Forum Guide 3: Before Writing A Proposal

Forum Guide 3: Before Writing A Proposal

This guide aims to help you approach your grant proposal effectively, whether you’re looking to create a “Legend of Apecoin” series, seek funding for a small community, launch a product using your ape IP, or set up an online store to sell community products. If you want to incorporate $APE for transactions or create unique activations for your community or others, this guide will provide valuable tips and insights.

By tailoring your proposal to engage tokenholders, delegates, and various community members, you’ll be better prepared to create proposals that are clear, engaging, and showcase the value of your project within the ape ecosystem.

  1. Understand the Ape Ecosystem:

Before writing your proposal, it’s crucial to understand the values and preferences of the Apecoin community. The Apecoin ERC-20 token is used in a decentralized network of communities worldwide and is highly regarded among NFT communities, such as Sappy Seals. The community members have diverse interests, including digital ownership, blockchain technology, community building, IP and branding, often represented by a monkey or animal-themed avatar.

When crafting your proposal, consider addressing the interests of snapshot voters, ape communities, NFT enthusiasts, and other related groups. Keep in mind that your proposal will be read by a global audience, and you’re asking for their support in the form of a one-time or recurring grant.

  1. Craft a Clear and Engaging Proposal:

A successful proposal should be easy to read, browse, and translate for non-English speakers. Highlight the value your business or project brings to the ape ecosystem, especially in web3, NFT, Yuga, Otherside, and Bored Ape niches. Follow these tips to create an engaging proposal:

  • Clearly define your project’s goals and objectives.
  • Explain how your project aligns with the values and interests of the ape communities.
  • Provide examples of how your project will contribute to your goals within the space, such as small business growth, NFT IP development, or opening a community store.
  • Offer details on how the grant funds will be used and the expected outcomes.
  1. Engage with the Forum Community:

As you submit your proposal, actively participate in community discussions and proposal threads. Engaging in conversations will help you understand the community’s preferences and showcase your commitment to their interests. Apecomms hosts weekly unofficial Twitter Spaces where builders in the ecosystem gather; this is just one place to visit and chat with knowledgeable community members. Remember, there are no official advisors or core team members on the forums; as a decentralized ERC-20 token, the organization is spread across the globe. Be cautious of direct messages or offers for advisory services. Instead, examine examples on the forums and in recent snapshot voting. Proposals are best when built transparently on the forums. There are no official Discord channels at this time, and no representatives appointed to provide advice.

Delegates may not vote on every proposal, so gaining traction among the broader community is essential. A well-received proposal can lead to increased engagement and support from the ape communities, often expressed through memes and Bored Ape Yacht Club antics on social media platforms like Twitter.

Additional Tips for Success:

  1. Be Transparent and Accountable: Have a plan for how you will recieve the grant. If this is for a community initiative, will it be managed by multiple signers? Be sure to have these things setup.
  2. Showcase Your Past Successes: Keep your proposal simple, display links to your past achievements, social media profiles, community stores or a portfolio of your events. Put your best foot forward!
  3. Be Clear On The Benefits: Explain how this will help power you and your efforts to grow in the space. Show your commitment and track record to ape ecosystem, and concisely explain how you will continue to grow in the space.
  4. Continuing Engagementy: By continuing to participate in DAO governance, the forums, twitter townhalls, and more, community leaders and builders should continue to collaborate. Staying active on the forums to make announcements, or give input to new ideas, are just a couple of ways to stay engaged.

For More Information:

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I’m working to create better content for the help and resources section. If you’d like to contribute, feel free to share your thoughts or experiences with the forums & AIP process below. Note that these guides are meant to be long-lasting and occasionally updated. Keep the thread below relevant and share your experiences if you’d like to contribute. Others can read and build upon these in the future.


Awesome post Sword :fire:


Great post! My 2 cents I’d add:

  • Present captivating vision yet care to avoid obviously-generic marketing terms. If it feels sell-y, it will turn off some, maybe many.
  • Make sure the Abstract is brief and has full vision. Once the proposal goes to vote, the abstract (which appears on snapshot site) is all many will read before voting No. They’ll click link to full proposal only if the abstract got them to “maybe/probably yes.”
  • Show, don’t tell as much as possible.
  • Brevity is a superpower.
  • Costs should make sense. Ask exactly how much you need without worrying if it’s ‘too low’ or ‘too high’. If it feels like the cost is being adjusted due to impression that it will help the proposal pass, people will notice and may feel they’re being manipulated. If you feel the amount is too high, start with a different/smaller proposal (demo version, first phase, etc.).
  • ‘Awareness’ is a meaningless word. ‘Attracting developers to build on ApeCoin through these real, specific incentives: A, B, C’ is a far better version. Or 'my product/service solves X daily problem for consumers who would pay for it in any currency, but they’ll have to pay with ApeCoin." Or if it’s just entertainment (event, book, music), I believe that’s also one of funding legs of the DAO so it’s okay to be straight about that instead of wrapping it in the sell’y “My art piece will bring millions to ApeCoin through awareness!”

Finally, I am so sorry ahead of time for my probably-too-dry comments you may receive on your proposal; please, I promise, they’re not personal, I’m just Eastern European :sweat_smile: :heart:.


Indeed a very good guide!!!


This is really great content!

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Hey @0xSword ,

Thank you for sharing this helpful guide on writing a successful grant proposal within the Apecoin ecosystem. I appreciate the emphasis on understanding the community’s values and preferences and tailoring proposals to engage different stakeholders, such as snapshot voters and NFT enthusiasts. I also found the tips on crafting clear and engaging proposals and actively engaging with the forum community to be particularly useful.

One suggestion for improvement would be to provide more specific examples of successful proposals in the Apecoin ecosystem, highlighting what made them stand out and gain support (imo AIP-169, it’s a great example by @AllCityBAYC ).

Additionally, it would be helpful to include more information on the grant application and review process, such as timelines and criteria for evaluation. Overall, this guide provides valuable insights and advice for those seeking funding within the ApeCoin community.

-Mr. Hype :fire:


Ehhh… Appreciate you Hype :muscle: :muscle:

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Just joined, and this was very informative!!!


Thank you so much for the help!


Yoooo this need more views! This is awesome Sword!