Implementation Update | AIP-70: Bored Ape Gazette - Ape Coin Media/ BAYC News

AIP Name: AIP-70: Bored Ape Gazette - Ape Coin Media/ BAYC News

Implementation Status: Complete

Author: @Boredapegazette

Abstract Summary: The Bored Ape Gazette has grown exponentially over the past year and we have covered everything in the Bored Ape ecosystem since June 1,2021. I am committed to building a trusted source of information for this community and I would like to expand the operations into continuous research, analysis and reporting across the ecosystem. After speaking with Brandon Caruana, I believe the best way for the Bored Ape Gazette to grow is via a grant from the ApeCoin DAO.

We fully believe in the power and support of this community and would like to work for it full time. We have a plan to turn the Bored Ape Gazette into a sustainable business model over the course of one year and I am requesting a grant from the community to help me accomplish this goal.

Overall Cost: $150,000

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