AIP-88 : Earn ApeCoin Revenue Through Our No-Code NFT Drop Platform & Launchpad


We want to become a launch pad to help make ApeCoin NFT project ideas come to life. Through our established no-code, self-serve smart contract platform, NiftyKit, anyone can launch a project on our platform in just minutes, unlocking accessibility for the next generation of NFT creators. By building deep integration with ApeCoin, we can unlock new levels of utility for the token, making it the foundational coin for the creator economy.


NFTs now play a more significant role in adopting the core ideas of web3 and blockchain. It’s become a crucial entry point through which communities and cultures from around the world explore, earn from, and adopt the web3 lifestyle, together.

Sadly, the tools suck to get NFT projects off the ground, plus developers are hard to work with. Good luck finding one you can trust that won’t ghost you on launch day or steal your private keys. Need a technical arm to help you save time launching your project with $APE? We can help.

Our team has extensive web3 and web2 experience, and we’ve been providing value through our company NiftyKit for more than a year. We have worked with prominent creators like Takashi Murakami and Gucci (recently started accepting $APE) in addition to many independent smaller artists who have generated over 7,300 ETH since the beginning of the year through their NFT drops executed on our current self-serve platform.

NFT drops can be months in the making, and if you only have this one shot at launching, you better make sure your plan is tight before you drop and look stupid. With NiftyKit, there is no need to reinvent the wheel when creating NFTs. We will provide a standardized solution that helps onboard users to ApeCoin by providing battle-tested tools.

Yuga and the Improbable team expect us (the community) to help build Otherside with them from the bottom-up, so we have a responsibility to be ready to dive-in face-first when Otherside goes live.

Accepting this AIP supports the first step towards how we’ll use NFTs to connect different communities IRL and in Otherside to raise awareness for our DAO and members.

Adding the ability to drop NFTs in ApeCoin will also help increase:

  • Unique wallets created with ApeCoin
  • ApeCoins earned by Creators
  • Number of ApeCoin NFT drops
  • Number of AIPs submitted to Discourse
  • Number of NFTs entering the Otherside
  • Number of Otherside API builds
  • Number of ApeCoin members ready for Otherside on day one

Receiving a grant from the ApeCoin DAO will help us add a scalable and secure way for any creator or brand to launch an ApeCoin NFT drop in just minutes instead of weeks or months.

Empowering creators with the best-in-class tools will enable our community to become an accelerator and launchpad for NFT projects with the support and backing of the most robust bluechip holders in the ecosystem.


It’s no secret. The Ape community is getting a marketplace - Agora - and we know ApeCoin will power Otherside. Buying $APE is the best entry point for anyone wanting to participate; no Ape, Mutant, or Deed is required. Yes, you can buy and hold $APE and wait for it to the moon, but what if you had a way to accept ApeCoin for goods and services you can offer as NFTs through drops?

You know…investing in yourself, launching your project, or collaborating with a team that can help you get off the ground. Yes, NFTs are perfect for PFPs, but NFTs can be much more. These drops can be generative art, membership access tokens, or tokens for things like ticketing, gated access, or exclusive content. 3D files and objects can represent NFTs; the same goes for audio and video. NFTs are not just JPEGs.


The possibilities for the future are endless. You do not have to be a “crypto artist” to do this. Got a business? LFG. Work for an innovative company? LFG. Know someone with a great idea? LFG.

We will see a surge in innovation around fashion, wearables, in-game assets, and other assets we can use and bridge across different metaverses like the Otherside which we know will support interoperability and allow us a chance to bring their outside collections and NFTs in.

Now is the time to get a head start and building if you’re not already. It’s easier than you think and using a platform like NiftyKit will unlock your freedom to be creative.

In addition to providing the premier tool for creators to adopt $APE, we will help onboard and educate project founders and their teams on how to launch their projects on ApeCoin. There is more than just artwork that goes into an NFT drop and there are many places where something can go wrong. We want projects to be equipped with the right tools and armed with the correct knowledge needed to succeed.

We are entirely bootstrapped, so we are asking for a grant from the ApeCoin DAO to fund the the development, maintenance, and creation of this project.

Key Terms

  • NiftyKit - This grant will fund the implementation of ApeCoin on our current platform at
  • NFT Drop - The creation of NFTs to launch and sell to buyers purchasing using cryptocurrency
  • AIP - Ape Improvement Proposal


Since our platform is already created, our team will be implementing the ability to launch NFT drops that accept ApeCoin as a new feature to our existing app.

Our Platform

NiftyKit is the outcome of our team’s collective experience launching over 500 drops with an intuitive user interface to maximize creator earnings and efficiency while deploying their digital assets.

Current Features

  • Fully Audited Smart Contracts (by ChainSafe)
  • Unlimited Multi-chain Minting: Ethereum Mainnet, Polygon, Optimism
  • ERC721 & ERC721A Smart Contracts
  • Batch Airdrops (w/ CSV upload)
  • Presale Access List
  • Pre-Reveal/Reveal Interface
  • Revenue Split (Primary & Secondary Sales)
  • Customizable Mint Page
  • JavaScript SDK
  • Charity Donations (via The Giving Block)

Onboarding Process

Work with Bored Ape owned businesses and influencers to launch their project using our launchpad.

  • Investigate projects to team up with
  • Onboard them to NiftyKit platform
  • Determine revenue splits, token-gated unlockables , and pre-sale list strategy
  • Develop and work on the creative design for NFTs
  • Implement SDK on website and prepare for minting
  • Upload assets and metadata to IPFS and prepare drop
  • Launch the primary sale of NFT to community
  • Earn $APE for each NFT lazy minted through website
  • Withdraw earnings from smart contract and revenue split

Steps to Implement

  1. Get proposal approved
  2. Develop ApeCoin integration on NiftyKit
  3. Onboard initial ApeCoin projects
  4. Security and smart contract audits
  5. Quality Assurance for application(s)
  6. Creator ApeCoin specific doc/tutorials
  7. Pre-flight preparation for launch
  8. Go live with first ApeCoin drop


  • Month 1
    • Pre-production planning
    • Start development (code & design)
    • Onboard creator pilot
  • Month 2
    • Develop ApeCoin integration
    • Implement front-end UX
    • QA & submit audit
  • Month 3
    • Audit complete
    • Write documentation
    • Go live

Overall Cost

We request a grant from the ApeCoin DAO for 8500 $APE per month for three months to assist in adding and integrating ApeCoin into our fully built, functional, operational platform and to kickstart a program to onboard NFT projects to $APE.

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Love the idea Dan. Just a couple of questions from my initial read:

  • So basically integrating $APE to NiftyKit is just another option for buyers
  • If so, will there be the ability to convert ETH to $APE on the fly or we thinking that folks will want to to spend their existing $APE for an NFT?

Only asking cause I have yet to have any of my many offers for Otherdeeds accepted when offered in $APE.

And while I do think experiments like this are necessary to help prime the pump for $APE, just wondering what data you may have that helps support this change in user-behaviour.

Secondly, what’s your thinking about this portion of the process?

Work with Bored Ape-owned businesses and influencers to launch their project using our launchpad.

  • Investigate Bored Ape projects to team up with

Are we gonna get the same faces and BAYC/MAYC influencers/founders or is the team looking to expand the universe of creators/owners somehow? Not suggesting the former is a negative, just curious as to your thinking to date.

Appreciate the thought and effort in this AIP – happy to help if possible. Look forward to your thoughts on the above.

Cheers – :v:t4: SSP


Love this idea and have a few ideas that could utilize a platform like this! Here are a couple questions I have:

  1. What is the plan after the initial 3 months mentioned in this post? Is this something that will have additional components built and funded after that?
  2. Is it possible to share a list of team members so we can get a feel for who the team is?
  3. Are there specific project ideas your platform is geared towards? Or is it more open ended?

Yes, this AIP is just integrating $APE as an option for buyers

Yes, we can explore the ability to convert ETH to $APE on the fly, but was originally thinking that they spend their existing $APE for an NFT to keep things simple for this first version.

  • My thinking is that someone new (non-$APE holder) can create a project, choose to accept $APE and become a new wallet holding $APE in the system by being able to provide some value to current $APE holders willing to purchase.
  • In the future I see a world where these NFT drops become metaverse assets you can purchase with $APE or any other token that will eventually make it’s way in and out of different applications of commerce in Otherside

RE: Otherdeeds offers…what we are creating is going to be different than the current marketplace experience (assuming you are doing offers on Opensea). We focus on primary sales and drops on our platform, so it will be new value coming into the ecosystem through buyers who lazy mint NFTs and pay in $APE.

  • My thinking is that this is less about flipping and secondary sales, but more of a focus on trying to surface how creators, brands, companies, & artists can use our web3 tools to grow their community through primary sales.

RE: Influencers…the goal with our platform has always been to empower as many creators and artists as possible with our easy-to-use tools. I do not want to shut out influencers or legit BAYC/MAYC members legitimately looking to provide the space value. I do however want to focus on bringing in as many eyeballs and new $APE holders and that will start with the approach of expanding the universe of creators able to make something happen, now that they have the tools.

  • My thinking is we can leverage the influencers to help amplify the message and bring projects or ideas to the space that attract new holders of $APE.
  • This is where I need the most help. Can I get help sharing this proposal and getting it into the hands of the influencers to see how we can collab on this? We have some serious tech, but if this AIP doesn’t pass, we could still help out; even if is just pointing you in the right direction or with feedback.

If anyone wants to try the platform, please send a DM and I will give you free access and unlock all the goodies for you to try out.

Thanks for the feedback and great questions @ssp1111!

  1. What is the plan after the initial 3 months mentioned in this post? Is this something that will have additional components built and funded after that?
  • In 3 months we will unlock the opportunity for projects on the sideline to jump in with tools that will give them the best chance to succeed with their NFT project. I expect to see an increase in AIPs submitted using our platform for part of the project. It can be an NFT Drop. ApeCoin revenue split. Token Gated access. Free or paid mints to seed your initial community or team that will follow you no matter how crazy your idea sounds. If there is an AIP or something additional that we can build that the community is willing to offer another grant for, we’ll build it. For now I want to start with the implementation that will support the most amount of creators with a reasonable budget and timeframe. After this, we can work together to decide what needs to be built, who builds it, and whether any one gives a crap to approve it.
  1. Is it possible to share a list of team members so we can get a feel for who the team is?
  • Learn more here: We have been building our platform for more than a year and a half and we work with top creators and brands. You can see some of the projects we’ve launched here: If you are serious about this proposal or have a project you want to launch, I’d love to set up some time to chat on a zoom or call to reassure you that your vote is in good hands.
  1. Are there specific project ideas your platform is geared towards? Or is it more open ended?
  • It is open-ended with freedom to be creative, but the most popular use case is for delayed reveal NFT drops, membership passes, NFT tickets and IRL passes, giveaways and contests, and we can handle 1 of 1’s and redeemable style NFTs.

Appreciate you @RedVulkan and look forward to working with you on something special for the newsletter. Would love to hear any other feedback or thoughts you have. Anything you can do to share this and get the word out to those looking to get into the space but are stuck would be greatly appreciated! :pray:


Appreciate the details and insight! Looking forward to working with you on some cool things as well!


Thanks for the fast reply – happy to support and get the word out.

As far as signing up, do we need access codes?


It is free to signup and try the tools.

Use promocode: AIPFAM

Looking forward to the feedback!


Projects like this that are integrating APE that will then empower other builders to work with APE are exactly the types of projects that we should be funding.

I have chatted with Dan and also reviewed the platform. This should be a no-brainer.


@Brooklyn I really appreciate you taking the time to chat with me and spending time to check out the tools. Please reach out if you have any other thoughts, questions, or ideas. Happy to chat more or hop on a call to discuss. :pray:

For all the builders out there providing a product or service, or looking to jumpstart a new project, please reach out and let us know what you are working on. Sign up for the NiftyKit app and try it for free. Let’s build something in web3 together, it’s easier than you may think.

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:100: have started digging in and trying NiftyKit myself and it’s a really cool product. The ability to integrate Apecoin and help other projects build things is exactly what we are trying to do with this DAO.


@RedVulkan As someone who is in the trenches and frontlines of the community, your comment and support means a lot to us. I’m looking forward to collaborating and helping educate the community more on what is possible in the space. Thanks again for your help and for logging into the app to try it out!


Here are some questions I received and would love to surface here for discussion and clarity.

Thanks so much for all of the feedback! Keep it coming!

Some reasons why this AIP may NOT PASS:

  1. I personally won’t be using $APE to buy anything that isn’t Yuga /Otherside
  2. I think no-code minting sites are great, but charging $50/mth isnt
  3. I don’t feel it’s the DAO responsibility to sponsor an NFT platform.
  4. I don’t think there’s a strong demand for that either.
  5. There are other platforms that make it easy for creators to launch collections
  6. I think requesting USDC instead of $APE is a little weird
  7. I’m quite against doing much stuff with that dao.
  8. I will never vote on something like this

Please see my responses below

1. I personally won’t be using $APE to buy anything that isn’t Yuga /Otherside

  • I see an ecosystem where buyers use $APE to buy Yuga/Otherside approved sellers/vendors coming into the ecosystem, either in metaverse or in IRL. Imagine being able to claim, mint, or buy exclusive NFTs from partners hosting a booth or experience at Ape Fest. For Otherside, it would be cool to get a Yuga x [INSERT YOUR FAVORITE BRAND HERE] collaboration digital wearable for my Koda. Companies and brands are going to need these tools to do that. We can’t completely rely on Yuga/Otherside.

2. I think no-code minting sites are great, but charging $50/mth isnt

  • The free or lower-cost tools out there don’t compare. The cost of doing this with a developer is a lot more expensive, both in cost and time it takes to find, hire, and onboard someone who may have found on Fiverr or Upwork.
  • We are happy to work directly with creators for free to help them launch this project for their pilot NFT drop. This is not a problem. Our goal here isn’t to get monthly subscriptions, but more-so get the grant to add the tech, to be able to help people get into $APE. Either as a creator or a buyer of $APE NFT Drops.

3. I don’t feel it’s the DAO responsibility to sponsor an NFT platform.

  • It is the DAO’s responsibility to find and sponsor projects that are going to empower creators to help expand our community and overall awareness for ape. This implementation will open up the ability for creators do SOMETHING with their ideas. NFTs are more than just PFP projects and jpegs of 1/1 art. NFTs are the framework in which we will operate the future of work. Not voting for this proposal is going to stymie growth of $APE and the overall web3 space for creators and their fans.

4. I don’t think there’s a strong demand for this.

  • We are early, I get it, but like I mentioned in the last question, this is more than JPEGs and once more people understand the power of NFTs and have a way to unleash this in their businesses somehow, the demand will be a lot stronger than it is now.
  • We are also in a bear market waiting to slingshot into the next bull.

5. There are other platforms that make it easy for creators to launch a collection

  • They suck and don’t accept $APE

6. I think requesting USDC instead of $APE is a little weird & it makes it hard for the DAO to do the grant

  • I did this to make the numbers more clear so that it would be easier for you to decide if it would be worth voting yes for.
  • AFAIK the dao has USDC available for grants. I’ll take the equivalent in $APE if that is easier. Can anyone confirm?

7. I’m quite against doing much stuff with that dao.

  • Way to be a team player. We need more participation homie.

8. I will never vote on something like this

  • I hope I can convince you otherwise with the support of the community. If not, stay out of our way.

Open to discussing these questions or any not mentioned above. Thank you all again for your feedback!

If you are digging the proposal, please share and RT this on Twitter

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Love it all, especially this:

7. I’m quite against doing much stuff with that dao.

  • Way to be a team player. We need more participation homie.

Haha :rofl:

Also, can I take you up on your offer to help with my project? Working on partnerships, graphics, and tokenomics currently – but definitely want to work with a fellow BAYC.

PS, do you have any front-end web designers in your Rolodex? Cheers – SSP


This, to me, is the premise I think we should be using to approach most AIPs. The treasury should be focused on the empowerment of builders that want to integrate ApeCoin.

In my opinion, we should be spending freely on as many projects as we can that want to build and be a part of our community. Not all of them will make it, but that is OK. We need to start investing and building no matter what.


Hi @4437,

Your topic will be automatically closing in less than 24 hours. Are you content with the feedback received, or do you wish to extend community discussion for a further 7 days?

If we do not hear from you within 48 hours after your topic closes, your topic will be moved straight to the AIP Draft process.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

@4437 has completed editing their AIP Idea to be their AIP Draft.

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Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

We have sent a list of initial questions to the author

Follow this Topic as further updates will be posted here in the comments.

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