AIP-4 Staking Process - Discussion

Hi All,

There has been a lot of discussion over AIP-5 Staking and caps per NFT, however there as been little discussion over the content of AIP-4 Staking Process and the clarifications received in the medium article that is linked in the proposal.

Therefore I have raised this topic to discuss AIP-4, please raise any concerns with the AIP-4 content. If your concerns is with AIP-5 only then please consider the proposals by both @maariab and @yatsiu to approve AIP-4 so that work can start on the staking mechanism.



I’m against the staking infraestructure proposed on AIP-4, it makes $APE no better than a common farm token. Giving it for free just for staking? No lock times? come on guys! This was a good idea on 2020 not now and not with a token like $APE and what it represents.

Everything points that veToken will be the new standard to govern DAOs so we should go that way and we should use the tokens that were meant to be used on AIP-4 to incentivize this system. With veAPE we will take a lot of $APEs out of the circulating supply, we will give rewards to the ones who really care about the project and we can multiply the direct emissions recieved if you hold a BAYC/MAYC or whatever.

We cant hurry in this early steps, we must give $APE value, incentize its use in the metaverse but also incentivize holding it to be a part of the DAO.

This is the post with my opinion about all this stuff:


Dear Apecoin community, as part of the discussion on AIP-4 (caps aside) there were concerns raised around the time table it would take to develop the staking proposal.

I attach for informational and discussion purposes a recently received proposal for review by a recognized 3rd party blockchain organization. It should be noted that this is neither negotiated nor finalized given that AIP-4 failed nor is it necessarily the only proposal we will be receiving.

3rd party staking proposal.pdf (153.6 KB)


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