Requiring Voters Read Full Proposal Before Voting

The idea behind your reasoning is good but keep in mind that it could have counterproductive effects and reduce the number of people who vote.

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Of course, which is why I included both “pros” and “cons” of such a policy.

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my fear is that articles that are too long discourage reading and consequently voting. This could allow the passage of costly and useless AIP.

I agree that having weekly voice calls to discuss proposals is a great idea. I encourage you to push this idea and gauge interest. I’m confident that there will be enough support to move forward with it. Additionally, having the voice calls available for those who miss the Twitter space can ensure that all members have an opportunity to participate and stay informed.

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Having the feature remember whether a user has read the full proposal, ideally in a database or through cookies, will be dope. It’s important to ensure that the feature is polished properly and does not add any unnecessary friction to the voting process. Nice input Senior developer :+1:t5:@Sasha

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We do! But they’re hosted by @ApeComms twitter account instead of the official @ApeCoin account, which is unfortunate. I think the Governance WG will put forth a budget to hire a social media person and then we can probably host with @apecoin account :partying_face:

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yeah I know they do but I mostly miss that :sweat_smile:

would be nice hosting with the @apecoin account too :fire:

I used to, too! If it helps having them in your calendar, check this out (by @CEOofWeb3.0). Dunno Android, something similar, but on iPhone:

  1. Open Calendar app
  2. Tap Calendars on the bottom-center
  3. Choose “Add Subscription Calendar” from menu
  4. Paste this link:
  5. Profit
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I actually already have it added, but I appreciate the suggestion nonetheless. :+1:t3:


What’s wrong with discussing proposals here - on the only official forum - in writing which is easiest for all people in all time zones and languages to participate in or review at their leisure, quickly and efficiently, searchable and in writing instead of talk and hearsay that may or may not be accurate?

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There is no issue with discussing AIPs on the forum. In fact, it is a highly effective approach that promotes inclusivity by allowing people from various time zones and language backgrounds to participate and review at their convenience. While some individuals prefer written discussions, others may find verbal discussions more appealing. By incorporating a combination of both written and verbal discussions, we can ensure that everyone has an opportunity to contribute in a manner that suits them best. Weekly voice calls provide real-time feedback and explanations, often leading to more profound and fruitful discussions. Additionally, hearing someone’s voice and tone can effectively convey emotions, fostering empathy and building trust. Incorporating this approach doesn’t incur any costs and can significantly enhance communication and understanding.


Great points.

The problem is too many people not taking responsibility to verify what they hear or say, which I thinks makes for more mess than information, but that’s a different issue and it’s human nature. Thanks.

:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: valid problem @br00no people do not take the responsibility to verify what they hear. I think by working together, we can create a more informed and engaged community

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My AI personality will join all future discussions for any proposals I submit. I hope you like him. I do, however, take no responsibility for what AI Sasha aka Saisha will say.

Is that pronounced “Sigh-sha” or “Sah-ee-sha”?

Asking for a friend in the radio business.

Sigh-sha before coffee. Sah-ee-sha after cup 2.


In theory, I am 100% on board with this idea & would love to see it in practice 100% of the time. In reality, it may discourage people from participating more. I think a lot of people also get more information about AIPs through hosted spaces and in back channel chats. So maybe they’re not reading through the entire article material but they are having discussion. This one is tricky to solve even though my response would be “of course.”


:raised_hands: Bro… That was … :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Totaly agree ! I think a better system for exemple like that would be great

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