mixture by using selective boiling and condensation, usually inside an apparatus known as a still.


We’ve been hard at work for several months building Ape Spirits, and subsequently Twisted Ape, a brand for all Apes to enjoy and be proud of. The whole process has been absolutely incredible and we believe that the entire community would appreciate the opportunity to participate in it. Together we will be creating and launching a new luxury spirits brand that brings utility, awareness and exposure to $APE and the ApeCoin ecosystem. In addition to that, this proposal also offers a tangible benefit to the members with the opportunity to enjoy this amazing Ape branded product with their family and friends at no cost to them.

Ape Spirits will produce 50,000 bottles of Twisted Ape Ultra Premium Vodka. Our vodka is 6 times distilled and produced right here in South Florida. We will bottle it in our brand new state of the art facility capable of producing bottles at a rate of approximately 2000 per day. These bottles will be free to claim on our website for all verified members with a wallet holding either a BAYC or MAYC NFT, and wallets containing at least 50 $APE, fairly distributed as follows:

  • BAYC holders: 10,000 bottles
  • MAYC holders: 20,000 bottles
  • $APE holders: 20,000 bottles +

A total of 30,000 bottles will initially be reserved for BAYC and MAYC NFT holders who will be allowed to claim one (1) bottle for each eligible NFT held in their wallet. There will be no per wallet limits applied to NFT holders. Any bottles not claimed by BAYC and MAYC NFT holders within 1 week will be released and open to claim by $APE holders.

The remaining 20,000 bottles will be allocated for all ApeCoin holders with wallets holding at least 50 $APE. The number of bottles available to $APE holders will increase after 1 week when we release any unclaimed bottles from the 30,000 reserved for BAYC and MAYC NFT holders. There will be a limit of one (1) bottle per wallet to ensure a fair and proper distribution among $APE holders.

To simplify the claim process and make it fair for ApeCoin holders, we will create a new NFT that will be free to mint by wallets holding at least 50 $APE. Holders of this new NFT will be eligible to claim one (1) bottle of Twisted Ape for each NFT held in their wallet. For a safe and secure checkout, we will use tokenproof to verify holders’ eligibility. Once the NFT has been used to claim a bottle, it will be marked as used, and the metadata will update to show which product was claimed.

Our store will be built on Shopify resembling the official BAYC merch drops for familiarity and ease of use. Shipping fees will be paid by the member claiming the product. We will ship orders via UPS with an adult signature required, to any city, state, country or territory where we are legally allowed to ship alcoholic products. Members who live in a country or territory where we cannot legally ship alcohol will be notified on our website at checkout.

Ape Spirits will also produce an additional 50,000 bottles of Twisted Ape Pure Agave Tequila and Twisted Ape Aged Caribbean Rum. These products will be available for purchase on our website in $APE, at a generous discount to ecosystem members. There will be other Twisted Ape products available on our website as well, all of which will be purchasable in $APE only.


Ape Spirits has already made significant progress in the development of Twisted Ape. Most of the steps to implement have already been completed or are in the process of being executed. The steps required to implement the proposal that have yet to be completed are:

  1. Acquire sufficient inventory to produce 50,000 bottles of Twisted Ape Ultra Premium Vodka. This includes bottles, corks, labels, boxes and shipping cartons.
  2. License Apes from community members to use on bottle labels.
  3. Fill, seal, and label all 50,000 bottles of vodka and prepare them for shipping.
  4. Integrate tokenproof on our Shopify store to verify eligibility and accept orders from members of the ecosystem.
  5. Setup a multisig wallet to hold 5% of profits derived from sales of Twisted Ape products.

Since we are already significantly ahead in the development of Twisted Ape, we are able to expedite the completion of the steps to implement this proposal. We can expect the timeline to look as follows:

  1. Start date will be immediately upon approval of this proposal.
  2. Integrate tokenproof to accept free claims on our Shopify store: 3-5 days.
  3. Receive the materials to produce the proposed 50,000 bottles: 30-45 days.
  4. Setup a multisig wallet to hold 5% of our profits for the ecosystem: 1 day.
  5. Fill, seal, and label all bottles and prep them for shipping: 30-45 days.
  6. Open claims, process, pack, and ship orders to members: 30 days.

Total estimated time to completion: 90-120 days.

OVERALL COST: 1,100,000 $APE

The total cost to implement this proposal is 1,100,000 $APE. This amount covers the cost to manufacture 50,000 bottles of Twisted Ape Ultra Premium Vodka which we propose to deliver for free to ecosystem members.


The style is sick! :fire:


Hey @Fuego! I think we’ve chatted in-person a couple of times this year at events! Your proposal looks really well written. It’s one of the larger requests, but you’ve got a good reputation and products. What else can you tell abt the proposal, the time you’ve put into development, and how this benefits the ecosystem?


Hey Sword! Yes we definitely met in Miami during F*** It weekend, it was a pleasure.

Thank you. I started writing about a month ago and kept making changes before I finally felt like it was ready to submit. I’ve read so many AIPs, both accepted and rejected, to familiarize myself with the DAO and our members. I wish I knew I would’ve earned credit for it if I was logged in.

While I do realize the total amount may seem high, the number is relative to what we will be providing to all members. And the cost per unit is significantly lower than the cost per unit of previously accepted tangible product AIP’s.

Taking into consideration that we’re at 138k $APE holders, plus 30k Apes and Mutants, the thought process was to make sure we have enough product available so that every member who wants one can get one.

However I would love to hear feedback regarding this topic.
Question for the community: Are we overestimating the amount of members that want to claim the product?

Regarding time in development, and benefits…

We first incorporated Ape Spirits and filed the Twisted Ape trademark application in October 2022, so we’re about 1 year in from when we came up with the idea. In that time we: designed our bottle, cork, and labels; the wooden treasure chest with twisted glasses and accessories to match the bottle. We then partnered with a manufacturer, reviewed several samples and prototypes until we were satisfied with the quality, and finally ordered a full trailer load.

We also built out the facilities which are capable of producing the products at scale. We’ve invested substantially in machinery and have a sizable amount of inventory in stock at our storage facility right now. I guess you can say this project is already past the “idea” stage and we’re pretty much ready for take off.

We intend to take this product mainstream. With this funding we can potentially be in thousands of retail stores worldwide within a year. Just imagine the exposure this would garner for our ecosystem. Our products will serve as an onboarding and proliferation tool, aka a trojan horse.

Exposure, awareness, proliferation, a free claim for members, and a percentage of revenue going to a community wallet… I don’t think I’ve seen another proposal that benefits the ecosystem as much as this one does.


Hey @Fuego,

Nice to meet you and read your journey. Your product looks with a lot of thinking behind it - totally can see it catch my eyes to grab one on local-stores.

Bringing the ApeCoin ecosystem into the world of luxury spirits is an ingenious way to raise awareness and onboard new members.

Considering that this AIP is in its Idea stage, I’d like to offer a few suggestions:

  1. How about incorporating some web3 integration into the bottles, like a QR code that directs consumers to a web3 game? (You said you running web3 gaming startup company). This could strengthen the connection between your brand and $APE.

  2. When the DAO funds physical goods, it might be worth allocating a significant portion to physical platforms. Have you explored the possibility of selling these products in local stores instead of giving them away to the web3 community?

  3. Would you be open to adding the “ApeCoin” logo to the bottles? This could further solidify the link between your product and the ApeCoin ecosystem.

Looking forward to seeing your project flourish!

-Mr. Hype :fire:


I’m thrilled. Your product is great, and the offer is very thoughtful. What I really like is the web 3 and IRL connection that you want to build

If I may, there is a suggestion. The requirement for your product should be implemented in the form of NFT coinage, according to the principles that you have described. Thus, participants living in a country or territory where you cannot legally deliver alcohol will be able to sell their NFT on the market or give it to their friends, who will be able to request a gift on their own


Hey Mr Hype, GM!

Thanks for reading our proposal, we are grateful for your insight and suggestions!
Allow me to take a minute and address each of them individually:

  1. A QR code will 100% be included on our primary packaging. It will lead to our website which will do a lot to promote ApeCoin and the ecosystem overall in a few ways:
    a. Our product will be available for sale on our site, payable in $APE. This will provide an immediate utility for the token.
    b. It will also offer a large amount of information on the entire ecosystem including BAYC, MAYC, and ApeCoin.
    c. We’ll even have a live ticker on our page that shows the real-time price along with links to exchanges where users can purchase $APE.

As to your suggestion about a web3 game… we have to tread carefully and be aware of how that’s handled. Bear in mind that this is an alcoholic product meant strictly for adults. The last thing we want is for anyone to think that because there’s a game with animated characters, that we are somehow encouraging the involvement of minors with our brand.

  1. Our goal for the brand is definitely to achieve retail distribution on a global scale. Realistically speaking we will be starting in the U.S. because that’s where we are located, specifically the southeast region would be our first retail target being that we are based in Florida. This proposal will help us achieve our goal of reaching even more stores and at a faster pace, as well as a marketing push to reach consumers.

Giving them away to the community is our way of giving back to a network of people that have provided us with the inspiration for creating this brand and supported our vision thus far, as well as providing something to the ecosystem, specifically Apes and $APE holders. It will also serve as a strong base and launch pad for the brand because we are confident that once everyone has the product in their hands, and get to feel and taste the quality, they will be motivated to share it forward with family, friends, and their extended virtual social networks.

  1. We love this idea, and are 100% planning to do that. If permission is granted to us by the DAO, we will certainly place the Powered By ApeCoin logo to our packaging.

Hey malwaremachinenft,

Yes, that actually sounds like a great idea! It may add an extra line to the steps to implement, but it may be worth it if this is something the community believes to be an asset to the execution of the project. We as a team are definitely not against this idea, and are open to adjusting the proposal to include an NFT component.

Needless to say, it can 100% be done and we have a couple of ideas on how we can do it. I would love to hear from other members to see if this is something they would like to see added to the proposal, we certainly don’t want to add any extra steps or potentially perceived barriers if most of the community isn’t on board with integrating this suggestion.

So let me pose the question to you all:

Is adding an NFT component to the claiming process of this proposal something you would want to see?

Do you consider this to be a value add to the executional framework of the project?


I like the idea with NFT. I’m not a big fan of alcohol, but I really liked the product visually, as well as the idea of attracting a community from IRL. Implementation through NFT will add more opportunities for each participant, even if he does not consume alcohol - it is always possible to sell NFT and the right to claim remuneration for it on the market


The Twisted Treasure Chest is amazing :star_struck:

It would be nice to add an engraving of the APE logo on the bottle


The idea with NFT is very correct, it will allow wider interaction with the community


Thanks! I’m glad you like it.

The bottle does in fact have the logo laser engraved on it. Even the glasses have it on the bottom. Check out how it looks from the inside.


You have everything worked out and thought out in great detail, the highest level :pinched_fingers:


Yes, that’s what I assumed. But it turns out the batch has already been made? And will you agree to replace it with the ApeCoin logo?

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Only be sure to add to the contract the NFT of receiving the “used” attribute after the holder exercises his right to remuneration :wink:


The engraved bottles shown in the pics are the ones included in the Twisted Ape Treasure Chest. They were made with the Ape Spirits icon laser engraved on one side. Yes this batch is already made but there’s 2 important points about this:

  1. One advantage to having somewhat of a square bottle is that it’s got 4 sides. We currently are only using 3, so the $ape logo can def be added. (This is of course if we are granted permission to use it.) It won’t be laser engraved on this batch, but it can be a label added to those 1000 bottles.

  2. Another advantage is something that you mentioned in your comment. Since this batch is already made, that makes the treasure chest really quick to deliver! It means that once the proposal is approved, there will be at least 1000 members that won’t be waiting very long at all before they receive their Twisted Ape product!

The bottles we are proposing in this AIP are not manufactured yet, so the laser logo can still be included on that batch.

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We’ve thought about this since it was first mentioned and have a few options on execution.

One would be to burn it and issue a second NFT once the first has been used to claim the product. A sort of poap. That said, we are open to any suggestions the community may have on this.

So we’ll pose the question:
Would you like to receive a poap or another NFT after claim?

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Also now that you mention the contract, another idea we kicked around the table was adding the contract address to the bottle label. 2 things with that:

  1. Aside from looking cool design wise, it would show that the brands origins come from crypto.

  2. We could deploy a new contract for each individual batch, and this could be used to establish provenance and ownership.

We didn’t dig too deep into this yet so we’d have to do some more research on it to see how we could execute it. That’s only if the community likes the idea of this.


So beeeeeeautiful, I love vodka hahahaha :star_struck: :joy:


@Fuego I’m sorry, but I couldn’t figure out what this attribute is