AIP-Create a new APE NFT as a social identity for more new APE supporters

Two or three sentences that summarize the proposal.

[Created a newly designed APE NFT series based on BAYC#420 to give everyone who supports $APE,BAYC Project an official informed social series NFT at an introductory price, once again using the power of APE to unite more people to join and support APE FAM and create a new IP branch to gather together Creating Greater Value]

A statement on why the APE Community should implement the proposal.

[The project was carried out after we communicated with the official BAYC mod @friesfram, first of all we made an absolute respect to the copyright holders, we started this Project after getting the support and authorization from BAYC#420, if we didn’t get an approval and authorization from BAYC, we wouldn’t have rashly chosen to start an APE NFT Project, keeping it real is a crucial step in the Web3 world, in a world where BAYC, $APE is so hot, most people may not be able to easily buy a BAYC, but can buy $APE, but $APE, as an important financial system product of yugalab, can very intuitively reflect the financial value, but cannot do a basic social value. So we want to provide a social identity informed and empowered by BAYC MOD with a new APE NFT for more users who support yugalab]

An explanation of how the proposal aligns with the APE Community’s mission and guiding values.

[This NFT prototype comes from BAYC #420 held by the official BAYC MOD, and everything is launched with BAYC at its core, ensuring as much as possible that every participant will be a BAYC-affected user, and that we will unite as many people as possible to support the full Yugalab product line through this NFT and $APE when those users are unable to purchase BAYC When we are running smoothly, we will use the community funds to apply to the BAYC project team to buy BAYC as a reward for users who have made contact with the community, and also to support BAYC, everything we do will be based on BAYC]

Key Terms (optional)
Definitions of any terms within the proposal that are unique to the proposal, new to the APE Community, and/or industry-specific.

[Our team of established artists, programmers, and experienced brick-and-mortar operators (including apparel and jewelry designers, manufacturers and distributors, trendy toy designers, and ceramic production factories, as well as our proud medical CBD businesses), including Chinese and international artists and record labels are working with us to build this new APE social ecosystem.
We will co-host online and offline APE social events and parties with community artists. We will provide non-profit donations through our medical marijuana companies to holders around the world by providing pro bono medical CBD and recreational THC product airdrops in legal areas and occasional community funding to non-holders. All of the planning mentioned so far we are already underway]

A detailed breakdown of the platforms and technologies that will be used.

[We have completed our smart contract by way of ERC721, have built a well established MINT website (currently whitelist priority casting, we want to give more BAYC/MAYC/BAYC a whitelist priority to experience MINT), the technology base is based on the Etherchain, automatically shelved after MINT to Opensea, and has contacted the Opensea Team in the form of Email to complete the metadata audit, the smart contract part also by our good friend tycoon.eth (Punk 4513 aka Zombeanie) audit after uploading to etherscan]

Steps to Implement
The steps to implement the proposal, including associated costs, manpower, and other resources for each step where applicable.

[We currently have a HAYC Roadmap displayed on our , and the first step we are currently discussing here is to hopefully get $APE FAM’s endorsement and support for this step, which would only require participants to make a MINT HAYC NFT at 0.07 ETH per copy, rather than simply passing these words to $APE FAM Asking for token or dollars, I think this is not an important part of building the ecology, because we have already finished our Project through our own efforts to build it and no longer need to pay our community members who participated in the design.
When 10,000 NFT MINTs are completed we can start the second step, at this time we need some money to ensure the “loyalty” of our Club Members, we will maintain a Floor Price in the secondary market, when a community member sells his NFT at a price lower than the Floor Priece When a community member sells his NFT at a price lower than the Floor Priece, we will use the funds to buy it out and cancel the community perks that the seller has. to use our ability to build a new IP around BAYC, $APE]

Relevant timing details, including but not limited to start date, milestones, and completion dates.

[We have opened our MINT at 2022/3/30 16:20 GMT, and we hope to build and refine our entire $APE eco-expansion program over the course of a year from the time this article is successfully sent. In the third quarter, we will select the best community supporters and carry out our global public welfare program, and in the fourth quarter, we will bind HAYC and BAYC to create more resource products.]

Overall Cost
The total cost to implement the proposal.

[The total cost to implement the proposal is 1500-2000 ETH. 10,000 copies of NFT at 0.1/copy, 1000 ETH to keep the floor price, 100 ETH for four quarters of offline social events, 100 ETH for artist and member co-creations, 300 ETH for global pro bono projects, and 500 ETH to keep. as preparation funds for airdrop and other new star routes]


How can I tell if a proposal is approved by the club? I’ve seen so many times on Twitter about purported new experiments and new ape castings like this, some pretending to be BAYC, some pretending to be MAYC. I want to support a solid project and not get scammed like a fool.


Hi @Sui

Thank you for your question. Please refer to AIP-1 for guidelines on the complete process of ideation to voting. For quick reference here are a two sections that may help answer your question:

AIP-1 Section: KEY TERMS
* ***Post-Moderation Tagging*** - the process of tagging all Pending AIPs that have successfully been through the AIP analysis report and AIP moderation phases. There are two tags given at this stage: 1) “Straight to Vote,” which is for any pending AIP where costs, content, and implications are considered to be straightforward and of no risk to the well-being of the DAO. 2) “Needs Administrative Review,” which is for any pending AIP with costs, content, or implications that are considered to be complicated or a potential risk to the well-being of the DAO and therefore must be reviewed by the Board of the DAO.

AIP-1 Section: Process: Phase 2: AIP Draft
When the moderator confirms that an AIP Draft complies with the DAO-approved guidelines, they assign a number to the AIP for identification purposes throughout the rest of the process. From this point on, the AIP is referred to as “AIP-#: (Name) - (Category)”. For example, this AIP is “AIP-1: Proposing the DAO - Process”.


This was a problem that our community faced early on when we were building this project, so we sent out a twitter feed and @friesframe, all with the full informed and support of friesframe.
We started preparing this project last year, but before we finished there were all kinds of Stoner Ape, Smoking Ape, I don’t know if they were real, but I really hope they were real and I hope someone will go to help more people.
We’re going to keep doing these things whether or not we will be supported by $APE treasury funds, because we never thought we’d have $APE COIN in between doing these things.
Please excuse my poor English and art puzzles, which are not my strong points . .LoL

We have more things in the works at the same time, and really, we’re just doing the best we can, we like to keep creating, we love art, we love life, so we were very happy and moved when we achieved the unusual APE of BAYC#420, and we’re creating with a licensed BAYC!
We put a lot of effort into helping others, and all of our creation funds and donations to charity are obtained from our own efforts in various walks of life, so we’re not carrying huge pressure from investors to help people within our means! Before we didn’t have a unified social identity, now we are a group of $APE with the same ideals!
Love everyone!


Is there an audit mechanism that allows this project to add a number to this AIP and become an official project as the above robot said. For someone like me who is not rich, it takes a lot of courage to support you. I am not sure that the money I saved by living frugally has been fully utilized in the construction. So I still need to wait and see, but if it is confirmed that this is a worthwhile project, I will not only invest my money, but also more willing to contribute to the whole project with my actions and creations.


I’ll get the ball rolling here that I don’t think we should be using ape coin to determine which derivative projects we think should be official or not. If Yuga wants to create some sort of NFT for people supporting ape coin that would be different but as far as derivate projects there are a lot of them out there and it wouldn’t be right to just choose this one to be official.


I’ll also just add now that I read the original post again that this feels almost like you are just using this post to promote your project. If we ever do want to create an official ape coin NFT I think we almost certainly would do so with the intention of all profit going towards ape coin and your tactic for keeping the floor price high (buying out the NFT and kicking out the member) is very much against the BAYC values. The large majority of people here don’t support those types of tactics.

*if this was an april fools joke disregard the above


This is not BAYC DAO. We do not have authority even if we wanted to do such a thing. But good april fools joke.


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Thank you @0420ETH for your ideas and the ApeCoin DAO community for the thoughtful discussions. A moderator will get in touch with the author to draft the AIP in the appropriate template. Once the AIP is drafted and meets all the DAO-approved guidelines, the proposal will be posted on Snapshot for live official voting at: Snapshot

Follow the here as further updates will be posted here in the comments. @0420ETH please see your messages for the next steps.

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