@ApeForLife - Nomination 7/2023

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @ApeForLife

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GhuruKey

Name: Roche

Educational Background:

B.Juris LL.B - Legal

Professional Background:

Attorney of the High Court - Directorship experience in running a law firm - Currently owner of my own firm

Nomination Statement

Concise statement on why you are running for the Special Council

I believe I will be able to make a valuable contribution in providing guidance on issues that may be faced and I believe I have sufficient business and legal experience to be able to assist with effective governance or implementation.


Details on your motivation for becoming an ApeCoin DAO Special Council member

ApeCoin has been a token that I have bought as I saw the amazing potential of this project that I believe all involved in this space also share. I want the project to achieve success upon success. When I saw the post on the application for Special Council I felt drawn to applying for it, it felt like a calling that came from nowhere, which I must answer. I believe I can assist with management experience and guidance on issues that may arise.


Share relevant experience and skills that will bring value to the ApeCoin community

Legal and Management(Directorship) level experience in managing a company. Looking for the best solution to a problem, go hand in hand with management of a project like ApeCoin.


Further describe relevant experience, including crypto and governance participation, and/or ideas for DAO improvement

I have previously voted and made suggestions as to proposals on an informal level in the crypto space. What I would suggest as a possible improvement is a type of community ‘suggestion box’ and those suggestions that are upvoted sufficiently (a required number of upvotes) can be formulated as a proposal by Council and be put up for a DAO vote, with Council listing possible pros and cons of the proposal they identified for the community.

Concluding Statement

Summarize your statement as to why you are the best choice for Special Council

I will venture to assist, guide, manage, provide advice and raise concerns where necessary and as such I will not only act as a member of the Special Council but can hopefully also act as a type of a Special Counsel for the Special Council.


I am posting my Discourse profile herewith for easy reference and some further information-

Qualifications: B.Juris LL.B (c Laude)
Attorney of the High Court/ Certificate of Right of Appearance
Prior Experience - Director of Company/Executor/Trustee/Chairman of Body Corporate/ Crypto enthusiast and investor
I’ ve listed all these things as I’m running for Special Council. Giving all the pros and cons to the community and being forthright with them is key to having a good functioning DAO. Let us expand our ‘Apeverse’ to the ‘Otherside’ and beyond. What could apes achieve? ‘SpaceApes?’,‘Medieval Apes?’,‘Racing Apes?’, not just a metaverse, but an Ape Multiverse? Lets go Ape and get it done!

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To give a broader overview, the experience that I have as an experienced Executor and Trustee is very similar in task to that of a Special Council Member. A trustee manages a Trust, that is quite similar in legal structure to a Foundation in that decisions and work take place in a fiduciary capacity by the trustee as per the terms of the Trust Deed for the benefit of Trust beneficiaries. In this case the Special Council member also acts similarly in acting in a position of trust for the benefit of the DAO in terms of Foundation requirements and DAO authority. A new dynamic should take place in conversations between the Council and the Legal Counsel of the Foundation to see what can be agreed upon to streamline the AIP process, short and long legal discussions can take place between myself and the Foundation’s legal counsel to address any of the Foundation counsel’s larger concerns and individual AIP concerns and whether a redraft can be done to evade such concerns. The Foundation’s legal counsel’s concerns should however not be taken lightly as those same concerns could otherwise later be raised by a nation’s authority. Better to be overly strict on risk management than face regulatory scrutiny, which is probably the biggest risk any DAO or Foundation could face.

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To further streamline the AIP process or processing time, the community can decide whether they want to add additional grounds on which Special Council could (or must) reject AIP’s, such as for example:

  1. The AIP is too similar to a previous AIP that has already been rejected by community vote
  2. The AIP is not in the opinion of Special Council required by the community currently
  3. The AIP benefits a portion of the Ape ecosystem to the possible detriment of another portion thereof

There are in fact some AIP’s that have been rejected by community vote and are then resubmitted with a slight amendment only or a totally different proposer coming along a month or two later and submitting a similar proposal. The resubmission of proposals similar to rejected proposals can clog up the process. Similarly proposals that are frivolous or do not have sufficient merit, in Special Council’s opinion, can then be rejected on the basis that they are not required. I believe it is essential to make suggestions to what can be done to improve functionality in the AIP process and I will do this as often as I identify them, but it is up to the community to decide if they agree with such suggestions or proposals, as it is a democratic process. It is a journey of DAO we will all participate in to get the best groundbreaking DAO in place and every contribution will bring us closer to the end goal.


The community should also consider whether Special Council should not be given the ability to issue directives as to internal operations of the DAO that do not require spending proposals. If the Stewards or Facilitators for example make suggestions, as to making their operations more efficient, then if Special Council is also in agreement therewith, the suggestion could be formalised by publishing a Directive of the Special Council that is listed on Discourse under a heading of ‘Directives’. This might further reduce operational AIP’s and improve implementation times for ordinary practical decisions for the efficient working of the DAO.


I hope this has provided a broader view of myself and the value I can bring in the position of Special Council. I wil regard this as a full time position if appointed and will appoint additional staff to my legal practice to keep it running while I fulfill my tasks as Special Council. I already have a qualified attorney working for me and my candidate attorney is currently writing the bar exams and will be a qualified attorney shortly too and can then also take over additional tasks. My role in the legal firm can thus be limited to owner alone for the next year or two if I am appointed to Special Council. The benefit to the DAO is thus also that I will still be able to tap into and make use of the resources available in my legal practice. I have been desirous of expanding my experience beyond private legal practice and this position offers the ideal opportunity for me to get further involved in the web3 space that I love. I will act prudently and objectively in this role, with a focus on ever improvement of the DAO and the protection of the Foundation’s custodial assets, while taking culture forward into the metaverse.


Here is the link to the Special Council Nominees Spaces that I participated in. I am referred to as RK in the Spaces Spotlight. Sharing my broader views on the Multi-metaverse and my other views. https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1lDGLngAZgqxm

Here is a link to a proposal that I have recently drafted, that if approved will speed up the time to get more efficient administrative practices in place. AIP-266: Authorise Special Council to issue Directives for more efficient DAO operation

Here is my answers to the Moca community questions, but very relevant to ApecoinDAO itself.


very impressive background! you definitely seem qualified :orange_heart:

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Thank you very much for your comment, it is appreciated!

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@ApeForLife ,

My number one question I am asking to all nominees is, in your opinion what is the biggest hurdle we’ve yet to get past in the DAO?


Thank you for the question.

The US and the Sec specifically seem to be getting more crypto unfriendly by the day, with threats against Coinbase etc, while they are being urged on by some crypto hating Senators and members of the US Congress, the Sec might just on a whim decide to seize all crypto held at Coinbase, while serving a cease and desist on them. It might never go this far, but Gensler made it clear that, as far as he is concerned, most (probably all) POS cryptos are securities in the US and the FTX debacle was fuel on the fire for their crypto prosecutions.

The most important and urgent hurdle would thus seem to be to get the Apecoin out of Coinbase, while at the same time being able to still hold it safely.

It seems El Salvador is currently the most crypto friendly country, but whether it can yet be held safely there and third party payments and trades effectively executed from there is another question. The decentralised options that the working groups will focus on with regards to treasury is probably the most important task at hand in my opinion to overcome this hurdle. Why is it the most important, because if our funds are frozen in Coinbase its all over, our Apecoin could be frozen while litigation continues for years and we can’t pay anyone, so even if the risk is considered small that this would happen by some, an even 1% chance that it could happen is far too big a risk.

I appreciate the response. Good luck on the election season!

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Thank you very much @phibacka31 !

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Here is a link to a proposal that I have recently drafted, that if approved will speed up the time to get more efficient administrative practices in place.
AIP-266: Authorise Special Council to issue Directives for more efficient DAO operation

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You see @phibacka31, I was right, there they sue Coinbase and tomorrow funds could be frozen!

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