Brainstorming uses for the APE Coin IP

This thread is specifically for brainstorming, working together as a team to utilize the IP rights of the DAO to generate revenue for the treasury.


Hey fam.

So I know a badass brewer in Hudson Valley NY who can brew a 10-20 barrel batch for us. He has a canning and labeling system so we could slap BAYC labels on them.

If enough people are interested I can look into details. Would be pretty cool to have APE beer in the fridge this summer.

LMK what you think


I also have some ideas. Keep in mind that there are many brands/consumer products that are looking to enter the space and leverage the existing web3 community and IP. I think we have unlimited potential to create brands/consumer products that leverage our IP. Would be great to connect with others that have a similar interest. hmu!


I also have some ideas that I think are interesting on how to use the entire ecosystem and the potential that exists.


what you think of a library to have easy access from the other companies to rent out/pay for the IP without having the hustle to contact every one alone


I’ve got a great IP attorney to work with, as needed.

Merch seems like the most obvious play, at least to start and to draft off of Yuga


Can you expand on this? Not sure exactly what you have in mind. Thx

I would really love to see some BAYC branded Banana Schnapps. :champagne: :see_no_evil: :rocket:

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will be reaching out to you in the future. I’m deep in the MetisDAO ecosystem (layer 2 vitalik buterin’s mother created). have a lot of things brewing over here.

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I agree, to keep the spirit of yuga going here, I personally think the first merch drop should be through top drawer, making something very similar to the BAYC merch with an APE Coin dao logo and twist.


would love to see an ApeCoin DAO energy drink company, we could sponsor athletes which would be a great way to market ApeCoin/Yuga ecosystem to younger generations. We could collectively commit our apes to be used on the cans and in marketing which will grow our individual brands as well.


This is a really interesting idea. We already have quite a number of athletes “unofficially” sponsoring BAYC. I can’t imagine it would be difficult to get them to sponsor (for more funds) or simply expand on what they’re doing. We need some of the Council who has connections to these contacts to take the lead here


I do appreciate your brainstorming initiative! Great ideas!! We need more ideas plus the facilitator @Papasito needs to do a more aggressive job through interaction, challenging and focusing participants’ proposed ideas. The brainstorming also lacks needed setups such as research walls, insights statements, and HMW/How Might We questions which are basics to bring focused innovative ideas.

I am working on a digital arts and cultural transformation model! I believe ApeCoin is the key to this model! I want to start an AIP process very soon!

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After reading through these brainstorms, one thought I had since there is discussion of connecting athletes or famous individuals with sponsor ship…maybe we push that envelope further to charitable causes. Habitat for Humanity comes to mind for example. Maybe we tie those sponsors to our own charity as well, which provides them with promotional incentive without high cost to get them onboard. I feel one of the best ways to grow the brand is to have real world exposure. For example I was recently looking at a list of race car drivers that have coin or token sponsors. This exposure seems amazing for their respective brands. I am new to all of this so I would appreciate others thoughts on my ideas. Thanks in advance.


I would love to see this go further for sure. Does anyone else here know of any contacts in this area or perhaps is in this area themselves?

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This is a great idea, we could have our Separate Apes on the cans as well as the IP from the DAO. What would be the first step we would take in going about this? Do you have any contacts that could help with this?

I also think we should create a more streamlined way to lend our individual IPS to businesses that would rather buy IP then buy an ape as the prices go up.


Thanks for your feedback, been very busy. What is your digital arts and cultural transformation model themed on? Let me know if you need help with your AIP.

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This is a great idea. I have something similar in mind

Let’s get the ball rolling here soon, perhaps we can collab on an AIP or I can start that process to get discussion going.

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Merch is definitely a good way to go, almost guaranteed success and a good revenue stream. I remember Alexis Ohanian throwing up an idea to partner with Supreme as an example in a twitter space about $APE DAO.