Ape Karts 3D - Racing Game for APECoin

Ape Campaign: Ape Karts 3D

Abstract: Too many web3 games are overly complicated. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel and build a game from scratch- rather we can take proven ideas and make a web3 version of them! Enter Ape Karts, a racing game where you can play as an Ape and use $APE as the in-game currency.

Motivation - This would bring utility and burning mechanisms to the $APE token thus making it more scarce.

Rationale - By making a game where people can spend their APECoin, we bring utility to the ecosystem and brand exposure to the masses in a fun, familiar way.

Specifications: The game will be designed in Unity and ported over to a playable web version. There will be two game modes:
Mode 1: Casual- Single player game racing against AI, no coins at stake./
Mode 2: Degen - 1V1 Game mode, both players can stake $APE coin OR stake their Ape NFT. Winner gets the loser’s money/NFT.

Steps to implement:

  • Smart Contract designer: For the $APE and NFT staking contract
  • Web Developer: For implementing Unity game into the browser and multiplayer modes
  • 3D Designer: To make the game assets
  • Unity Developer: For in-game assets, 3D Design and fabrication of the code.
  • Graphic Designer: For in-game menu’s and other files

30 Days: Finish the Unity game, with proper assets and UI menus fixed. Smart contract completed.

50 Days: Complete the web version with working smart contract functionality. Ready for public use!

Overall cost USD:
Smart Contract ($5000)
Web Developer ($5000)
3D Designer ($3000)
Unity Developer ($4000)
Graphic Designer ($3000)

Total: $20,000 USD

Additional notes:
This concept won first place for the best use of APECoin at EthWaterloo hackathon. People loved the idea, it adds so much use case for the token and can easily expand into more utility in the near future. I believe in starting with a simple, proven idea. This will be built by a transparent public figure, I’m not anon. You can see my tiktok here.

Link to our ETH Waterloo Pitch: https://ethglobal.com/showcase/nouns-kart-3d-a3og1

Thanks hector for the proposal.

Personally, not a fan of the game flow as there is a lack of longevity. Maybe you could add more detailed info on #1 how to make people to keep playing the game and #2 $ape transactions as the main currency on the game.

Creating a game and integrating $ape to it are a pretty simple work. No issue on it, but seems there are more things you could put it in the proposal.

My biggest concern: people only play it for 2-3x and get bored quickly.




You need to check the fine line between gaming and gambling. As gaming is allowed but gambling isn’t with the ApeCoin Dao.


I like the idea of a karting game because I know my kids will love it, lol, but betting apecoin or NFTs seems a bit over the top for me. Maybe a game where you remove the ads by paying apecoin, or you buy extra power ups or something with apecoin would maybe work a bit better. Just my 2 cents of course.


Well our bet is that people would enjoy playing it because of the high stakes, the model works because users get a chance at earning some usable funds. This is partly why axie infinity became so popular in the phillipines … the players were selling the earned funds for ETH and then fiat etc.

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Gambling is leaving it up to chance, in this game we allow more control at least - it’s based on skill, you just have to beat the other guy, more of a play 2 earn model.

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Ye and axie is dead now. P2E is a very difficult scheme. Benchmarking axie to $ape is clearly not the best thing to do :joy:

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Hi Hector -

I noticed your Eth Waterloo submission is a copy of Unity’s intro-level cart racing tutorial but with eth signs instead of trees and ApeCoin on the road. (I say intro-level b/c it’s one of the tutorials one goes through during their first few days of learning Unity, speaking from personal experience.) The first screenshot is from your submission and the second - from the tutorial (which can be seen here):

Screenshot 2023-07-11 at 3.13.50 PM
Screenshot 2023-07-11 at 3.13.41 PM

Given that you adopted an existing codebase (perhaps due to hackathon time constraints), it’s not possible for voters here to judge your skill/ability from hackathon alone.

So my 1st question is - what is your broader background / experience in developing games? Do you perhaps have other examples of work that are your own code/design that voters could see?

The cost estimates seem extremely low for even the simplest of video games. My 2nd question is - what exactly is the scope of this project, i.e. the features and design you expect the game to have?

Thank you!


This! ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎


I had already seen your project in the EthWaterloo hackathon. the problem of your project is that you have to bet coin or nft. If you could find an alternative solution I think it would be very interesting.

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Can you explain more about what you mean by “burning mechanisms?”

All statements and opinions are my own, not on behalf of the Ape Foundation.


budget is very very low for a game. theres no line for marketing? which is needed. building a kart game is not easy unless youre copying asset from unity store.


Would it be possible to play without betting $ape tokens?


Sure… but then it would be boring. The whole fun of this game is that the user puts their crypto (or NFT) at stake! This is what makes it fun!


With these bets, wouldn’t the game be more financial than fun?


I understand my friend.


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Hi @byhectord

Can you please answer these two questions by @Sasha. I feel your response is important to analysis of your AIP by community.

Thank you


With all these risk involved, pretty sure not even Special Council will approve this.
Also kinda bumped that he didnt responded to the questions that involve risk


99% People are in crypto for the money. The ability to win cash is the biggest appeal, maybe not for you - but for the majority yes

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