AIP-454: The BANANA Bill: Apes Gotta Eat

I’m gonna attempt to be a voice of clarity from my own understanding and perspective, feel free to disagree or point out any flaw. Please note I have no involvement in this AIP but merely am speaking on behalf of my own point of view.

While it seems strange and odd to knowingly state the exact date the AIP is put up for vote, it is quite clear based on the contents, the authors, and the specific level of detail in this post that a extreme amount of thought and discussion took place prior to it being posted on discourse and anyone else in the community knowing about it. I surmise that the Facilitators and rest of the SC were quite aware and were involved in the discussion process to help refine and hash out any inquiries prior to this being posted.

The AIP Process really only has one time limit for when something is posted on the forum to when it can go up for vote, and that is the 7 day discussion period for an AIP Idea. There is no other time requirement prior to a vote going on snapshot. Once the 7 day period is up (next thursday) it will receive an AIP number and be put up for vote because the SC already reviewed it and have no further questions.