AIP-410: ApeCoin DAO Goes to Hollywood


ApeCoin DAO Goes to Hollywood


Ecosystem Fund Allocation


DIXO: The first podcasting network in Mexico (and maybe the world). Since 2005. Podcast landmark company in Mexico and Latin America. Downloadable presentation here.

MEDIOS MODERNOS: Podcast network based in Honduras. Founded in 2021, provides multiple services for content creation (studio, post-production services and original productions).

Dany Saadia
X / Twitter: @Dany
Wikipedia: Dany Saadia
Dany Saadia is an award-winning filmmaker, podcast producer, entrepreneur, mathematician, and writer with a prominent footprint in the Spanish-speaking entertainment industry. He has embarked on a diverse range of creative endeavors, spanning from directing films to making significant strides in the tech scene with innovative startup initiatives. His work consistently reflects a keen interest in blending storytelling with cutting-edge technology and innovation. As the founder and CEO of DIXO, a pioneering podcast production company, he set the standard in Latin America’s podcasting landscape.

Toni E. Cantó, “Yuri”
Web: La Pizarra de Yuri
Toni E. Cantó, renowned as one of Spain’s leading voices in independent popular science education, is also celebrated for his storytelling skills, weaving meticulously researched narratives across both fiction and non-fiction. Since joining forces with DIXO in 2016 and collaborating with Dany Saadia, they’ve produced a series of standout podcasts resonating with Spanish-speaking audiences across Europe and the Americas. Their portfolio includes Los 100 Millones, an apocalyptic fiction series; La Ansiedad de Sofía, which delves into popular science education; and Un Afortunado Error, a series exploring technical and historical blunders that eventually changed the world for good.

Gustavo Flores
LinkedIn: Gustavo Flores
Honduran marketer, entrepreneur and founder of multiple ventures. Founder, in 2009, of the leading A2P SMS Central-American company Movitext and Director and founder since 2021 of the first Honduran podcast network: Medios Modernos.

Rodil Rivera
LinkedIn: Rodil Rivera
Honduran lawyer, with a lot of focus for the creation of ventures in the middle of arts, laws and technology. Co-founder in 2009 of the leading A2P SMS Centralamerican company Movitext, Director and founder of TodoLegal, the leading legaltech company in Honduras and co-founder since 2021 of the first Honduran podcast network: Medios Modernos.

Edax Ucles
GitHub: Edax Ucles
Honduran software engineer whose passion ignited at the young age of 15 when he dove into the world of coding during high school. This initial fascination turned into a 12+ year adventure in web development, where he embarked on entrepreneurial ventures, built startups, and contributed to innovations in the GPS and medical software sectors. He transitioned from mastering the MERN and MEAN stacks to becoming an adept web3 developer, ready to explore the wonders of the decentralized web space.


How would you like to own a piece of the rights to the Joe Rogan’s podcast or the kids show Bluey? That’s what we’re aiming to create with APE.

We’re seeking funding to produce audiovisual content in both English AND Spanish, telling stories across various successful genres that resonate with a wide audience. In doing so, we’re not just looking to generate financial benefits for DAO members by tokenizing these rights; but it’ll also crack open a whole new market: the massive and untapped Spanish-speaking world.

This move will expand the APE ecosystem to larger audiences interested in investing and Web3, thereby increasing its recognition and value.


In an innovative venture, we are embarking on a project designed to revolutionize the audio and audiovisual content creation industry, while simultaneously promoting ApeCoin within this creative ecosystem.

Intellectual property has emerged as the foundational pillar of content creation. It allows authors and other stakeholders to profit from their work or investment, retain the rights to develop them, be recognized and further capitalize on all of it for future endeavors across all media and revenue streams, from (high-value) franchises to merchandising.

Yet, there’s a catch: when media companies fund your creative projects, they often retain these intellectual property rights. As a result of the significant power imbalance between large business and small creators and investors, the control of your creative output ends up in the hands of those with the financial clout. So any ancillary profit or derivative development (such as TV series, movie, book, merchandising, etc.) of these IPs are totally owned by those companies, with the original creators or investors not having a voice on it.

That’s why independent intellectual property development and content creation are particularly well suited to be integrated in Blockchain and DAO ecosystems. This is a concept that has been barely exploited until now.

In the next stage for this project, we plan to tokenize the IPs and build technology to facilitate the regulation for off and on-chain relationships. It would not just allow the legitimate stakeholders to profit on these IPs, but they open up new revenue streams, expand the audience, and extend the lifecycle of the IP far beyond its original form. With this, the original stakeholders’ rights are protected while also maximizing their potential across all different platforms and formats forever.

Our vision for the platform is a system that will create contract templates to generate off-chain agreements that regulate profit-sharing rights for each IP. The authenticity of these agreements will be secured by storing their registration certificates on IPFS. Additionally, we’ll mirror these agreements on-chain through Smart Contracts to manage the profit-sharing automatically. Input data for Smart Contract execution will be sourced from an oracle.

It’s worth mentioning: the development for this platform is outside the budget proposed for this AIP. However the IP Tokenization Event falls under the timeline and budget for this AIP. For the platform, we have been working on defining the scope for this technology over the past months, and we plan to launch the development of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) once we publish the last episode of these IPs.

We plan to tokenize the IPs within the first 6 months after the publication of the first episode. All 5 IPs funded through this AIP will be bundled in a single tokenization event. We will distribute 50% of the tokens to the ApeCoin DAO. We will use a service like Aragon for minting and token distribution purposes and tokens will represent profit-sharing rights.

For the ApeCoin community, this project is more than an investment; it’s a leap into a future where creativity and collaboration take center stage. This initiative not only promises economic opportunities but also heralds a new era of inclusive, diverse, and powered content creation.

Why also Spanish?

Spanish is the second most natively spoken language globally (after Chinese) and in terms of global reach, represents a colossal yet still largely untapped audience of approximately 550 million people (compared to about 420 million native English speakers.) In regions spanning three continents, including the United States with its 57 million Spanish speakers, the demand for quality Spanish-language podcast content is skyrocketing.

As a Latin America-based company with extensive experience in content creation, IPs and podcasting, we are uniquely positioned to capitalize on this market.

[NOTE: After this initial goal is achieved and proven, profits could be used to broaden our reach even more by adding further global languages to the mix (French, German, Portuguese, etc.), along with some high-value local and regional languages (Catalan, Basque, Scots, etc.)]

Beyond economic prospects, this endeavor heralds an era of inclusive, diverse, and empowered content creation, underscoring the transformative impact of embracing multiple languages such as English and Spanish, thereby broadening accessibility and fostering global engagement within our innovative ecosystem.

Why Podcasting?

Podcasts are more than just a passing trend; they’re reshaping how we consume media, offering a personal touch in the digital age’s vast sea of content.

Top Podcast Growth Rate Per Country:

Sources: Statista and Edison Research

This ApeCoin DAO project is structured to revolutionize the audiovisual and podcasting landscape, as follows:

Intellectual Property Creation

Intellectual Property Creation focuses on producing 4 universally appealing Intellectual Properties in the most popular genres (as identified by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB): Kids, True Crime, Horror, Fiction), plus a standalone weekly podcast for crypto and Web3 enthusiasts, for a total of 5 productions in AUDIO first.

Kids, True Crime, Horror, Fiction
DIXO already has the 4 IPs conceived in various stages of development for a speedy production, created by an Award-Winning Film Director and an Award-Winning Storyteller and Public Educator:

  • Kids
    King Rat / Rey Rata: Follow Ralph, the laziest rat turned royalty, on his quest to Switzerland to claim a cheese-filled crown in a tale of destiny, adventure, and fun for all ages.

  • True Crime
    Guilty Until Proven / Perdón Por Ser Inocente: The harrowing saga of Mario Flores Urbán, wrongfully convicted and fighting against a corrupt system from death row to deportation, spotlighting the dark corners of American justice.

  • Horror
    Frightorama / Espantorama: Eight top film directors unite to craft a bone-chilling horror anthology, each episode a masterclass in terror that promises to keep you on the edge of your seat.

  • Fiction
    GPTTO / GPTTO: A self-aware AI navigating the complexities of human emotions, society, and the quest for its own identity, eventually becoming a mirror of ourselves.

Intellectual Property Creation is a venture into the rapidly growing field of both English and Spanish-language podcasting and Web 3.0, and targeting an underserved yet vast audience worldwide. This action is not just about content creation; it’s about seizing a ‘now or never’ moment in a burgeoning market and forging a new path in community-driven creativity.

ApeCoin holders will have the unprecedented opportunity to own a piece of these Intellectual Properties (IPs), directly involving them in the success and evolution of these creative ventures. This phase is designed to harness the creative power of the ApeCoin community, allowing them to invest and benefit from the IPs, thereby creating immediate engagement and a strong sense of ownership.

All concepts, treatments, synopses, and character development have been fully written and created and are just waiting for greenlight to proceed with IP registration. To safeguard all involved parties’ interests, we will draft and sign a private off-chain contract among the ApeCoin DAO legal entity, DIXO, and Medios Modernos, split 50%/25%/25%. This private contract will precede any IP registrations and be represented on-chain via the subsequent tokenization event.

It is worth mentioning that adapting hit scripted podcasts into TV series or movies is an already well-established industry practice. For instance, “Homecoming” started as a podcast on Gimlet Media with Catherine Keener and David Schwimmer and then adapted to a TV Series starring Julia Roberts. Other examples are “Dr. Death”(with Joshua Jackson) and “Dirty John” (with Eric Bana and Connie Britton). In Spain, the podcast “El Gran Apagón” on Podium Podcasts became a TV series on Movistar+ called “Apagón”. Even a moderately successful TV show routinely blasts the original IP’s visibility into the mainstream, which in turn, will do likewise for the APE community.

You can read a more detailed 2-pager here.

Standalone Podcast for ApeCoin DAO

In our APE-dedicated podcast, we’re focusing on two key areas that are essential for educating, informing, and sharing expertise. Our format will feature discussions in both English and Spanish with knowledgeable professionals eager to provide insights on topics relevant to Web3. The duration of each episode will vary from 30 to 60 minutes, tailored to the guest speakers and the subjects at hand.

First Area of Focus: Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology

  • We aim to demystify blockchain technology and explore its practical applications.
  • We’ll delve into current trends, news, and analyses within the cryptocurrency domain.
  • Expect in-depth interviews with industry leaders and pioneers.

Second Area of Focus: ApeCoin Updates and Community Engagement

  • We’ll provide the latest updates on ApeCoin’s development, strategic partnerships, and key initiatives.
  • The podcast will host community-centric discussions on ApeCoin’s vision, governance, and strategic direction.
  • Interactive Q&A sessions with the ApeCoin team and community members. We plan to use the General Section of the (#Podcast and #Spanish) as soon as a new episode is published, enabling all members of the Apecoin DAO to interact, comment, vote, poll, fact-check and/or suggest new topics.

Medios Modernos will be responsible for the Standalone ApeCoin podcast outline, scripts, voice and/or zoom recordings and post-production of each episode.

In order to deal with both Spanish and English, we plan to produce 20 episodes in each language for a total of 40 episodes.

Given our stance that direct translations often fall short of conveying the true essence of content, we’ve decided to set up two separate RSS feeds: one for English and one for Spanish. This approach involves inviting 10 experts who are English speakers and 10 who are Spanish speakers, each to participate in an episode tailored to their expertise, formatted as a chat show. If an episode features an English-speaking guest, its Spanish counterpart will be delivered as a standalone audio explainer with no guests, and vice versa.

By “explainer” we mean a 10 to 15-minute script with info, data, facts and references written by the Medios Modernos team (who has a Web3 expert fact-checker on staff) and curated by the guest and/or the director.

The suggested episode topics and schedule (order is not definitive) are detailed as follows:

A preliminary list of episodes is also outlined here, offering a glimpse into the subjects we plan to cover (as depicted visually above).

We’re committed to featuring only experts and guests who are well-versed in the topics of each episode.

So far, we’ve secured commitments from the following distinguished guests:

In Spanish:

Jesus Bermudez: Web3 Entrepreneur with a high understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. He is currently ETH LATAM organizer in Honduras.

Cristian Espinoza: One of the first enablers of ETH in Honduras. Currently the head of ETH Honduras organization.

Paola Paz: She has been involved in blockchain activities for more than 8 years.

Marcos Cohen, Renato Carregha, Juan Carlos Belair, and Dulce Villareal are also on board.

In English:

Raul Jordan: Raul is the co-founder of Off Chains Labs (formerly Prysmatic Labs) acquired by Off Chains Labs in 2022. He has vast experience of the blockchain ecosystem. Currently based in Austin, Texas.

Niklas Anzinger: Founder of Infinita VC, based in the startup city of Prospera: Host of a podcast about how to accelerate the future by unblocking ‘stranded technologies’:

Doris Hernandez: Co-founder of Security Labs a Web3 company that is creating the first DePin for decentralized security.

● Waiting for confirmation: Eugenio Perea, Niftynei.

And as this podcast is a Standalone ApeCoin podcast, we want to invite ApeCoin members and/or ambassadors and/or speakers and/or advisors chosen directly by the ApeCoin DAO, the ApeCoin Foundation or anyone else deemed appropriate.


  • The APE Community will own 50% of the IPs (including all derivatives, ancillary, royalties and direct income) funded through this AIP; the remaining 50% will be owned by DIXO (25%) and Medios Modernos (25%). By “APE Community,” we specifically refer to the ApeCoin DAO and its members. This community is at the core of our proposal and its intended benefits.
  • With respect to the aforementioned “direct income,” our priority is to first return value back to the Treasury (full $380,050 from gross revenue). We’ll then proceed with the distribution based on the 50-25-25 split among the ApeCoin DAO, Dixo, and Medios Modernos. This is intended to ensure that all parties benefit fairly and equitably in the evolving landscape of decentralization (a philosophy we fully support).
  • While it’s tough to pin down exact timelines before the project kicks off, drawing from our prior experience, we are confident that revenue generation will begin within a year after the release of any podcast under this AIP and possibly less. As an additional note, we are already in talks for a first-look contract with an L.A.-based audiovisual production companies regarding these IPs.
  • Exclusive content to help evangelize and promote APE, Blockchain and Web3 principles and uses.
  • Every podcast episode, will include a mention of the APE Foundation/ApeCoin DAO.
  • Products or Brands accepting ApeCoin and/or Accepted AIP Authors will have a free 20-second spot (as long as the product and/or brand is compliant with the APE Foundation guidelines).
  • Products that aren’t accepting ApeCoin but have a direct relation with the ApeCoin DAO will have a 70% discount of market price (as long as the product and/or brand is compliant with the APE Foundation guidelines). What we’re proposing here is to offer any member of the ApeCoin DAO the opportunity to promote, sell, market, or sponsor their products or services—with a 70% discount of the current ad CPM (cost-per-mille) market price.
  • After reviewing AIP-274, we’d certainly like to include the “Powered by ApeCoin” logo on the cover art of every IP funded by this AIP, as well as an audio “Powered by ApeCoin” voiceover at the end of each podcast episode, as a part of the credits. This ensures a consistent and visible partnership branding across all media.
  • A real opportunity to create a highly successful and highly profitable worldwide franchise, both in the entertainment industry and in Web3.
  • Future tokenization of IPs that can spinoff to other media, products and entertainment categories that help ApeCoin have a wider use and grow in value.


  • IPs: Intellectual Property: Intellectual properties (IPs) are invaluable assets driving innovation, creativity, and revenue generation across diverse platforms and industries. From content creation and brand building to technological innovation and economic growth, IPs play a pivotal role in shaping the digital landscape. They enable content creators to protect and monetize their work, facilitate brand recognition and differentiation, fuel technological advancement, stimulate economic activity, and provide opportunities for licensing and commercialization.

  • Podcast: A podcast is a digital media format consisting of episodic series of spoken-word, audio-focused content, often covering various topics such as entertainment, education, news, storytelling, interviews, and more. Typically available for streaming or download, podcasts are accessible through various platforms and devices, allowing users to subscribe, listen on-demand, and engage with content at their convenience. They may feature a single host/actor, multiple hosts/actors, or interviews with guests, and are distinguished by their audio-centric nature, fostering a sense of intimacy and connection with listeners.

  • Ancillary / Derivatives of an IP: ancillary products could include movie adaptations, TV series, graphic novels, merchandise like t-shirts and action figures, video games, and even theme park attractions. Each of these derivatives allows fans to experience the world and characters in new and immersive ways, often contributing significantly to the IP’s profitability and cultural impact.


Content will be produced in Dixo in Mexico and Medios Modernos in Honduras, edited with Avid Protocols and Adobe Audition.

Content will be published on an open RSS Feed or exclusively on a particular platform (Amazon Music, Spotify, etc) if a deal of partial sale of the IP and/or distribution is reached.

Our platform will require users to connect their wallet, and for that purpose we plan to use Wagmi.


  1. Development of 4 Scripted IPs in Podcasts
    Full production of 8 to12 episodes per IP that will be published strategically.
  • Months 1 and 2.
    • Pre-production:
      • Scripts development
      • Casting
      • Recording Planification
  • Months 3 and 6
    • Production and Post-Production
      • Audio Recording
      • Sound Design + Editing
      • Mixing and Mastering
  • Months 6 to 7 to 8
    • Publishing and Distribution
    • Marketing and Promotion
  1. Development of a stand-alone APE and Web3 chat show:
    Full production of 40 weekly episodes (20 in Spanish and 20 in English)
  • Months 1 and 2.
    • Pre-production:
      • Concept development
      • Host/hostess hiring
  • Months 2 to 12:
    • Production and Post-Production
      • Audio Recording
      • Sound Design + Editing
      • Mixing and Mastering
      • Publishing, Marketing and Promotion

Schedule of 4 IPs:

Schedule of stand-alone APE and W3 weekly talk show:


TOTAL: $380,050 USD

Budget of 4 IPs:

Budget of stand-alone APE and W3 weekly talk show:


• We’re unlocking new niches, not just with languages, but by spotlighting mass-consumption content to push ApeCoin into the mainstream.

• The ROI could be huge, benefiting the ApeCoin DAO financially.

• A real possibility in the near future to develop blockchain technologies to fund and create content IPs with transparency and mutually beneficial outcomes.

• And last but not least, it’s a chance to raise awareness about the wrongly convicted with “Guilty Until Proven”, making a real difference beyond the profits.



Reserved for any comments and suggestions.
Thank you for reading!


i like the idea of adding spanish too, i dont know if we have the required funds and if the reasury can do that but its a really good project


Thank you for your comment. I appreciate you like the idea! I would think treasury would not treat differently any AIP based solely on language. On the contrary, in this case, we would cater not only the English-speaking realm but also expand to 500M+ native Spanish speaking around the globe.


thank you @rafikmarley for your comments and support, perhaps the fact that opening up a new language can ignite interest and curiosity from the community.


my pleasure :smiley: and i think it will have a positive impact, i think about spanish and french i’m from algeria and we speak french here and over more than 10 countries in africa while many others speak spanish too, so i think that onboarding throught these 3 languages will truly have a positive impact on the evolution of the dao and the project overall


Complètement d’accord avec toi, @rafikmarley. Il nous faut des contenus et histoires en Anglais, Espagnol et Français. (Je suis né au Mexique, j’ai fait mes études de Maths aux US, mes parents sont français et c’est ma langue maternelle).


I agree! Onboarding through Spanish, and other languages can have a positive impact on the project. It helps reach a wider audience and promotes inclusivity. :earth_africa::star2:


If this proposals plan is to make new audio story podcasts in different styles like crime, horror, and kids’ stories, I think this idea would be very nice.
Also if it will be made in English and Spanish languages it would be nice for bilingual people around.
The ApeCoin community will own part of the rights to these stories. There will also be a podcast about ApeCoin and Web3 topics.
How well it does will depend on if the stories are good and if they are promoted properly.
Overall I think this proposal has a high chance of success :+1:


i think it will have a positive impact, i think about spanish and french i have been to algeria and they speak french there and over more than 10 countries in africa while many others speak spanish too, so i think that onboarding through these 3 languages will truly have a positive impact on the evolution of the dao and the project overall


I think the major languages needs to be implemented. It would help attract investors around the globe


I love the idea! You can tell everything is researched and calculated, congratulations :tada:


Hi @Dany319,

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  • Are you ready to proceed to the next phase or do you wish to extend community discussion for another 7 days?

We look forward to hearing from you.


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This really sounds like a well thoughtful proposal leveraging popular content like Joe Rogan’s podcast bluey for tokenisation could indeed open up a new markets . Incorporating bilingual content is a strategic move that can broaden APE’s reach and engagement, especially in the Spanish-speaking world. It add potential for a more diverse audience to participate in the APE ecosystem. The proposal to produce content in both English and Spanish demonstrates a thoughtful approach to maximizing impact and connecting with a global audience.:relieved::+1:

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Ready to proceed to the next phase. Thank you!


Haha) I am exactly now in Latin America and learning spanish)) Just it still not very good(((((
About the theme - the adding another language is good idea and I believe that it help in evolution of project!
P.S. What about Russian?.. :wink:


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Hi @Dany319,

Thank you for your ideas [and the ApeCoin DAO community for the insightful discussions].

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Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

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This proposal has been assigned the AIP ID Number 410.

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