AIP-65: To incentivise decision making activity by rewarding active ApeCoin DAO members with free NFTs from a new collection - Brand Decision

More specifically I changed the number of $APE tokens required to vote in total to get one free NFT from 200,000 to 50,000 to encourage more members to participate as @hegel2002 suggested.


Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

The Special Council has deemed this proposal as a return for reconstruction. In doing so, they cited that the voting process should not be used to endorse projects.

The author is encouraged to pursue creating their new collection and we wish success in future efforts. Feel free to share the project with the community and we’ll review where we can best engage on social media. We would also encourage submitting any other AIP that does not require an endorsement via voting at this time.

More can be found on the governance process in the ApeCoin website but if there are any additional questions feel free to reach back out to the moderators.


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