Let's talk about the Staking Pool for just $APE

While I am a MAYC and would benefit from a staking pool that allows me to stake less competitively, I do not like the precedent this sets to investors.

I’ve heard a lot of people talk about it already but mostly I think we should do all we can to incentivize new money into the DAO. Simply put, I think the pool for $APE itself should be a lot larger then 30 million and if we as apes need to trim some off our pools then so be it, I think we should get that ball rolling.


I think the whole staking process should have a further objective. The proposed staking system is treating $APE like a simple farming token to stake, earn and dump. We need to incetivize the DAO and make a system with a complex staking. And we cant continue airdroping $APE tokens to the BAYC and MAYC NFT holders because as much as we love them, $APE DAO and those NFTs are different things.

I think of the staking like a tool to vest $APE and commit with the project, the staked $APE should have an unstaking time and only staked $APE should have voice in the DAO decisions. I have to think about it but the staking system should be a part of our DAO and a way to reward people that believes in what $APE and the metaverse represents and no just a farm token that whales can acumulate and then dump.


Hi there! I think it could be as simple as add “time” parameter… The longer you stay in the pool the greater rewards.

Something like:

First Rule: those who stay 30 days Result: 5%… so if they stayed less than 30 days they get nothing… is from day 31 they become eligible. From 30 to 90

2nd Rule: the ones who stayed 1 quarter (90 days) Result: 10% … so from day 91 they are eligible… from 91 to 180

3rd Rule: after 2 quarters (180 days) Result: 15%. From 181 to 270

4th Rule: (3 quarters) Result: 20%. from 271 to 365

5th Rule: from/after a year (360+5 days/72+1 epochs) Result: 50%… from 366


I tend to agree here, I don’t like the idea of this just becoming a yield farm for apes. Wish more apes would come join this chat but it seems like they aren’t too interested in this idea.


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