AIP-468: Bored Trading Co Powered By ApeCoin


Bored Trading Co Powered by ApeCoin


The core team has worked together for several years in real life meetings helping build Bored IP in the background. Collectively we have 30 years of corporate experience from Fortune 500 companies (ex-Amazon, Walmart, Target, Sonos, Best Buy, and Bloomberg) to helping scale startups like Sonos and HelloFresh. We have built a multimillion dollar hospitality group together and have recruited a team of web3 advisors and partners to collaborate and round out the team with complementary strengths and capabilities. Even prior to the MBA program, the group has bootstrapped and have been building brands with IP. The group collectively holds 12 MBA licenses and multiple IPs including WOW, Lil Pudgys, CoolCats and have hosted over 10 events: Bored Brunch, Pudgy Dinner, Apecoin Creator & IP Meetup, Philly NFT Meetup, Tristate Meetup and Bored IP. The group is across many communities including Pudgies, Mocaverse, 10KTF, Azuki, and many more. The group is composed of individuals who have a proven track record.

Bored Trading Co Team Members

Bored Trading Co team & advisors are dedicated web2 and web3 community members who have been here through the bear and a track record of executing and delivering. The core team can be reached through the Bored Trading Co X account or their respective profiles.

  • Jason Lu (@NFThoarder) -Penn State University Bachelor’s of Management Science and Information Systems, Villanova Project Management and Six Sigma (Founder of BoredIP, Bored Bagels, BoredIn, WelcomeApes IP box, Bored Trading Co | IRL partner at Glu Hospitality)
  • Tim Lu - Penn State University Bachelor’s of Management Science and Information Systems, Glu Hospitality
  • Atit Mehta - Temple University Bachelor’s of Finance, Actuarial Science, Sonos and Glu Hospitality

Advisors & Partners

  • Popil - Apecoin Marcoms Steward & Ex- Manager opensea, Founder Bored Tea, BoredArt, BoredInApe (excluded from advisor revenue distribution to ensure no conflict of interest)
  • Joey Vowels - Cofounder TeamWenMoon and Chief Brand Officer TheColony
  • Chris Jordan - Coffee with Captain and co-founder dGenNetwork & BoredShortsXYZ advisor Mintify, rebootgg_ & quirkiesnft
  • Guccheetah - Founder HouseOGxyz, co-Founder UnboxingWeb3, 10KTF OG
  • ApeCoin Marcoms to help ensure alignment with DAO on product collaborations, branding, and design
  • Club House Archives
  • Bored IP - Bored Bagels & Bored Snax Cookies
  • BoredIn- MBAs & IP newsletter & BoredIn Live SpaceBoredFoodieFrens
  • ThankApe
  • NiftyKit


Bored Trading Co (BTC) concept evolved as a clear need to build collaboratively with over 400+ MBAs ( Made By Apes) and numerous IP brands and projects. Coordinating with multiple IP brands, especially around major conferences, is arduous. Sending products, particularly internationally, is costly and time-consuming. High-profile events are often too expensive for a single IP brand to justify.

Recognizing the collective strength of the community with the launch of the MBA program, Jason co-founded BoredIn, a subcommunity supporting 200 MBAs founders building together. Boredin focuses on spotlighting and aggregating IP brands and product media and research. Feedback from numerous IP brands & BoredIn highlighted the following major challenges:

  1. Poor Visibility: Limited visibility and awareness outside Web3. While Web3 thrives on platforms like X, web2 consumers are on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok where there has yet to be an incentivisation of customers, buyers, influencers to drive content.
  2. Limited Resources: Small IP brands struggle with time and money, even for essential functions like shipping, where commercial rates are 35-60% below published rates.
  3. Distribution Challenges: Scaling distribution for large order volumes or international shipments is challenging.
  4. Payments Barriers: Accepting crypto for E-commerce is challenging to set up and expensive with gas fees. Although there are some solutions for Shopify for an online store, there are no known solutions for in real life point of sale (POS) solutions which include ApeCoin and ApeChain. We plan to work with NiftyKit and other tech partners to help develop.

Bored Trading Co’s Strategy

Bored Trading Co is dedicated to addressing key challenges in scaling IP products to the masses by creating a consumer flywheel. We believe in a collective approach to help the entire ecosystem overcome challenges. Our mission is to deliver value back to the ApeCoin and ApeChain ecosystems, fostering innovation and growth within the community. We aim to create IP products with ApeCoin holders, expanding the IP ecosystem. With Web3 IP products still in their infancy, many brands need support to scale, particularly in garnering visibility and driving smaller brands. Leveraging our logistics expertise, including @NFThoarder888’s experience as the Head of America’s Logistics at Bloomberg where he was responsible for thousands of events and conferences. In web3, we’ve supported numerous IP brands at major events (e.g. HK Apefest and Dubai Token) and collaborated on curated IP boxes (e.g. F*ck It Saturday and @WelcomeApes MBA box). Our journey includes expanding to communities like Pudgies, Mocaverse, 10KT, Azuki, and many more to empower and grow the entire ecosystem.

E-commerce presents a clear opportunity for ApeCoin to drive utility to the masses given current spending and growth projections. Bored Trading Co aims to harness the collective IP ecosystem to drive awareness, interest, and consideration from D2C consumers and B2B buyers. Bored Trading Co’s strategy includes a multi-pronged approach:

  • Event Targeting: Participating in events with a booth to create direct engagement. Attend conventions and tradeshows to dive brand awareness for ApeCoin, ApeChain, and IP brands.
  • Curated Box/Bag Solutions: Offering flexible, ApeCoin Powered curated products to customers and influencers to increase brand visibility. Incentivize collaboration between brands and ApeCoin to enhance the ApeCoin ecosystem development and culture. The bundling of several IP products together and centralization of fulfillment allows for higher conversion since the shipping cost does not create an imbalance to the customer value proposition. In web2 the higher dollar per transaction allows for promotions with free shopping or % off when you spend over a certain amount. The lower cost structure will provide custoers with more value at a lower price. We can curate multiple boxes like snack , gifting, or seasonal boxes.
  • Community and Influencer Engagement: Driving content creation and engagement rewards to maintain sustained contact and recurrent touchpoints, adhering to the marketing “rule of seven.” Encourage users to hold 1 Ape, which gives them the opportunity to participate in events, receive corresponding tickets, ApeCoin Powered curated IP box, and discounts for online purchases.
  • IP Engagement: Encourage brands to collaborate with ApeCoin, thereby fostering the growth and development of the ApeCoin ecosystem. Through collaboration with MBAs, incentivize MBAs and IP brands to join the Powered by ApeCoin ecosystem. Reduce the barrier entry for MBAs.

As we curate Powered by ApeCoin IP products, we will consider all previously approved AIPs and ApeCoin holders to include ApeCoin community IP in purchasing ApeCoin Powered curated boxes and bags. Additionally, the ApeCoin community will be rewarded through an ApeCain loyalty program for creating engaging content, such as unboxing videos, GIFs, and memes, to amplify product and “ApeCoin Powered” presence on Instagram and TikTok. ThankApe recently launched their BBAC Accelerator program which was celebrated by the community and we are looking to build off of this momentum and address the broader ecommerce flywheel out to web2 meeting consumers where they are outside of crypto Twitter. We will build our infrastructure to help the 30 winners of the BBAC while scaling to support the long tail of other businesses not rewarded. As ThankApe is a partner, we will work with them closely to further the impact and benefit to the ApeCoin ecosystem.

NFT NYC Case Study

We piloted the booth solution at NFT NYC during three events: NotNFTNYC, Clubhouse, and Bored Brunch, showcasing 13 IP products. The Bored Trading Co’s booth drove conversation, inspiration, and even a couple of transactions. Rising tides lift all boats, and the AIP will allow us to scale this program with technology to accept $APE for onsite payments during events and support ApeChain in the future.

In addition, ApeCoin Powered curated boxes and bags with IP products will be deployed for smaller events and promotion to VIPs and influencers. Individuals and communities will be able to purchase curated boxes and bags directly from our e-commerce site. We will have a limited presales drop of the curated box(es) to drive revenue and accessibility. Ultimately, the goal is to drive leads from events back to the IP brands. Bored Trading Co will help facilitate B2B leads with a 5% fee to support the financial sustainability of the project.

Bored Trading Co’s holistic application of this strategy aims to garner attention and drive leads, ensuring a successful expansion from Web3 into the broader web2 e-commerce space. Together, Bored Trading Co and its partners are set to break the glass ceiling and build a thriving IP ecosystem with ApeCoin & ApeChain a chance to spark an e-commerce consumer flywheel. The socialfi campaign and Powered by ApeCoin curated boxes will capture attention to expand top of funnel and the Bored Trading Co booth at events amplify brand awareness and leads.

Platforms and Technology

The team currently have many Shopify ecommerce sites including and which tokengate and accept crypto. We are partnered with NiftyKit and other technology partners to elevate the current solutions and develop new capabilities for onsite transactions and socialfi with ApeCoin & ApeChain. We will work to reduce the additional gas fees incurred when transacting with ApeCoin in B2C scenarios. In addition, we want to work with ThankApe on distributing the rewards back to the community. As we develop the technology we believe we can whitelabel and help other businesses onboard using ApeChain in the future.

IP Brand Selection

IP Brands will submit via a form for consideration. The Team and Advisors will work to curate a diverse IP representation from the different communities represented in the ApeCoin Community including Pudgies, Moca, BAYC, 10KTF, and many more. We will leverage a rubric to review submissions with a focus on commercialization, track record, previous AIP and ApeCoin Holder, and diversity. For example, powered by ApeCoin products, ThankApe BBAC, and past AIPs will be provided priority for consideration.


  • IP - Intellectual property represented throughout the ecosystem with PFP NFTs from various communities
  • MBA - Made By Ape program with onchain licenses from Bored Ape Yacht Club


Bored Trading Co (BTC) will bring exposure to IP brands and ApeCoin in showcasing ApeCoin Powered products through proven e-commerce channels and social media marketing. We will drive value to the ApeCoin & ApeChain ecosystems in several ways:

  • Promote the usage of ApeCoin & ApeChain - Bored Trading Co will help consumers discover and transact with various IP brands and products, thus generating additional transactions and utility for ApeCoin. ApeCoin holders will receive a discount on the marketplace. The vision is to encourage and onboard users to use ApeChain. When making e-commerce purchases, users can save on gas fees and benefit from the lower costs, truly cultivating spending habits and user loyalty. In addition, we will work on putting our agreements on ApeChain to allow transparency and for us to move with speed while encouraging other projects to do the same.
  • Visibility and Discovery - By featuring IP products powered by ApeCoin at events and on major social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, Bored Trading Co will enhance visibility and discovery. We will produce content through lifestyle shots and a community rewards program, breaking into web2 and other major social media networks. We will work on making the items discoverable on Instagram and TikTok shops to allow conversion as we drive our socialfi campaign.
  • Rewarding the ApeCoin Community & DAO - We will pilot ApeChain loyalty program to reward the community for content creation as a potential model for social finance (socialfi). Community members will be incentivized to create engaging content such as unboxing videos, GIFs, and memes. Bored Trading Co will provide 18% of gross revenue back to the ApeCoin community through direct sales or broker fee. There will be multipliers to incentivize ApeCoin holders at different tiers. In addition, Bored Trading Co will have a 18% revenue share back to the DAO.
  • Amplify IP and Engagement - Bored Trading Co will inspire and drive synergy in the marketing of ApeCoin powered brands and products. This will encourage and reward other ApeCoin holders across many communities like Pudgies, Mocaverse, 10KT, Azuki, and many more to join, creating a thriving ecosystem of engaged participants. Engage and unify the diverse communities of ApeCoin DAO with IP.


ThankApe’s BBAC - Built By ApeCoin program developed as micro grants


Timelines are based on AIP approval and allocation of funds to support 6 events (e.g. conferences or trade shows - timing is important based on when the AIP is approved to determine the events but we are looking at both web3 and non-web3 native events to drive leads and exposure) over 12 months:

Milestone 1

Start Date - upon funding from DAO

  • IP brand form to participate
  • Review submissions
  • Negotiate wholesale pricing and align on terms
  • Event Requirements Specification
  • Booth specification and architecture
  • Start development of Marketplace and POS
  • Develop marketing campaign
  • Purchase 30% budgeted IP product and receive
  • Hire Staff and Vendors

Cost: $238.8k

Timeline: 1 month

Milestone 2

Start Date - upon completion of milestone 1

  • Photo and video shoot to capture product and lifestyle shots
  • Launch community reward socialfi program with leaderboard
  • Design and order ApeCoin Powered curated box and bag
  • Test and launch e-commerce marketplace website with ApeCoin & ApeChain payments
  • Event (3 events) selection and registration for Milestone 3
  • Restock purchase 10% of budgeted IP product and receive

Cost: $225.5k

Timeline: 2 months

Milestone 3

Start Date - upon completion of milestone 2

  • Ecommerce website with ApeCoin Powered curated box(es) and bag(s)
  • Event Selection and registration next quarter
  • Produce content with “Powered by Ape” branding
  • Attend 3 events (conferences or trade shows)
  • Presale 1 and ship for ApeCoin Powered curated boxes and bags
  • Event (3 events) selection and registration for Milestone 4
  • Restock purchase 30% budgeted IP product and receive

Cost: $261.2k

Timeline: 4.5 months

Milestone 4

Start Date - upon completion of milestone 3

  • Attend 3 events
  • Presale 2 and ship for ApeCoin Powered curated boxes and bags
  • Produce content with “Powered by Ape” branding
  • Restock purchase 30% budgeted IP product and receive

Cost: $116.2k

Timeline: 4 months

Milestone 5

Start Date - upon completion of milestone 4

  • Produce content with “Powered by Ape” branding
  • Presale 3 and ship for ApeCoin Powered curated boxes and bags
  • Remaining legal requirements
  • Final community reward distribution

Cost: $12k

Timeline: 0.5 month

Estimated timeline: 12 months


At the beginning of each quarter, ongoing comprehensive outlines will be disseminated to the ApeCoin DAO and across all social media platforms, detailing the following:

  • IP brands (at least 20 different brands/products) highlighted on Bored Trading Co throughout each presale
  • Links available to the “ApeCoin Powered” branded photos and videos for showcased IP brands to use and content creators to use.
  • KPIs including revenue from the sales of ApeCoin Powered curated boxes, larger B2B leads, and impressions from events and social media
  • Aggregated metrics such as total views, likes, comments, and other engagement indicators stemming from the featured content.
  • A calendar for the upcoming events and tradeshows shared before each milestone starts.
  • Additional insights on price sensitivity, geographic order concentrations, and turn.


Total amount requested from the ApeCoin Ecosystem Fund = $853,700 USD.

The funds would cover Bored Trading Co needs for the next twelve months. The goal is to secure significant lead conversions (targeting six and seven figure purchase orders) to allow a self-sustaining project with 51% of the revenue allocated to funding additional events, product, and team past the 12 months. The Bored Trading Co will strive to be sustainable while returning 36% (18% rewards to community and 18% gross revenue to the DAO) over the next 15 months from funding to account for lagging revenue until reevaluating the sustainability. Founders and Advisors incentives are based largely on successful leads and revenue. Any unused funds after 12 months will be returned to the DAO.

There are no upfront costs for MBA-approved entities to use this service. The cost to MBA-approved entities would come at providing necessary wholesale pricing. Shipping costs could be subsidized with the ability to utilize BTC’s commercial discounts but responsibility falls on the entities to ship product to The BTC warehouse.
Revenue will be generated through a 5% revenue share for Bored Trading Co B2B leads. The program will allow more data to understand future iterations where fee structures might make sense to allow for sustainability.

Conferences and Tradeshows 6 events like VeeCon, Food & Beverage Tradeshow, etc.
Booth exhibit Tradeshow quality booth, travel cases, and digital LED display $20k
Registration Conference and Tradeshow registration $15k x 6 events $90k
Conference shipping Shipping to and from the events $18k
Website Marketplace Product listings, Shopify integrations, ApeCoin & ApeChain Payment, Leaderboard, X and Facebook API integration to allow socialfi $40k
Point of Sale Solution ApeCoin & ApeChain Point of Sale (POS) integrated with Shopify $20k
Point of Sale Hardware Terminal equipment to allow transactions onsite at events $5k
IP Product Acquisition
ApeCoin Community IP Products Curate and purchase IP product, negotiate wholesale costs, develop ApeCoin community and “Powered by ApeCoin” IP on product inclusive of IP from the community like Pudgies, Mocaverse, BAYC, 10KTF, and many more. This will include at least 20 different products in each presale. $250k
ApeCoin Powered Curated Box and Bag Shipping box and bag with “ApeCoin Powered” packaging $20k
Shipping Budget Commercial discounted shipping (~60% off published rates) $8 domestic and $30 international per box to ship to customers $30k
Social Media Ads (IG and TikTok) Run test ads and utilize ads to elevate, increase impressions, and drive conversion $10k
Community Content Rewards Socialfi campaign to drive content while rewarding the community $40k
Collaborations and influencers Leverage collaborations and influencers to drive visibility $20k
Vendors and Staff We will prioritize hiring from the ApeCoin community
Social Media Manage social media campaigns and community content campaign $35k
Event Staffing 6 events x 10 hours per day x 4 days x $60 $14.4k
Project Manager Help coordinate with IP brands & partners, negotiate wholesale prices, research events, travel, etc. part time at $65 an hour x 25 average hours a week X 52 weeks $84.5k
Photographer & Videographer Secure product & lifestyle shots for social content, capture photos and video at events, edit assets $30k
Graphic Designer Create brand guide and assets to empower community, create ads, help edit and repurpose assets for additional marketing to promote “ApeCoin Powered” and Bored Trading Co $12k
Fulfillment and Storage IP product distribution and storage to support based projected volume $35k
Legal Develop agreements for IP, partnership agreements, and T&C for socialfi. Agreements on ApeChain. $24k
Accounting / Analytics Assist over the 12 months for financial accounting, KPI reportings, and analytics (e.g. price demand curves) $6k
Travel 6 events with a team of 3 to help setup, tear down, and work the booth
Flights Domestic and International $1.2k avg flight x 3 staff x 6 events $21.6k
Hotel 3 staff x 4 nights X 6 events $25.2k
Ground Transportation Car rental or ubers to help move equipment and product $3k
TOTAL $853.7k
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I want to be one of the first to support Jason and this AIP. I think his experience and many successful mba/ventures prove his abilities to deliver. This AIP will be very beneficial to many web3 builders like myself. I have great products, but lack visibility, reach, resources, and distribution, but partnering with Bored trading would be a great solution. Many startups/small business face these issues and having a community resource would be very beneficial. I love the idea and I see it as being very successful with the amount of mba’s rapidly growing.

Last point. If we are investing in builders and this aip could essentially ensure a better success rate of aip’s and mba’s then I fully support it.


Thank you so much @0xboreddev, I appreciate the support and look forward to continuing to build together.

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Let’s gooo!

Jason has been leading and supporting fellow community members from the jump. While I didn’t see him bleed or cry, he put in the sweat for sure at NFT NYC and already planning on ways to highlight MBA builders at ApeFest.

Looking forward to seeing what Jason can do with Bored Trading Co with additional resources.


We need so much more of this. This is well thought out. Would love to support in anyway possible. Good stuff Jason and team!!!

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Obviously I love the concept and supporting builders of all kinds. I think centralized commercial platforms for all us smaller builders is HUGE so love this idea (and can’t wait to participate directly).

The costs are incredibly well thought out. I’d like to see some level of detail on expected revenue. Given a foundational aspect of the financial ask centers around return back to the DAO, understanding high/low cases of what to expect would be helpful to futher bolster the ask here.


Thank you @VonFrontin, I greatly appreciate the support! I have thought a lot about revenue projections and could probably easily throw out some numbers but I think there are too many moving parts / unknowns at this this stage to give an accurate revenue forecast. This might be deemed as a negative but I do not want to overpromise and underdeliver. I plan to develop a better idea in milestone 2 and 3 as we curate the product and understand category demand and price sensitivity. The larger revenue will come from B2B leads that convert to purchase orders but this will be lagging data point to include in the revenue model. I think this will be great information for the MBA and IP businesses in the future to consider.

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I know you have some great experience around these efforts and look forward to working with you to make this successful. Thank you Apewhale!

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If more tears and blood is what it takes :joy: Appreciate the support and your experience / knowledge in helping make this successful.

Totally understand. Even a low case on potential scenarios would be helpful.

While it’s no Banana Bill, it’s still not a small ask. I think understanding financial return will help sway some of our more financially centric voters and delegations.

Just my two cents.

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Jason has been helping so many MBAs and he really works hard in this space.

Saw the photos and heard the feedback from NFT NYC, and everyone was excited.

Good luck legends. Love the Powerd by Ape branding.

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Thank you Grateful! I’m excited to continue to scale MBA and IP products economies of scale to the ApeCoin community and ecosystem.

Great proposal with very detailed finances. Sounds like something really important for curating MBA brands and building out the ecommerce supply chains, marketing visability and brand management!

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Aside from being a well-thought out enterprise, as a good community focused AIP, I like it.

  1. Regarding the 6.9%. That’s an oddly specific percentage, and I don’t see a chart that outlines how this number came about. I particularly want to see how the 31.9% return was calculated in order to arrive at the final numbers.

  2. Why is 31.9% going to “Founders & Advisors”, while the DAO, which is fronting ALL the funds to the tune of $853.7K, gets 6.9%? As this is a business, there should be no such allocation because traditionally those parties are compensated from profits instead of costs being front-loaded. If they are part of payroll because they perform functions critical to the success of the program, then outlay those as compensations - and list the amounts paid to each person and in each role.

  3. The inference that remaining funds would be returned to the DAO, implies that, somewhere along the line, all $853K isn’t likely to be spent. That’s all well and good; but to that end, it then stands to reason that “Founders & Advisors” shouldn’t front-load benefits but rather, benefit on the post-profits backend. Aside from the fact that, as a business that is likely to fail to recoup the $853K in costs, ALL should share the risk instead of front-loading financial rewards while saddling the DAO with all the risk.

  4. What sort of “advisory or partnership” role does Popil (MarComms) bring to this proposal? Is it related to her experiences with Bored Tea or is it something else? And does her advisory roll entail any monetary compensation? I ask because she’s a member of a DAO working group, and going forward, we need disclosures (I now have a proposal specifically for this)

  5. The same question applies to “ApeCoin MarComms” - which applies to two stewards.

  6. How is ThankApe involved?

  7. Why are there no numbers associated with “Vendors and Staff”? Even they are part of the break-down, the total allocated to that should be displayed next to that line item. As per above, I specifically don’t see any line entries for how much “Founders & Advisors” are getting paid. I’d very much like to see that.

  8. How do you expect to go about hiring “vendors and staff” from the community? And how many are planned, and in what roles?

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Thank you so much! We are passionate in bringing MBA and ApeCoin together to drive benefits and exposure for both. Our goal is to break out of crypto X (Twitter) to meet consumers where they are in web2 (e.g. Instagram and TikTok). Products are tangible for normies to interact, resonate, and fulfill their consumer needs. In addition, ecommerce can be a natural bridge while engaging more of the ApeCoin community to participate with IP from their communities. ApeCoin has such IP diversity with communities like Pudgies, Mocaverse, 10KT, Azuki, and many more which can be further engaged in the DAO through our plan and the community rewards.

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Thanks for the detail review and thoughtful questions. I will consider them further along with other feedback we receive but attempt to provide some initial clarification.

  1. The % suggested a based on balancing sustainability of the project while trying to give back something to both the DAO and community
  2. 13.1% is going to Founders to incentive success and results and engagement of advisors. The “site and staff” will receive 15% necessary to drive critical functions of the plan and attempt to have the necessary support to drive sustainability past the 12 months to continue drive the plan past the 12 months. The B2B leads are often a lagging result of business dev and commercial discussions which can take us past the 12 months. The % will help provide the necessary runway to continue operations past the 12 months to continue plan and drive benefits to ApeCoin as well.
  3. As we researched the costs these are estimates and will work tirelessly to preserve funds in order to not extract DAO funds entrusted to us. We take the trust very seriously and leverage our procurement experience to negotiate rates or run competitive RFPs.
  4. Popil will not take any funds from the AIP. Her advisory roles is based on her extensive knowledge and experience building with IP In the space. I believe in transparency here as well and great to see you are working on a proposal for this.
  5. Agreed as above and the intent is to best help cobrand, market, and educate others about the ApeCoin DAO by working with MarComms to help give us brand direction and guidance. MarComms works with MBA and IP products today so we want to make sure we are aligned on the effort and meeting the DAO’s standards.
  6. ThankApe has built a great rewards program which other’s have partnered with as well (e.g. OtherPage). We believe in collaboration and not building (spending money) where others have already created the value proposition. ThankApe can offer us the ability to distribute rewards to the community and our AIP hopes to build on the momentum they have created from the Built By ApeCoin program.
  7. Sorry the formatting did not carry over from the original draft as “Vendor and Staff” was in bold to imply that the section and rows following rows breakdown vendors and staff. We will work to current the formatting.
  8. I plan to hire from the community through posting job descriptions for the community to engage, apply, or provide referrals. I have professionally hired and managed staff, contractors, and vendors for fortune 500 companies, startups, and in web3 . For example, I have done this with the original art for the Bored Trading Co in hiring an ApeCoin holder artist from the community. I’m definitely open to additional suggestions if there are specific job boards or other successful hiring practices. I’m confident on the diverse talent that exists in the ApeCoin community.

I hope we provided the some clarity and if we didn’t please feel free to let us know where we might be about to further elaborate or make changes based on your feedback / insight.


Thanks for those eloquent responses. All clear and understood. Good luck with the proposal, I believe that it’s a great fit for the community at large.

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I look forward to your continued insight to help make sure we are successful and add value back to the ecosystem. For you or anyone else that would like to discuss more in depth, I will make time to connect directly or on a spaces.

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Hi @NFThoarder ,

The community feedback period for your proposal would be ending in less than 24 hours.

  • If you’re content with the feedback received, your next steps are to finalize your proposal using the AIP Draft Template.
  • A moderator will reach out to the author to finalize the AIP Draft. Upon receipt of the final Draft, we will review and provide instructions on the next steps.
  • Are you ready to proceed to the next phase or do you wish to extend community discussion for another 7 days?

We look forward to hearing from you.


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