Incentivised voting in the Ape Assembly?

According to who, or what?

Why do we need 100 for a “decent quorum” and why is 100 with say 40 being disinterested voters randomly picking a vote to get paid better than 60 voters who are well informed and care?

People keep pulling random numbers out of thin air in this DAO for different purposes, and with no regard to whether those numbers are even quality over quantity. Choose quality.

As a reference Mocana requires 5% of Moca holders to reach the quorum.

I think the core question is how do we know that such quorum requirements are helpful. What data do we have to point to a change being helpful or necessary.

Also when considering financially incentivizing voting with the AA, I’d be curious to know how the assembly would define its 3 biggest wins. What impact have they delivered to the DAO? It’s my understanding the leader of the AA recently stepped down.

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I don’t think a role outlined at 2 hours a week approx to assist the Spokesperson is defined as leading the AA. Unless you are saying the Stewards of the GWG have resigned as it is defined as an initiative of the GWG.

Continuing the discussion from AIP-239: Working Group Guidelines & The Governance Working Group Charter:

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My broader statement is that I think we should see notable positive outcomes from the AA before considering financially incentivizing votes. My opinion is that it’s unnecessary organizational creep adding complexity without benefit. Happy to be informed by data to believe otherwise though.


Good to get you and others to add your thoughts here.

I also feel incentivising voting too much will lead to uninformed voting.

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Sorry BB… I don’t think incentivising voting with $APE is a good idea. I am afraid it will be gamified or just voting for the sake of getting rewards. I foresee an increase in voting participation but true legitimate voters I am not too sure and this might or may not cause a good AIP to be declined or a not up to par AIP to be approved as I doubt those voters just chasing the rewards will simply pick to approve or reject an AIP just to get the rewards without really going thru the details of the AIP. Just my personal opinion

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To be specific this idea was only for the AA voting (CAP) not for overall snapshot AIP voting.

Also the objective of this threads is to have meaningful conversations and capture the group intelligence of the Ape Assembly.

Noted on the AA voting part but the pros and cons of the outcome are pretty much the same to me

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