@br00no - Nomination 7/2023

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @br00no

Twitter: https://twitter.com/psychprofits

Educational Background:

Studied Econ in university, Computer Information Systems in college, and obtained the Canadian Securities Institute’s diploma.

Professional Background:

Comptroller at head office of a major international bank and CFO / on BoD of several public companies in the US and Canada in industries ranging from medical device patents to oil discoveries. As a result, I work with securities lawyers constantly so know all about financial best practices and regulatory landscapes and compliance which will increasingly apply to crypto and DAOs. I’m founder and president of one of the few equity crowdfunding portals approved by various Securities and Exchange Commissions.

Spent a few years in tech / coding, having co-developed and implemented one of the nation’s largest retail software networks by dollar volume. I’m also an adjudicator for one of the biggest arts (music) grants organizations in the world. That involves assessing and providing feedback on the whole scope of a project from demos to financial to touring. I’ve been bandleader for an international pop star who had one of the top-selling songs of the decade.

In the course of these varied endeavors I’ve seen or been part of many companies and creative projects going from seed to success which gives me a unique full-spectrum familiarity with funding and running diverse projects at every stage, and the typical pitfalls. Ideal for ApeCoin DAO that’s primarily funding projects, needing to deal with securities laws and regulators, and for a leadership role as part of a small team.

Nomination Statement

Concise statement on why you are running for the Special Council

Rather than simply complain of a lack of transparency and oversight I’m offering to do something about it. If you understand the value of putting highly qualified persons in place who are not part of the established “in” crowd, along with proper oversight and auditing, I’m here for you.


Details on your motivation for becoming an ApeCoin DAO Special Council member

My unique background is ideal for the position, and for putting my nomination statement into action via working as part of Special Council.


Share relevant experience and skills that will bring value to the ApeCoin community

I’ve run enterprises - alone and as part of a team - from corporations to a pop star’s band, dealt with financial reporting & auditing, and with SEC regulations and lawyers most of my adult life. As a result I have the experience to know what can and will go wrong without proper proven protocols in place, and how to prevent it.


Further describe relevant experience, including crypto and governance participation, and/or ideas for DAO improvement

My first email about Bitcoin was at 11c. I’ve been in crypto over a decade, early in NFTs, in BAYC since near mint (incl. BAKC, Meebits, MAYC, BACC, ApeCoin since drop, Otherside, Koda), in ApeCoin DAO since day 1, founder of “Apecoin For Victory” on Clubhouse, helped onboard many into NFTs and navigate IP concerns for creators, and always been a vocal proponent for legit use cases on behalf of artists and founders, avoiding scams, and onboarding the those outside of Web3.

My in-progress AIP for access to mental health counseling for DAO members, paid for by the DAO, is an example of the type of “greater good” initiatives I favor.

My background makes me the ideal candidate to improve the following serious issues:

ApeCoin DAO lacks oversight and transparency (including in why, how, or by who some SC decisions are made, such as hiding Abstain votes on Snapshot), or any proper financial reporting or auditing. There are already passed AIPs that make easy targets for regulators, many more proposed, and little if any discussion or even concern with respect to how we’ll deal with ethical issues or securities regulators when - not if - TSHTF. This is also true of current and proposed slew of Working Groups.

Concluding Statement

Summarize your statement as to why you are the best choice for Special Council

My background in being part of a major IRL grants foundation, and in steering complex enterprises as part of a small team while navigating shifting regulatory and jurisdictional environments, securities compliance, high-level banking, oversight & auditing, plus tech, crypto, BAYC and NFTs, makes me an ideal choice for Special Council.


Someone with great insight and thinks out of the box :bulb:

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We need experienced professionals. I hope your skills will be very useful to the community.


Reserved for future edits to include relevant info re: my candidacy that may come up elsewhere during this process.

Remember to have fun!

ApeCoin SC, IMO

re: Transparency, Finance, Legal, Operations, Compliance & Treasury

What does SC do, and is it worth it?

Comments & clarity most welcome.



Seems relevant.



On SC I will work to bring greater transparency to the DAR process, cooperatively not in a confrontational way, with total respect for things that are best for DAO operations to be kept non-public including a top priority of preserving privacy of applicants’ personal data.

Ref this post, logic and graphic by @0xSword and my post immediately below it - Access to Proposal Analysis Reports for Voters - #3 by 0xSword



Why is someone w/ regulatory experience in finance AND securities important to have on SC?

“The SEC is just one of many US financial regulators…”

Sharing this as an FYI of the complex regulatory landscape. The opinion is of Eric Peters of One River Asset Mgmt, not my opinion or bolding:


@BadTeeth the data beast posted these interesting metrics - https://twitter.com/badte_eth/status/1666888753598836736

Yours truly lookin’ good by these stats, in my wholly unbiased estimation.

Would like to add: While I joined early, I only lurked until December when I could properly dedicate time to participating and felt I had a better grasp of things and something informed to add to the Forum.

That’s how I roll and this statement could seem self-serving but the stats are there and my past posts can easily be found.

I’ve spent a LOT of time IRL engaging anti-crypto types and fighting a war against FUD, especially in the trad-if community. In February I spent most of a 2-day economics conference evangelizing about the potential and facts about ApeCoin and it’s DAO for hours on end to everyone from retail market participants to hedge fund managers.

We need people in high positions within the DAO who have access to that community and can speak its language. I am one of them. In that community I’m known as the guy with crazy ideas that turn out true, from commodities cycles to bitcoin to NFTs to Apes.

There’s a ton of FUD and haters in that scene, and they influence the SEC and politicians. I will continue to engage and challenge them when they’re wrong. I do so in writing, in person, and would love the chance to visit dozens of such conferences - maybe with an $APE booth - and do outreach as an individual Ape, but also as one involved in the inner workings of the DAO. And I’d kill in that role, because I already have.

Actual traction? Very little so far. It takes time, and use cases, and a track record for our token, and it’s still in its earliest days so that will all come in due time and by the grace of the Ape.

All together!


Me on ApeCoin Radio with so much thanks to the excellent hosts. We laughed so much together! I call that a big win.

Apologies for the bit of echo & noise during 1st question-answer. My fault grappling with new iPad.


@Ms_NFTy made an excellent point in a recent Spaces re: diversity on SC via artists not just ppl with business skills.

I’ve been in the arts - mostly music - since an early age, and collector of physical and digital art. I’ve collab’d with prolific names early in NFT, been onstage in front of thousands of ppl, and spent a decade as an adjudicator for a major arts grants programme. Had a stint in film & tv too.

Been there, done that, IRL and Web3, as a creator, collector, curator, colleague and passionate promoter. For all my biz, finance and regulatory cred, I am an outsider, a misfit, a child at heart. I “get” artists and what works in the arts, because I lived it and still do.



On your behalf, for our common good.


My segment on ApeComms starts at 10:38 - https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1mrGmkQYORZxy


Thank you both so much!

@koto - I hope to add value. The earliest days of NFTs seemed the perfect intersection of my passions in life up to that point: art, technology, creativity, commerce, speculation, absurdism, misfits suddenly in the spotlight with a chance to shine … triumph of the underdogs!

Now there’s opportunity, and a need, to apply my fairly unique skill set and breadth of experience to the advantage of a scene and community that showed me beauty, warmth and unity at a time when the world seemed a very dark and divided place (COVID, identity politics, etc.).

@justzb - I’m curious to know, and maybe expand upon, what items inspired your kind comments.


Have been following your replies and comments on most of the AIPs


Will you/have you doxxed? You have some compelling qualifications, it would be great to be able to have understand the real world impact of these but also to ensure that you have sufficient time to devote to the council as you sound busy already!


isn’t doxxing a prerequisite for special council members? it should be!


Good luck Br00n0 !!!


@StoicDegen @birdy

Thank you.

To have a nomination approved, doxxing is done by Webslinger or its agents. Proof of identity and full name, proof of address & residency, supporting links for all of the above were provided as part of KYC.

This wasn’t asked here but I will offer: I do not believe a criminal record check is done. At least no consent form was required, which I believe is a prerequisite for such checks (I have to sign a form to allow a criminal record check regularly for being involved with public companies). I believe it should be done, at least for positions in which finances or access to finances are at stake, though I also think this could be difficult if not effectively impossible(?) given the international scope here. I’ve never been charged or accused of a crime. Lots of parking tickets though.

The “enough time” concern is very valid. It’s unprecedented that a role requires the various experiences I’ve had - usually they don’t all relate. If appointed, I’m all-in. This is a serious role that involves the faith and goodwill of many, and a chance to help put things in place that will be of lasting benefit for the DAO and hopefully set a good example in the space. That’s much bigger and more important than “me”. No half-assing it.

By choice I have not been active in music recently, other than one-off workshops. COVID precipitated the closing of my studio, and I’ve enjoyed the break. No issues extending that break for other activities. Participating as an adjudicator for grants funding is optional for any given round. Sabbaticals are no problem. Given the summer weather, lately my usual music time has been all about tennis. About 30 hours / week. Fantastic workout, and keeps me fit physically and emotionally. It’s my IRL “tribe”, little different in spirit than us online misfits. That’d be scaled back to whatever degree is required.

I don’t have social activities, or dramas in life sucking up my time or focus.

Professionally I’m very flexible. CFO work at this stage is mostly signing papers. I recently resigned one role, and have no problem stepping down from all roles if need be. I enjoy it, am valued, and affect a positive impact, but am not doing anything tons of others couldn’t do in my place. In stark contrast, here I have a much greater chance to uniquely make a difference and be part of something much more invigorating and reflecting of something I’m personally into.

NFTs - specifically the energy and positivity, the community with fellow misfits, creators and underdogs - came at a time when I needed an energetic lift, or even a spiritual miracle. Society, and the world, was a scary, ugly place at the time, and it was scarring my soul. It was a series of profound affront to my values. In many ways NFTs - the culture and fellowship I found through them greatly improved my spirit, my personality, and my life.

Witnessing miracles will do that to a person. BAYC specifically is a miracle on so many levels. ApeCoin is of course an extension and part of that miracle. And to be clear, in case anyone very short-sighted is reading this, I’m in no way talking about “money” or “value” here. I’m talking about punk rock in its purest form. Two middle fingers raised high in total defiance.

I will never have to struggle to make time for that. It’s barely been an inconvenience to try to onboard skeptics or debate nay-sayers (and in my circles, especially trad-fi, there are so many), and I would be thrilled to make time to help 1. protect and 2. prosper this DAO.

It’s what I want and need as a token holder, and what all token holders deserve.


Story of my life… tickets stick to ADHD people like :honey_pot: to :rice:


Very emotional. Thank you for the detailed description of your motivations and experiences. Your suggestion and willingness to make a positive impact on the DAO sound important and valuable. Obviously, you have invested a lot of energy and passion in your interests such as music, tennis and NFT. Your connection with these areas and the community can only bring additional perspectives and inspiration.

Flexibility and willingness to leave current roles, if necessary, shows your dedication and openness to new opportunities. This is a valuable quality in a project participant, especially in a dynamic and rapidly developing environment.

I appreciate your sincerity and passion that you express about the community and I am sure that you will be able to use your experience and bring your unique abilities to achieve common goals


Thanks for the detailed and humorous reply!


Sensing there’s an AIP opp in this somehow. :slight_smile:

A superhero Ape that saves people from unaffordable or unfair parking debacles. Could start as a piece of fiction you’d write and end up as a funded public good project.


They’re also trying to integrate ChatGPT in the courtroom.

SSP :call_me_hand:t4:


Thanks @Zloj, very much, for your kind comment.

I should perhaps clarify and stress to everyone that leaving roles in the ways I’ve detailed isn’t rugging anyone. In my circles - from sports to board rooms - it’s expected and encouraged, even demanded, that people evolve to improve and move onward and upward whenever they can feel more purposeful, challenged and fulfilled.

My best personal relationships are that way too. It’s never about leaving anyone or anything behind. It’s all about the fact that the only way you can lift anyone or anything else up is by first lifting yourself up, and you do right by those who helped along the way thereby helping them rise up too.

Most important: I am not special. If I can do it, anyone can.

If I can put my skills to work to support and install true oversight and transparency for the DAO, with easily available regular reports in plain language of what current, past and future risks and potential points of failure or easy targets for regulators exist, then all token holders with good intentions benefit.

To whatever extent restrictions allow, I’ll keep the community up to date on what I am doing as part of SC and always value constructive criticism and feedback.

It starts here.


For me a special council member is the best of the best. They are highly qualified irl, have years of high level business experience in both public and private sectors, and this ofc is all within varied sectors. They do not shy away from the tough subjects and they do not compromise ever. That is why without a second though we should all be voting for Br00no.

Br00no has proven he has what is needed to further the DAO. I literally cannot praise him enough. If I had to imagine the perfect candidate for us here it would be Br00no without a doubt.

Look, I’m no fanboy of anyone, but some people are just perfectly suited to what we are trying to achieve and I’m sure Br00no will also make sure we are doing everything in the correct way too.



Wow! No pressure, eh?

Thank you. Despite butting heads at times, I respect and am grateful to have your furious anger in my favor!

Ultimately this should not be seen as a contest. Let’s put well-qualified candidates in all key positions - there seems to be many qualified (peers perhaps, not competitors) - and mentor anyone who cares to be.

A rising tide lifts all boats.


This is a right of passage imho. :innocent:

I have a lot of time for genuine people who only want the best for our DAO and are not afraid to b*tt heads with anyone ever!

Hope you win, GL mate.


When NFTs blew up, ground zero was the Clubhouse app.

That’s also where BAYC mania began and flourished. If you’re OG in NFTs / BAYC, we probably shared stages together back then (before Twitter had “Stages”) and have friends in common.

I’m still on CH occasionally - Bruno Bowmore - Clubhouse - and founder of the ApeCoin For Victory house, which I launched the day of the airdrop - Join APEcoin For Victory on Clubhouse!

NFT-wise, my best work was done when asked to be part of this multi-artist multi-media project by renown IRL and metaverse architect and photographer Louis Fernandez - LUISFERN5 | KnownOrigin

Total throwback, but if you’re ever on CH maybe we’ll cross paths there again sometime!