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Hi All, (Topic: Possible AIP-5 Staking Mechanism Amendment)

Subsequent to a recent twitter spaces discussion (thanks for hosting @herb), it seems that some clarity is needed on the staking mechanism proposed in AIP-5.

Can @btang clarify if there is a limit on the amount of $APE coin that each per NFT can accrual to a specific pool? If no will the staking mechanism prevent a very large $APE coin holder with only one NFT from disproportionality gaining from a BAYC / MAYC or BAKC staking pool?

Thank you.

With regards to AIP-5 clarification see

New AIP Idea Discussion
AIP-X - ApeCoin Scaling and Transaction Cost Reduction

To facilitate rapid adoption of ApeCoin as the primary token to transact within web3 considerations for throughput (transaction speed) and transaction fees needs to be considered at this early stage. I am starting to begin discussion on a future AIP to cater for such an improvement.


Oops I deleted this post instead of editing. Im new to a discourse environment. That’s ok though! Im excited for what comes next and let’s talk about proposals.


check Garga’s take on it.


I think we need to implement AIPs and promote projects that give use cases to $APE token.

A cool idea would be to make some kind of borrow/lend system (like anchor on Terra) where you could stake your NFT to borrow $APE and lend $APE for a profit. If we take a step further we could even work on a algoritmic stablecoin like MIM to support all the ecosystem.

My goal here is to point that we need different dev teams to create different DeFi tools that use $APE and later implement it on the Yuga metaverse.


Proposal: Snapshot contract call for voting attribution should be changed to include staked $APE

Currently the Snapshot call contract used to count voting power only counts unstaked $APE in wallets, or in other words it excludes all $APE that was in a Uniswap pool (and potentially the future $APE staking pool).

There are Snapshot call contracts that allow for counting staked $APE:

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