AIP-482: Resubmission AIP430 - ApeFacingApes – Amplifying the IP usage of BAYC and generating value for the entire Ape Ecosystem



We listened to the community and implemented the migration to ApeChain into our new AIP. With this we will be able to save ~30k $ and fully support ApeChain with our collection.

Further we lifted the secret of our irl activation for ApeFest: We will produce 3,000 sets of photo booth accessories and distribute them at ApeFest and other irl events.


ApeFacingApes – Amplifying the IP usage of BAYC and generating value for the entire Ape Ecosystem.


Built by BAYC community members and web3 enthusiasts. Core team consists of Gratwanderer, illustrator and chief magician, srsly, co-founder and Ape holder since May 2021, and cophi, seasoned project- and social media manager.


Gratwanderer is a 39 year old architect with years of experience and many won competitions and realized projects. He successfully played in Germanys first indoor hockey league for many years. He is coming from a family of artists and, since his childhood, is illustrating and painting. He was fascinated by the web3 space and contributed with his art to some smaller NFT projects. While watching BAYC from the sidelines, his goal always was to purchase one from his earnings as an artist.

srsly, also 39, is an OG Ape who witnessed all ups and downs in the BAYC universe. He is a graduate of International Business and works in a global corporate. In his early career he leveled up in the area of sales while more recently transitioned into business management and marketing. He is passionate about web3, poker and triathlon.

cophi,33 years old, currently living in beautiful Portugal, is a civil engineer. He focused on renewable energies and aims to make the world a better place. He loves sports and outdoor activities. He is renowned for his community management skills at many web3 projects, like TwoBitBears, Ledger and Hennessy.


ApeFacingApes delivers value to all Ape holders by better utilizing their IP. It not only gives holders a fresh perspective, but also tools to better monetize it. This will benefit the whole Ape- and Apecoin- Ecosystem.

ApeFacingApe / BAYC

For easy accessibility and best user experience, we are immensely happy that YUGA LABS committed to implement our frontal Ape versions and the link to our editor into their official BAYC profile page. With this, every holder has a one-stop resource to fully utilize the BAYC IP.


Source : Official BAYC profile page, YugaLabs

ApeFacingApes already is an established project, approved by many renowned community members. It is operating under the MBA license #118. Now it is time to make it available to all 10k Apes. OG holders will of course be fully refunded.

We roughly estimate 3 new assets per month and in total 108 for 3 years. There will be slots allocated, which we will fill with own creations, creations for MBA projects and creations for Ape communities. MBA projects and communities can apply for a slot through our ticketing system in Discord.


Source: X, community posts



We are bringing value to the original BAYC community.
IP usage of BAYC is the critical element that provides long-term value to holders. The higher the brand recognition, the more valuable the brand and associated businesses.
With an increased IP usage and higher brand recognition, the whole Ape and Apecoin ecosystem will benefit.


Source: X, @0xClawd, example for increased marketability

"The extent to which a target audience can identify or recall a brand based on its visual identity. Strong brand recognition is a crucial goal for companies and leads to increased consumer trust and loyalty.”

ApeFacingApe / BAYC

The visual identity of BAYC is more than just the PFP. It is in the core of the brands. ApeFacingApes, is not adding, it is extending.

„With user-generated content the emotional connection and brand personality gets elevated. Memes are a fun and engaging way for brands to connect with their audience, increase brand recognition, and stay relevant in today’s digital landscape.” With ApeFacingApes there will be many new and innovative ways to play the meme game and to stay relevant.


Our editor is the place for individually outfitting all Apes. We have hand-drawn all 168 Ape trait layers which allows us to create unique and high-quality meme assets in our editor.
We built in a feature to allow certain items only for specific BAYC ID’s, for example regional communities, like Dubai Apes.


Source: , Editor


With our one-of-a-kind Apebound™ Tokenomics system, every AFA is bound to its original BAYC counterpart. It is always minted directly into the wallet that holds the BAYC.

If a BAYC changes hands, with our innovative CalltoApe™ function the new holder can claim the AFA counterpart for free.
It will then automatically follow the BAYC into the new wallet. The AFA itself can neither be sold nor transferred.


MBA is referring to the “Made by Apes” Initiative from Yuga Labs. ApeFacingApes is operating under MBA license #118.

AFA Tokens:
The AFA tokens have some innovative features built in: AFA tokens are Apebound™ and can neither be sold nor transferred. Instead, they can always be pulled into the BAYC wallet with our unique CalltoApe™functionality.


1. Delivery of frontal versions to all Ape holders.
10k high-res, frontal versions of all Apes. (png, 2000x2000px)
Contract migration and adaptiation of functions to ApeChain.
Claim or Airdrop to release all 10k Apes to their holders.

Implementation: 3-4 weeks
Cost: 12k $USD in $APE development costs to migrate to ApeChain

2. Implementation of all AFA’s in our editor
Deliver +70 shareable assets that will be available free for all of our members.

  • Implementation: Instant
  • Commitment: Minimum 3 years of: Regular asset drops, constant support of MBA projects
    and Ape communities
  • Cost: 29k $USD in $APE p.a., 87k $USD in $APE total (3 yrs.)

3. Fully refund existing AFA holders
Refund of ETH or $APE paid by our loyal OG holders.
Delivery of a special OG AFA appreciation package with unique physical items.
For this, we took a snapshot on May 15th 2024.

  • Implementation: Refund Instantly, Delivery of OG package 4-6 weeks
  • Cost: (OG pack) included in project cost

4. Set-up AFA visuals on
Enhance the meme game and easily let you “Ape-grade” your selfies.

  • Implementation: 4-6 weeks
  • Cost: Included in project cost

5. Implement AFA’s to the official BAYC profile page
Set-up high-res frontal versions of all Apes and editor link on BAYC profile

  • Implementation: 6-8 weeks
  • Cost: N/A

6. Fun activations for irl events, like ApeFest:
Production of 3,000 sets of photo booth accessories: Sample production done, waiting for AIP approval to kick off production.

  • Implementation: Started, Production <15 days, Shipping <45 days
  • Cost: 10k $USD in $APE

Costs are mainly for illustration, as well as project management, website and editor maintenance and marketing. The core team of us three will be fully capable and responsible for delivering the assets. The platforms used are our website and editor. Marketing will happen through channels like X, Discord and the website.

This project would begin immediately after approval for three years, running until the end of 2027, which is even longer than 3 years.


After the AIP passed we will frequently share updates with our community. In the first weeks, we will have weekly updates on X and Discord. Many of our milestones are planned early and require us to constantly give status updates. After delivering the first milestones we will switch to a biweekly and later monthly cadence. Rest assured that we will openly and transparently share where we are and what are our next steps.

Reporting will continue throughout the entire funding period of 3 years, until the end of 2027.


Total amount requested from the ApeCoin Ecosystem Fund = 259,000$USD in ApeCoin.


By supporting this AIP you will deliver instant utility to all Ape holders and with it to the whole Ape ecosystem.
You will unlock the power of memes to all Apes and increase overall brand recognition. Multiplicators, such as MBA projects or local Ape communities will be supported with individual assets. The goal is to grow together, always staying relevant.


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Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

@srsly has completed editing their AIP Idea to be their AIP Draft and has chosen to forego the community feedback period.

This proposal has been assigned the AIP ID Number 482.

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Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

Our team has reviewed and discussed @srsly 's AIP Draft and have sent a list of initial questions. We await answers.

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We have no further questions for @srsly . This AIP is now under Administrative Review.

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This proposal is live for vote on Snapshot. The voting period closes 13 days from now at 9PM EST.

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