May 2024 Secretary Transparency Report

Dear ApeCoin Community,

I am pleased to present the transparency report for May. My ongoing focus remains on enhancing our operational efficiencies and organizing our internal processes. Our behind-the-scenes efforts are dedicated to streamlining various functions of the DAO, ensuring greater effectiveness in our activities. You can expect these reports monthly as we strive for transparency within our working groups.

Elections in Full Swing

This month marks the beginning of our election cycle, during which we are filling 8 seats within the DAO. We will be appointing two Special Council seats, two seats in the Governance Working Group, two seats in the Web3 Development Working Group, and one seat each in the Metaverse and Marcomms Working Groups. The election process is well underway, and we are excited to see who will step into these crucial roles. As voting kicks off this week, we highly encourage you to participate!

Successful Participation at NFC Lisbon

We had a fantastic presence at NFC Lisbon, a significant event for both ApeCoin and ApeChain. It was an excellent opportunity to connect with numerous individuals and projects in the Web3 space. The ApeCoin team was center stage on multiple panels discussing ApeChain, governance, metaverse/gaming topics, and much more. Check out the photos below from the event!

New DAO Calendar
The new ApeCoin DAO calendar can be found via this link This calendar will serve as a DAO wide calendar and aim to keep the community up to date with all things related to ApeCoin. This will include IRL events as well as X Spaces, Snapshot reminders, and more!

Also, we are rolling out a new google form that anyone from the community can fill out to have something added to the DAO wide calendar. That form can be found here.

AIPs Passed in May

We had 8 new AIPs passed this month! Congratulations to these new authors! We are looking forward to seeing what you build and the changes these AIPs will bring to the DAO.

  • AIP-397: NFT Launchpad Powered by $Ape!
  • AIP-411: ArtJourney with ApeCoin: The JRNY Gallery Experience
  • AIP-415: Single Seat Nominees - A More Competitive Election Pool
  • AIP-408: Q2/Q3 2024 Governance Working Group Budget
  • AIP-412: Streamlining Working Group Elections: Improved Second-Round Voting Strategy
  • AIP-426: Special Council - Future Election Requirement and Role Clarification
  • AIP-401: Guidelines for Request for Proposals (RFP)
  • AIP-418: APE Builder Developed by Sequence

Governance Working Group Onboarding Protocol

The Governance Working Group has developed a new onboarding protocol to help ensure the incoming stewards can get straight to work. This new process has been shared with all working groups to ensure a smooth transition for all incoming stewards. Getting these new stewards up to speed and onboarded efficiently will be a huge benefit to the DAO.

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Thank you for the transparency report. It’s so important to have these kinds of updates with all the links in an easy-to-read format. Also love the calendar integration! Very useful. Good luck to all in the elections!