Facilitator Note #11: Forum Recategorization, Transparency Reports, & Beta Testing

Hello ApeCoin DAO Community,

We understand that navigating Discourse can sometimes be challenging and we’re committed to making the forum as user-friendly as possible. Today, we’re excited to announce some recategorization updates, introduce the first Special Council Transparency Report, and provide an update for projects seeking beta testing.

At the very top of the forum home page, you’ll now find the Announcements category. Designed to keep you well-informed and with the intent of supporting DAO-approved initiatives, in this category you will find subcategories for the Governance Working Group, Marketing and Communications Working Group, and Metaverse Working Group Announcements. Here you’ll also find the Transparency Hub subcategory, where you can read updates from the Ape Foundation’s Administration, including the Special Council and Webslinger.

The approval of AIP-305 has introduced a new initiative, “Establishing Special Council’s Accountability Practices.” These weekly reports from the Special Council will live in the Transparency Hub, and you can find the first of these updates at the following link:
SC Weekly Updates Oct 1-8 2023 27.

To make room for the categories mentioned above, we’ve transitioned the Start Here category and its contents to the FAQs category. If you are looking for the AIP Draft Template or any information related to the AIP Process, the Draft can now be found there and it will automatically generate for all members upon beginning a new topic under the AIP Idea category.

On a final note, projects seeking beta testing by members of the ApeCoin DAO community may contact the Beta Testing Group by following the instructions found here.

Best regards,

-ApeCoin DAO Community Discourse Facilitators


Thanks for the updates.

Would prefer Team Description to show up after the Abstract – can devs do something?



Navigating discourse is quite difficult :grin:
New members would have to take it slow to understand how it works, it was difficult for me initially.
I love the changes made.


Making the platform easier to use is always a good solution.
Nowadays, the fewer characters there are on a website, the more intuitive it becomes.


great updates as always


Good to know if you have any specific suggestions, in terms of content management, you feel would improve the forum (discourse).

FYI. Updates to content are happening with quite a few planned in the next few weeks.