OtherSide & LOTM for PlayStation

I am opening the AIP idea to discuss about the development of LOTM and OtherSide for PlayStation 5 and possibly PlayStation VR2. I don’t know if it has been discussed already but I haven’t seen any discussion around this topic.

I usually play games on PS5 which lead me to this idea. Happy to speak more in detail.


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Hi 0xPointless.eth,

Thanks for sharing the idea. In case you are unaware, ApeCoin DAO is independent of Yuga Labs. Yuga Labs is a community member in the ApeCoin DAO and contributes to the APE ecosystem, but the ApeCoin DAO is not ran by Yuga Labs, and the ApeCoin DAO does not have the authority to make development decisions around Legends of the Mara or Otherside.

I think your idea is great, and worth discussing, but I just want to clarify that the DAO can’t make this decision - only Yuga (and Sony) can.


Hi Waabam!

I was aware but thanks for highlighting those dynamics again for everyone. I opened the AIP idea firstly to get the idea out of my system and share :smiley: , secondly, to create awareness over this topic so that maybe an AIP can be drafted for Apecoin DAO.

I thought maybe if apes push it hard, Yuga and even Sony can consider this perhaps. But if not, we’ll just make cool connections in the way <3

Cheers and thanks again for your rapid reply Waabam!


Playstation is a centralised company not having any plans to bridge to WEB3.
They work in a way of partnership.
And usually they the ones that approach to the developers. They don’t put AIPs - the don’t need it.
I think there is more opportunities for VR coding and design with getting approval for it.
From the other point Otherside its a YugaLabs development umbrella and funding. Im sure in 2 years they will look into it.

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Hi @0xpointless.eth,

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Hi @0xpointless.eth,

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