Request For Staking Updates - AIP 21/22

There are an increasing amount of calls for updates regarding staking proposals that were implemented in AIP-21/22 by members of the community. It’d be great to get some updates on this.

In future proposals, we may consider writing update & reporting requirements to improve transparency. It’s been difficult to present new proposal ideas between “wen staking” posts.

What is the best way to requests updates on this?
Ping on twitter? A post here? Asking for the many


Do we need staking at all? There are better a simpler ways to distribute such amount of tokens.


Hey, ya know staking has been the proposals we’ve received the most interest and votes on. It’s definitely something that is wanted (and duly voted on) by the community as a whole. So, we’re getting staking! Tonight we received acknowledgement through the official Apecoin Twitter that an update and better transparency is coming. So that’s a good thing. Updates coming soon!


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