Revival of 10ktf Weekly Shows

PROPOSAL NAME: Revival of 10ktf Weekly Shows

PROPOSAL CATEGORY: Choose Ecosystem Fund Allocation

ABSTRACT: The proposal aims to negotiate with Yuga, the parent company of 10ktf, to fund the revival of 10ktf’s weekly shows. These shows were an integral part of the 10ktf community, but their cancellation has left a strong and disgruntled community. By bringing back these shows, we aim to re-engage the 10ktf community, create buying pressure for ApeCoin ($APE), and onboard one of the largest and most influential communities in web3. This proposal aligns with the APE Community’s mission of fostering a thriving and inclusive ecosystem.

BENEFIT TO APECOIN ECOSYSTEM: Reviving 10ktf shows will have several benefits for the ApeCoin ($APE) ecosystem:

  1. Increased Demand for ApeCoin ($APE): The revival of 10ktf shows will prominently feature “Presented by $APE” slides on every episode or image posted, effectively introducing ApeCoin ($APE) to a broader audience. This branding will serve as a constant reminder of ApeCoin’s presence within the 10ktf community, generating curiosity and interest in ApeCoin ($APE) among viewers.
  2. Boosting ApeCoin ($APE) Buying Pressure: As the 10ktf shows regain their popularity and viewership, the 10ktf ecosystem’s interest and trading volume are likely to surge. This heightened activity will drive more participants to engage in crafting within the 10ktf ecosystem, which exclusively uses ApeCoin ($APE). Consequently, the demand for ApeCoin ($APE) will increase as more individuals purchase it to participate in the 10ktf crafting and recycling system.

PLATFORMS & TECHNOLOGIES: The revival of 10ktf shows will require the use of platforms and technologies for content creation and distribution. These may include animation software, video editing tools, social media platforms, and possibly a dedicated website or platform for the shows.


  1. Negotiate with Yuga: Initiate negotiations with Yuga to secure permission and collaboration for the return of 10ktf shows. Establish the terms of funding and production, including the “Presented by $APE” branding.
  2. Content Creation: Assemble a team of content creators, including animators, writers, and designers. Develop the content for the weekly 10ktf shows, incorporating ApeCoin ($APE) branding.
  3. Production & Distribution: Produce and release the 10ktf shows on a regular schedule, following the original format of four Twitter posts between 6 pm EST and 7 pm EST on Thursdays, with consistent ApeCoin ($APE) branding.
  4. Community Engagement: Actively engage with the 10ktf community to ensure their feedback and preferences are considered during the revival process and to foster a sense of unity between 10ktf and ApeCoin ($APE) communities.
  5. Cost Assessment: Determine the expenses associated with content creation, distribution, and any potential fees or licensing agreements with Yuga, prioritizing cost-effectiveness.

OVERALL COST: The overall budget required for this proposal will depend on the negotiations with Yuga, the scale of content production, and the associated expenses. It is essential to prioritize cost-effectiveness while ensuring high-quality content.

Hi @Grimyfrankie, thanks for taking the time to put this together. Will you be starting the discussion/negotiation with Yuga while this proposal is in community discussion phase in hopes of gaining more clarity for this AIP?

Or do you intend for this AIP to be a sort of “temperature check,” akin to a survey to determine whether the community would be on board with engaging Yuga on next steps?


Somewhat of a temperature check for sure, but I am an avid member of the 10ktf community and I do intend to try to speak with leadership at 10ktf specifically to field out whether this or any variation of it, such as ApeCoin purchasing 10ktf (shows only) from yuga, is feasible

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Interesting discussion.
How exactly you imagine that demand for Apecoin will increase?

Is there anyone that can tell me why 10ktf show got cancel?

10ktf is one of the largest and earliest applications of $APE in web3 gaming and is owned by Yuga. People buy $APE to participate in 10ktf through crafting, recycling, and other integral parts of the game and lore. Onboarding the 10ktf community by reviving their weekly thursday show “presented by apecoin” would lead to increased awareness for both apecoin and 10ktf, but the direct way it would lead to $APE demand is through people buying and spending $APE during increased 10ktf participation. 10ktf has already integrated $ape into all its gamified functions


There were a couple tweets/threads about it, one from director of 10ktf and one from CEO at Yuga. Basically they are putting the shows on the backburner after laying off a lot of yuga employees/cutting expenses and focusing on integration of 10ktf into the otherside. In the meantime enthusiasm and participation in 10ktf has severely diminished - but the community is one of the strongest online (although disgruntled) and already fluent in and uses apecoin for their game (though I see barely anyone from 10ktf participating in the DAO)


I’d be looking for some level of proof that either of these claims are true.


Are you familiar with 10ktf crafting or recycling? They are basically the original actual use cases for $APE aside from yuga’s flash games

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@mattborchert meant to reply that^

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Yes, I’m aware. But, I asked for proof / data for a reason.

Yuga gutted the 10KTF teams as they were clearly trying to constrain costs and focus on what was likely to draw actual success for them as a business. If 10KTF and $APE spending mechanisms like recycling were generating meaningful levels of revenue, it’s very unlikely that this gutting would have taken place. This says to me that 10KTF wasn’t working as positioned. Major changes needed to happen as it was a financial drain on Yuga to keep operating it as it was previously running.

So in this case you’re specifically asking the DAO to essentially pay Yuga to continue something that they determined was a net-negative action, and so they discontinued it. With or without this show the recycling programs at 10KTF continue, yes?

If that is a yes, I’d really need to see data that shows this weekly show causes people to spend $APE in a manner that would make sense to offset the costs the DAO is going to take on. We’d need to see a lot of $APE spend volume to justify funding efforts like this.

Yuga is an extremely well funded private for profit business, and I don’t think the DAO trying to change how they run their business is the right move. My own assumption is that if compelling data existed to show such an investment was worth doing, Yuga would already be doing it. Alternatively the community could start weekly shows on their own to take the place of what was lost.

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Yeah this is an AIP idea so I don’t have proof for you as to why promoting 10ktf leads to people purchasing $ape to participate in 10ktf sorry monkey chief

Genuine question, where do you think buying pressure for $APE comes from?

Speculation that number will go up. That’s what currently drives buying pressure. Even the spending from Dookey Dash / HV-MTL were absolutely trivial compared to overall daily volume.

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At least we can agree on that, that is actually pretty much my exact opinion

That’s the reason I think the 10ktf show would be a positive momentum creator for apecoin too after being an avid member of bayc and 10ktf. But I don’t have any kind of numbers and you’re right I’m sure it’s not an immediately profitable endeavor based on Yuga’s actions, but it being profitable doesn’t really mean it doesn’t create buying pressure for $APE it did the whole time while it wasn’t profitable for yuga. but I do think it would create buying pressure, speculative and some actually used

Yeah, I mean to me the question is: does the investment generate enough interest in $APE to create more value than was spent. I personally doubt that would be true in this case, but that’s obviously just a guess. If we could gather some info on attendance of these shows, any increases in spend for things like 10KTF recycling during or immediately after the show (to correlate the data), that just helps build a stronger argument.

All that said, appreciate the time and effort you put into the AIP thus far and it will be cool to see where it goes. Opening up a meaningful dialog between Yuga and the DAO would be a win by itself, regardless of other outcomes.

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I have basically no idea what you are talking about did you mean to write this comment in response to this AIP? I tried to understand what you wrote but I cannot, or relate it to this AIP

The show attendance metrics are actually quite high and publicly available - the show is distributed as tweets (and I assume on other social media platforms) but at least on twitter you can see metrics like reach, views, likes, reposts, etc. publicly. So I could probably put together a report on that if there was significant community interest

I am not sure how to gather the data on recycling during those times though. I also don’t think the show would lead to an immediate spike in recycling (aside from shows that incentivize recycling, which have occurred in the past) because they happen every week. The idea would be more like gradually onboarding people into 10ktf (and onboarding appreciative current 10ktf participants into the DAO), where apecoin is natively spent, and additionally using the reach of 10ktf to bring speculation and awareness for apecoin as people see “apecoin original” or “presented by $ape” or whatever on every part of the show (usually 4 tweets over an hour once a week that are either animations or images, pretty cheap stuff). Depending on the reach alone it may be a good way to advertise, but also probably not if done for the same price Yuga was doing it before (could basically fiverr that stuff out if it was needed)

Anyway thank you for your encouragement and taking the time to comment on/entertain this


the Fact that it would boost APECOINS buying pressure is really amazing


Hi @Grimyfrankie,

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