Conflict of Interest Declaration Page

We need to setup a conflict of interest notification page.

This page will allow members to disclose their relationship to AIPs and their members before the AIPs are put up for discussion or votes.

Doing so could help us do away with the need for an OVERSIGHT TEAM.

Example, a member of the Special Council is involved in a communications team creating an AIP, they report this fact, their relationship or involvement in the AIP and/or its team. This then allows every DAO member to be aware of these facts but also, if lets say it was not disclosed beforehand, we could also call this out. Win, win.

Just a simple page setup maybe within discourse, announced on our main apecoin twitter feed or within discord [if we get one] etc etc, for example: APE X is a member of the newsletter team and is TEAM LEADER in AIP xxx. Simple. clear, to the point, and helps us stop collusion, abuse of power, call out bias, maintain impartiality and most importantly help us all trust that conflicts of interest are in the open and we can all observe and know what’s really going on.

Also consider carrying this task out retrospectively on all grants awarded.

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Disclosure of potential conflicts of interest with prior grant recipients is reasonable. Perhaps it can be added to the AIP itself as well.


I like this idea. Not sure that it would completely do away with an oversight team or committee, but a step in the right direction for the sake of transparency.

A primary limiting factor regarding the oversight team would be double / spot checking disclosed (or non disclosed) conflicts. If there is truly malicious intent (the purpose of which we’re trying to avoid), the conflict of interest would be concealed from the community.


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Hey @furiousanger - have you decided to forego the Oversight Council? In any case, I’m wondering of we can incorporate my “Amend AIP-66 (ApeCoin Newsletter) to Prohibit Grant Winners from Publishing Opinion Pieces on other AIPs” idea into a Conflicts of Interest page or Oversight Council.

It seems wasteful to push forward with my single concern when there are related ideas circulating. Please let me know!

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