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ABout BoredIn

BoredIn is an independent organization within the Ape community, supported by over 200 MBAs founders.

It was founded by @popilart and @NFThoarder888.

BoredIn focuses on IP research and event planning. We host BoredIn MBAs Live and BoredIn MBAs Newsletter and organize Bored Brunch events.

What we’re building
BoredIn (MBA #00162) is where a lively troop of apes comes together to explore the realms of Bored IP and MBAs! Led by the dynamic duo @popilart &

we’re diving deep into MBA and Bored IP. Building can sometimes feel like a solo adventure, but fear not – we’ve created a community akin to LinkedIn for apes to collaborate and uplift one another. Our community has grown to encompass 200 ape builders with many more MBA brands and products. We have made a strategic effort to provide further exposure for these IP brands and products as we expand our reach. The creation of the BoredIn Weekly newsletter and X live spaces has allowed us to expand the reach to other platforms like X, Linkedin, and YouTube. We plan to continue to grow and build with apes to further MBA and IP collectively while building infrastructure for future Ape IP builders. It’s worth mentioning that on our website [], we have added an MBAs Research Tag, focusing on inbox subscriptions and helping each brand with eCommerce promotion. Cross-media promotion has helped MBAs brands overcome their promotional challenges. We are excited to build alongside Yuga and all these talented builders. Let’s soar together!

We believe in the tremendous synergy that can arise between Apes. We’re collectively inspiring, exploring, and shaping each other’s journey while subtly evolving the MBA ecosystem. "We’re all in MBA.”

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We love to see it!

Critical infrastructure within the ApeCoin ecosystem that @popil and @NFThoarder are doing an incredible job of facilitating on multiple levels.

Keep up the incredible work!!



Thank you All city!!! let’s building more together!

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We love thr Bored Inn!!! Great work Popil & Team!!


Appreciate it and would love to building more together!

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Love to hear more about this.

Great to see the links being created to ApeCoin!

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