Facilitator Note #3: Forum Organization Update

Attention ApeCoin DAO Community!

We have some exciting updates and changes to announce regarding the forum categories and organization:

  1. Announcements Subcategory: We have successfully moved the “Announcements” subcategory from “Start Here” to “Help & Resources.” This relocation aims to streamline navigation of the Start Here section and make it easier for you to find important announcements from administrators.
  1. Category Copy: We have updated the language in various categories to clarify some minor points of confusion. The new copy has been crafted by our team members to provide a more approachable tone while still ensuring inclusivity among the community.
  1. Updated Category Order: In response to community feedback, we have moved the “Withdrawn AIPs” category below the “Final AIPs” category. This reordering aligns with the communities preferences and enhances the overall forum experience.
  1. New Subcategories: We are thrilled to introduce four new subcategories to facilitate focused discussions within the community. You can now explore and participate in conversations related to Art, Entertainment, Gaming and provide us with additional Suggestions to consider for the forum. These subcategories will help organize discussions and foster engagement in specific areas of interest.
  1. Reaction Badge Removal: Due to technical limitations, we have removed the “Reaction Badge” feature as we currently do not have the plugin installed. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding. If the community would like to enable the Reaction Badge at some point in the future, an AIP should be considered and submitted.
  1. “Returned For Reconstruction” Subcategory: To better accommodate the AIP process, we have added a new subcategory called “Returned For Reconstruction” under the “Final AIPs” section. This will help categorize the AIPs which have been returned after the Administrative Review phase, and help organize those topics which require revisions & further development.
  1. Facilitator Election Category Deletion: We are in the process of archiving the “Facilitator Election” category and we have currently moved it to a lower priority space. This change reflects our commitment to adapt and streamline our forum structure.

We hope that these updates and adjustments will enhance your forum experience and promote meaningful discussions within our community. Thank you for your ongoing support and engagement!

Best regards,

ApeCoin DAO Community Discourse Facilitators