pieter - Special Council Nomination 07/2024

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @pieter

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PieterWeb3

Professional Background and Relevant Experience:

2018 Manning Innovation Award Finalist,
2016 Startup Canada Entrepreneur of the Year (Prairies),
one of Calgary’s Top 40 Under 40 (2014),
Mount Royal Horizon Award Winner (2014),
One of Canada’s 10 “Mentor Rock Stars” (2013),
Globe and Mail Top 20 up and coming Entrepreneurs (2012),
Breakout Business of the Year Finalist (2012),
Small Business of the Year Finalist (2013).

Founder of AcceleratorYYC, a non profit organization for the support, mentorship, and development of entrepreneurs in Calgary and Alberta. AcceleratorYYC has transitioned to championing entrepreneurship and technology startups in Calgary and Alberta as an initiative called The Accelerator, Calgary’s first accelerator program focused on high growth startups which launched its first cohort in the fall of 2016.

As the proud Alumni recipient of the prestigious Mount Royal University Horizon Award Pieter is a strong advocate for youth and student empowerment, leadership and entrepreneurship, volunteering his time to mentor university students and startup entrepreneurs.

Nomination Statement:

I believe the ApeCoin DAO community should select me based on many factors, including my computer science education, experience as a developer, CTO, and then Founder/CEO/Entrepreneur in tech and now Web3, combined with my deep passion for DeFi, blockchain technology and the community of people living, breathing and working tirelessly to bring this innovation in technology, decentralization and ethos to the world. Above all of this, ethics, integrity, and positive intention are core and fundamental to who I am. Be a good person and be good to others - great technology can do a lot, but can do exponentially more good if led by good humans.

Motivation, Vision & Goals:

I believe there is an INCREDIBLE opportunity to innovate/disrupt/improve the way the world interacts with each other, with technology, and with (and without) centralized organizations. As Apechain comes to fruition, this is potentially the most exiting and formative time for the ApeCoin DAO and I believe my experience, education, and leadership is uniquely positioned to be an instrumental and invaluable asset to how we as ApeCoin holders create incredible value and positive impact for our community, and our future community! :slight_smile:

Values & Commitment:

I’m willing to commit my time, energy, experience, and thought leadership as needed during my term to the best of my capacity, understanding that the time commitment will flex up and down and potentially be a full time commitment (or more) depending on what is going on at the time.

I believe decentralized governance and strong leadership in this capacity is critical for our global community.

Concluding Statement:

Such a unique position lends itself to a very short list of individuals who have a diverse enough background, yet with deep enough experience that creates a candidate who’s skills compliment each other, cross knowledge streams, and also live inside someone who has a belief system that aligns with a position. Many candidates will apply because they want to “fix” things, or because they like the idea of the DAO, or just see a Web3 job they sort of qualify for. I feel compelled to apply because at this point in time, especially with ApeChain on it’s way, I am uniquely and undeniably qualified. As a serial entrepreneur, computer science grad with a deep business background, OG APE & Web3 “veteran”, morally driven, award winning thought leader & innovator, extremely driven person who eats, sleeps, and breathes Web3, DeFi who has also submitted, lost, revised, and won an AIP - I’m like a Venn diagram of overlapping and obscure traits that have Special Council candidate in the dead center.


Great to see Calgary in the running!

Looking forward to hearing the Space debates coming up, this is a critical time for the DAO with a massive opportunity on the table with ApeChain :heart: :gorilla:



  1. What was your driver applying for this role vs one of the working group steward positions?

  2. How do you see the relationship with SC members and Stewards?

  3. Do you hold APE, if so what motivates you to hold more or less?

  4. Are you part of any delegations? If not, why?

  5. I see you haven’t read many posts hence AIPs, given this is a core aspect of the role, why do you think you will enjoy doing that?


I strongly support Pieter for the ApeCoin DAO Special Council. With his extensive background in tech and entrepreneurship, including founding AcceleratorYYC and earning numerous prestigious awards, Pieter brings unparalleled expertise and passion to the community.
His deep commitment to DeFi and blockchain technology, combined with his ethical leadership, uniquely qualify him to guide ApeCoin through this exciting and formative time, ensuring we create incredible value and positive impact for our community.


Thank you Grains0x! Excited for what’s ahead for the DAO :slight_smile:

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Hey Big Bull :slight_smile:

  1. As an Entrepreneur and Builder, I see the SC role as a broader scope that requires and employs a skillset required for thought leadership and experience with governance, marketing, comms, a technical background, ideation, problem solving, and scaling/growth. These are skills I have and also the work I’m passionate about doing :slight_smile:

  2. The relationship with SC members and stewards within the role is extremely important. The ability to be respectful, collaborative, and effective with these members is a key part of working towards the same goal.

  3. I hold a large % of my crypto portfolio in $Ape. I try to hold as much as I can while also having some diversification in other assets I believe to hold value in our decentralized world.

  4. I’m part of a few delegations that I found over the past couple of years that have become communities/my digital “homes” that I enjoy being a part of where I’ve come to know, respect and really enjoy the people within them and also align with some of my thoughts and beliefs within Web3 :slight_smile:

  5. I’ve read many AIP’s - I use separate chrome browsers to separate my gsuite accounts for my businesses so that may not all be tracked. I vote every week (now two weeks) in discord for the primary delegate of my $ApeCoin and have also written and revised my lengthy AIP that passed recently. AIP’s are akin to business plans and pitch decks - as a 500 Startups Alumni and also Alchemist Accelerator in Silicon Valley, having pitched digitally, and on stages around the world, I’ve spent hundreds of hours learning the nuance of presenting an idea, evaluating the “pitch” and have been coached by some of the best advisors in the world. I enjoy reading and analyzing these opportunities and am uniquely qualified at an extremely high level to assess them. As a full time builder and Web3 degen - my focus has not been to dissect AIP’s in the past, but I have definitely read the ones I’ve voted on.

Thank you for the great questions!