Beta Testing Group AIP-300 Passed!


AIP-300 has been successfully passed and so the Beta Testing Group is Alive!

Its open to all who wish to participate, including brand new community members who wish to have a tangible way to contribute and any project seeking to have an AIP passed.


The Beta Testing Group seeks to provide projects valuable user feedback that enhances project quality and ensures the community’s voice is heard. This supports Project’s quests to have their AIPs passed. Community members acting as Beta Testers provide significant value to the community.

For a project that a member tests that is passed, then they will be awarded a custom Forum badge, showcasing the title “Beta Tester” and the description “Participant of the Beta Testing Program.”


  1. Any projects interested in being tested please post on this thread. Hangout can then pick up the conversation with the project owner in DM to organise the creation of the specific Beta Testing Survey that provides most value to the Project owners.
  2. A Project specific Beta Testing thread will be created along with a link to the survey to be completed by Beta Testers. This Thread becomes the place for testers to interact with the project and provide open 2 way communication.
  3. Upon the project successfully passing its AIP those testers who have contributed will be awarded the Beta Testing Badge.

Any questions please reach out to me directly!


Congrats pick meeeeee

Will do, just need to confirm the first project that wants to be tested!

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Happy to volunteer our project to be tested once ready. We will need content creators and educators to test out our platform.


Brilliant, keep us updated!

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No worries, I will keep in touch.

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Though I had planned to hire some members from our community back when my game AIP-316 (up for vote today!) was more ambitious, I would still be looking to utilize this beta testing initiative if in fact the AIP passes and the token is thus adopted for the game.


Good to talk as nice to see if I can link to you from the voxels parcel.

Brilliant, keep us updated!

Bear in mind if your open to it I reckon it would be worth offering the community the chance to beta test now before the proposal goes to vote.


Are you talking about the Alganon game AIP-316? It’s already up for vote since last Thurs.

Interestingly, I have seem some of the voter comments which I can’t address since the AIP thread is now closed and I have no way of reaching those voters with clarity.

e.g. Since I put up AIP-316, we have been working on a milestone for the game’s dev whereby we are transitioning from co-lo servers to cloud servers. And so, everything went offline last Fri due to this transition. And ofc, dragonate.eth voted against the AIP because they couldn’t access the game’s website - which just happens to be hosted on our servers. If the AIP thread was still open, I could have posted a message on the Discourse thread. But it’s closed now - and so, there’s no way for me to convey that update.

Another example. There’s no way to have any discussion with people who have the incorrect impression of an AIP. The Discourse threads we have now are for AIPs that have already passed. So, Dark0 voted against the AIP because he says the game is too much like like WoW. Well, duh. If you look close enough, every game in a genre is literally like another game. What sets them apart is the gameplay and many other factors. Plus, there is no game like WoW in Web3. Who the heck is going to spend $100M to build it? So, with Alganon, you basically get a WoW type game (it’s not a clone btw) in Web3. Why not?

All of these can be addressed if there was an on-going community group/test team such as what this AIP is about, to help navigate some of this narrative. But I think that usually comes after an AIP has passed.

And while the game is live currently, it’s only accessible to us the devs, our closed test group, and third-party content teams who are creating the new 2D/3D art assets. So, there’s no way to on-board outside testers at this point in time. And that is specifically why my original $2M AIP had expenses for the community here to have its own servers and access to the current game version within 30 days of the AIP passing. But those plans were nixed due to costs. Here we are.

But none of this matters anyway because despite the fact that AIP-256 mission statement option 2 (“ApeCoin’s mission is to become the coin of metaverse culture and blockchain gaming”) is winning the vote, people are voting against a game AIP anyway. Like there are going to be games like this coming here any time soon. It makes no sense to me - at all. But hey, it is what it is.

Funny that voter manipulation is wide-open during active voting… it’s visible who voted and how they voted, ergo can be pre$$ured to make or change votes, and UNofficial forums for discussion such as Coms, Twitter and Discord - where anyone can say anything w/o accountability - are going full-tilt, yet the only official place for info - the AIP thread itself - is closed.

Quite the system. It must benefit someone, somehow, but not AIP authors or a credible & transparent grants process.


Lfggggggggggg I’m hype

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Hello everyone! Invite you to take part in our Testnet which will take part in the end of October. Participate and earn rewards :wink:


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