AIP-61: Multi-meta linked NFTs - Ecosystem Fund Allocation

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@AaronLeupp.eth has updated their Draft and it is in our review once again. You can check out the changes by clicking the pencil icon at the top right of the post.

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Thanks for submitting the proposal. Below is our feedback

Forj and Metaprints have built end to end experience in The Sandbox. Metaprints is an official partner of The Sandbox. Metaprints team spent 5 months to create the first experience BAYC experience called Monkeying Around. It was a very successful experience, 100k impression, 300+ video and image uploads. We have learned a lot from this experience and we would like to share with everyone here.

Wait until ODK arrives
ODK will be coming and a standard will be set. It might be better wait until then to minimize opportunity cost. BAYC Owner Yuga Labs: Metaverse NFT Open Standards Coming ‘Very Soon’ - Decrypt

When ODK is out, we will see studios, creative guilds to build on top such as Otherguild, Otherside Gang

Strategy, brand collaboration weight more than wearable designs
Wearable alone will not drive activation. We see saturated wearables from The Sandbox and Decentraland. These wearables don’t worth much at all, such as Christmas decoration, New year fireworks, local artist’s merch. We see lack of buying demand and sustainable users to use these merch in an ongoing basis. Web3 audience have short attention span, dropping an one-off wearables would not result in ongoing engagement.

On the other hand, wearables that attach to a famous IP has significant traction. The traction combines with storytelling mission is like 10ktf, which makes it a fruitful journey for everyone to participate.

Case study
Do you know that The Sandbox Miami 2035 took over a year to build to have 2 weeks of immersive experience? This 2x2 experience has many iconic BAYC OG’s buildings in it, we really had a lot of fun.

This is a collaboration effort to drive players to stay, retain and create commercial activation. We would recommend wait until ODK is out before building models. Before that, we would recommend reaching out to brands like brand agency to close web2 brands and form storytelling strategies.


Thanks @Harry and 100% agree on a ton of what you sayin here! Also, was great meeting you in twitter spaces today too! Yes, def agree on the BAYC Sandbox event was a great Case Study and proof of concept for what we are trying to do here too by linking all Yuga Clubs NFTs as well as all our ACAC and ACPC NFTs. It provides massive utility to NFTs and what I said in the proposal this was the whole reason and utility they provide to the whole digital space as well what Vitalik forecasted with his frustration with World of Warcraft which we wrote in this proposal.

Also, totally agree as well this will take a massive amount of time which is why we too agree the better we get this passed and started on this the better. And obviously why I disagree on waiting for the SDK update. As you said yourself similar projects that are not even as big as this one took years or 6 months plus so would not make sense to push things back for something that does not really even have much relevancy to this proposal maybe only about 20% at most. By the time, we finish the other 80% and if the ODK does not come out by then we have way bigger issues Web3 all together lol. We also at that point can just put a hold or not finish them and not receive funding for that if ODK or Otherside in general never gets complete, however I don’t think that will be the case. The 2D concepts and artworks of the 200k ACAC alone will take a ton of time not even accounting for the 3D molds for each metaverse since I think you may have missed that as well all is good if so I will work on trying to communicate that better.

Do also agree on uptick or the word you use “saturation” of NFT wearables for sandbox and Decentraland however I would have to say it should not be over looked and here is why.

This is a breakdown of the Decentraland DAO financials and you can see that almost 70% of its month to month revenue is from wearable NFTs. Even more than land sales. This can be the future of the APECoin DAO revenue cashflow as well and showcasing the the top Yuga Labs NFTS as well as all ACAC and ACPC NFTs can be the proof of concept to get the momentum and hype rolling for this cash flow venture. Also, again ACAC and ACPC for and to increase the ApeCoin holders. Reddit had massive success with this recently expanding the NFT community by giving millions of NFT with utility to its community. Which can be the same opportune here by providing lower cost entry NFTs to the bigger population. ApeCoin$ is around $5 now just exact as the Reddit profile NFTs and they are starting to see resells of $100 to even way more and finally understanding the value of digital assets which can’t wait to do for the ApeCoin community as well. Can be seen here:

Also 1,000% agree on what you are saying in terms on this is perfect due proof of concept of IP signification traction and storytelling strategies. Don’t know of you saw our recent trailer we posted at the top but our goal is to weave this into the story of the Ape’s having an Armory on the Yatch they are utilized which would like to even turn into a battle royal style game like Fortnite, Apex or Valorant. However, like to take things one step at a time since as you said this will take some time and want to make sure we output the quality we best we can before entertaining next steps.

In conclusion, thanks for the feedback and definably will continue add more of those requests on as we wait for it to go for approval for a vote. If you can believe when we originally posted this about 5 months ago it was really only to link Yuga NFTs and since then the rtfkt raw file drop, Sandbox link event and Reddit event all have happened during the time for us to wait for this to get approved for a vote lol. To me though I see it as a good thing since it shows we are on the right track and proof of concepts are happening to help us communicate better to all other ApeCoin Holders when they vote. Also, have loved the feedback from you all and again shout out to @bc since his biggest challenges for this proposal were to additionally carve out something that can incentivize 1. to Increase holder amount of $ApeCoin and 2. Increase holders of $ApeCoin and if it weren’t for his feedback and challenges ACPC and ACAC would have not even been apart of this so massive shout out to you all. Thank you.

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Harry voicing concerns is something I take very serious, as he’s involved w/ many of the biggest projects across the Yuga ecosystem and beyond, including the Open Metaverse Alliance, OMA3.

About OMA3:

…Participants include some of the biggest and most innovative names in the space such as Animoca Brands, Alien Worlds, Dapper Labs, MetaMetaverse, SPACE Metaverse, SuperWorld, The Sandbox, Upland, Voxels, Unstoppable Domains, and Wivity (the agent to the consortium)

If he’s saying not to do this, chances are the above group is already working on similar things. I second his recommendations, and offer additional advice to focus on building the ApeCoin Pet and Armory Club, but not the BAYC models. I think there’s a lot of potential with those ideas & are worth exploring.


Thanks so much @0xSword if that is the case then that is great news to hear. I have been very active in Decentraland DAO and have not seen even a request to link BAYC onto its metaverse so don’t know how that would be possible. I could be wrong. However defiantly can believe them or someone could be working on this for OtherSide as well as this already happend with Sandbox for BAYC during the time it took to get this 5 months for this proposal for a vote lol. We have already removed working on BAYC for Sandbox since it has already happend, but what if we also removed or put off BAYC for Otherside as you and @Harry are recommending? That way if they ever get done then will be no need for us to do. Since I too defiantly agree if that is the case. Also as you are saying and focused on linking all Yuga Labs NFT for Decentraland and raw files as well as full scale ACAC and ACPC as you are requesting would you be more incline to for us to move forward with it then and get your vote? Open to whatever you recommend and we can pivot as such thanks again!

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The 3D standard for BAYC likely would be set to show case interoperability. We would recommend wait for more clarity to work on it to minimize extra cost and time spent. Not following the body size standard in 2D, Voxel, 3D would mean spending extra labour and time to remake wearables and emotes.

The submission fee is very small portion of income for the DAO compared to any ticket or land sales for Decentraland. Great content drives audience. The better question to think about what wearables would echo with the audience? How can we line up these brands for upcoming trips for The Otherside?


@Harry yes 1000% agree which we have seen when we did this for Decentraland as well. I am confused, 70% of the Decentraland Cashflow is a “very small portion of income”? I think there is a communication error here since 70% would be a majority not a small portion haha.

Also do also agree on on great content drives great audience which is we have been doing weekly for over a year now in Decentraland with our weekly events and def plan to do with Otherside too. Also agree bringing brands too is a great as well as you have done in the past with sandbox and look forward to your guys success with otherside too. However again that is not relevant to this proposal since we are doing something for the Yuga Labs NFT holders and ApeCoin community directly and working on expanding the ApeCoin community as explained above. After taking yours and @0xSword recommendations what more can we pivot on to get your vote as well? Thanks again!

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I want to see you build here & I’m not the type to say discouraging things. I can’t imagine any delegate or token holders, that I know, voting to approve this. I have questions as to if you have the blessing of BAYC/MAYC holders (or legal rights) to recreate these models even in just decentraland.

I think the Armory is the coolest thing I’ve seen in the DAO yet. That’s something that ID LOVE TO BUILD A BRAND AROUND. I’d put one of those swords in the hands of every new person that enters Otherside’s MetaRPG & build an upgrade system using $APE, then lockup the funds generated to act like a “burn” mechanism. I see a ton of potential for brand and storytelling in that project.

I’m happy to discuss things on Zoom. Only you know best whether to move forward with this proposal as is, but again, i want to see you succeed here. We’re both “old” ApeDAO folks, and nobody handed us a roadmap or told us what we needed to do. We’re figuring that out as a community. That’s my input.


Yes! Just the top video alone we got permission to use and used from 3 BAYC holders can be seen here.
Screen Shot 2022-11-05 at 10.15.01 PM
Screen Shot 2022-11-05 at 10.16.19 PM
Screen Shot 2022-11-05 at 10.17.47 PM

We are also working on Demo 3 mold render to showcase to you all here as well based on them. But yes I appreciate your feedback here since it seems you are forecasting some push back on some of the BAYC members they may vote no based on some confusion which in result could hold back ACAC and ACPC ever happening. What if we broke this proposal up into two portions that way everyone wins even if one fails to reach the votes?

Also wow that was very kind of you to say that ACAC is one of the coolest things you seen in the DAO yet. Means the world since been working on it for months with the team. We have a lot of passion for it and can see your ideas alone are on the same vibe we on too with it thanks a ton.

Yes your feedback and recommendations do mean a ton since from all the experience you guys have within this community so yes truly appreciated. So yes down for a zoom or discord call too if easier to pivot this however we need to get the best forecast to pass so we can finally start. Either way thanks again for everything so far means a ton!


Wearables takes small portion of sales in the metaverse journey
It is a small portion of the income compared to tickets and external NFT sales that has metaverse gated access as utility. Metaprints is an official builder at The Sandbox where we experienced challenges to sell out wearables this year due to following factors
[1] Lack of ongoing utility
[2] Lack emotional attachment
[3] Saturated supply with low barrier for duplication

Snoop Dogg, Steve Aoki’s in The Sandbox sales were avatar and pass sales, not wearables. - they come with utility. In addition, we are building 16 experiences with Metaprints with 20+ partners, we have first hand experience to validate this other than market research.

Revenue Driver For Metaverse
You can review our recent research on the State of Music Metaverse

The report indicated that majority of the web2 metaverses like Forenite, PUBG, WaveXR at the moment offer free access, where majority of the earning for the music artist is from touring.

Decentralnd is not a good indicator for The Otherside’s wearables projection
Context on discrepancy of daily active users:
[1] Dapp Radar updated their metrics after DCL’s counter at 650 daily: DappRadar Says Decentraland has 650 Daily Active Users
[2] shows 8k daily

Three other reasons why DCL is not a good indicator for The Otherside’s wearables projection
[1] Decentraland is not designed for playing games. It is designed for social
[2] DCL has player limitation: 200 in a server is the maximum
[3] Fidelity limitation with low polycounts to run on browser

These limitation create challenges for brands or music artists who need to conduct large storytelling events, thus they chose Roblox or The Sandbox for metaverse event.

The Sandbox would be a more fair benchmark. It is the #1 open metaverse with over 240 web2 brands partners including Gucci, Adidas, Snoop Dogg, Ubisoft, Steve Avoki, Paris Hilton and Warner Music Group. As mentioned above, land, pass and avatar are the bigger sales driver for open metaverse, not wearables. We would recommend wait until ODK to be out and more trips in Otherside to see sustainability drivers for wearables. In the meantime, identify brands on storytelling mission to strategize bring web2 brands onboard – the goals and outcome would be more measurable.

DCL limitation:

Metaverse Employment Outlook Q3 2022

Binance Live: Metaverse Employment Outlook Q3 2022

TSB active users:


Thanks @Harry love this data! And totally agree based on this data alone anyone can see Sandbox and Decentraland are great growing examples on what is to come for Otherside as well as the differences between each Metaverse. Also see the confusion here since yes our data from Decentraland showed 70% of month to month cashlow was majority of wearable market while you are talking about your take on “the metaverse jouney”.

Look foreword to it all and any other pivots you recommend we should take to get your vote on this proposal. Thanks again.

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We would also recommend to reach out to the following builders to validate or reshape hypothesis. These are the builders in the frontline who are like us:

The more builders you chat with, the more you get to know what are the real hidden problems that is urgent to solve, what are mid-term problems that are worth to solve.

Good questions to ask:

  • Are wearables the biggest driver for sales in TSB and DCL?
  • What is the metaverse sales ratio in the last 6 months?
  • What are the biggest challenges they are encountering?

By getting to know these insights, I am sure the hypothesis would come with first hand stats to back your hypothesis.


Thanks so much yes already familiar with them and attended some of their events past couple years it has been tons of fun. All them and you are doing great work in the metaverses and have admired it all. This is all great data on the metaverse space as a whole too thank you. Let me know if anything in particular more relevant we can pivot on on our proposal in particular you recommend we can do to get your vote. For example @bc recommended adding an additional carved out portion that can help incentivize 1. growing the $ApeCoin holders and amounts they would like to hold. 2. grow the ApeCoin community as well in terms of wallets holding ape coin. Which helped us pivoted to the creation of ACAC and ACPC. Also as @0xSword mentioning his idea on we can focus more on ACAC and ACPC portion and deal with the rest of the workload later if it even something we need to do at that point in time. Regardless, if not all good too thanks again for all this great insight and data on all the Metaverses.


I definitely think this proposal needs to be broken up. There’s way too much going on here and the ask alone is enough to deter people.


Thanks so much @Amplify and also been enjoying your teams spaces a ton on twitter! Yes totally agree and the on that being the perfect solution if everyone prefers it. So what we will do is since this proposal already allows people to vote Yes and they can write here only yes on what they prefer (only ACAC and ACPC) or (only linking the NFTs) or (alliterative preferred budget) etc. If does not pass will relaunch 2nd time around with broken up portions (just ACAC and ACPC) and (just linking all Yuga Labs NFTs) that and @0xSword are advising on. Look forward to those pivots if need be and any other ideas or recommendations you guys have door is always open. Thanks again!


Wanted to give you an update on this feedback @Harry and some good news not only did I reach out to them all to get feedback on these questions you recommended me to ask, I also learned that one of the Founders/CEO of one of them was one of my long time friends I met and hang out multiple times Decentraland lol was a small world. But yes I also have learned a lot by following you on twitter and a video that was recently posted by your CEO Animoca Brands on all the current expansions and demands for the whole Web3 ecosystem so thanks a ton!

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So some great news on an update everyone. Yes it has been almost 6 months since I posted this now lol, but I think we will hopefully will be going up for a vote soon. I got faith the DAO team will update and approve soon. Also took everyones feedback and we will be breaking this up to two parts as several of you recommended. Part 1. Will be just ACAC and ACPC for the and Part 2. will be the linking the rest of the Yuga Labs NFTs to all metaverses if they are still needed at that point in time.

In celebration I made a fan art Waifumon NFT based on everyone that gave us feedback in the comments so far which helped a ton. Down to make any changes if want and down to give you a ton and also make it apart of my daily give aways I do on twitter can DM me wallet #'s on twitter if you all want some. Also if you do not like or want it totally cool too, I know some people find what we do with Waifumon as cringe so won’t take it personal lol. It is just a fun fan parody art work collection I have been doing for over a year now and just create it based on my experiences in We3. It has grown to over 100,000 owners now wildly lol don’t how we got here but here we are. So thanks again everyone and keep eyes open for Part 1. going up for a vote very soon thank you!




@Harry “do not worry if you don’t want the smurf we can remove or do something else lol”

@bc based on his BAKC lol










and don’t worry @caseyjones.eth finishing yours I thought I already did one for you lol did I? regardless workin on something special for you so thanks!


Wow! Thanks for art mate. Appreciated. Is it an NFT?


Appreciate the Adidas Football shirt – looks exactly like me :soccer: